Welcome to Citizen Science Corner, our quarterly feature to celebrate those who recently reached a milestone in our Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Here are achievements from October, November and December 2023.

Juvenile Hamlet Award

The Juvenile Hamlet Award is for individuals who have conducted 500+ REEF surveys. Congratulations to our latest Juvenile Hamlet Club member, Annette Felix! Read more about the Juvenile Hamlet award and others who have achieved it.

Experience Level Advancements

REEF Experience Levels are a way for divers and snorkelers to measure their fish ID knowledge along with their surveying experience. Experience Levels are achieved by submitting a certain number of surveys and passing a fish ID test. For more info, visit www.REEF.org/experiencelevels. Let's hear it for these REEF members who have advanced an Experience Level!

All listed below are Level 2 unless otherwise noted.

California (CAL)

Katie Mauser - Level 3
Matt Wilbur - Level 3
Andrew Martz
Ben Rosenzweig
Jonathan Grannick
Mackenzie Appleton
Muhammad Qazi
Ray Grant
Shupiwe Suffolk

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP)

Tracey Griffin - Level 5
David Thompson - Level 4
Lisa Huang - Level 3
Marilyn Bentley - Level 3
Mark Barnby - Level 3
Robert Bentley - Level 3
Laurie Lee

Hawaii (HAW)

Karen Bohner - Level 5
Amanda Vincent
Barka Kirk
Ben Emery
Britany Hendricks
Charlotte Schaupp
Derinda Thatcher
Eden Arias
John Ferris
Susan RobertsEmery
Yvonne Khouri-Morgan

Indian Ocean - Red Sea (IORS)

Frank Krasovec

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Richard Barnes

South Pacific (SOP)

Rachael Lewus

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

Amy Lee - Level 5
Mary Adams - Levels 3, 4 and 5
Nan Schmidt - Level 4
Joni Sensel - Level 3
Kacey Carleton - Level 3
Kristi Draper - Level 3
Pat Hartshorne - Level 3
Byron Bishop
Danielle Nielsen
Mary Wilkosz
Sally Davies
Saverio Ragazzi
Susan Molchan
Tom Bonte

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Dana Kowalsick - Level 5
Catherine Thomas - Level 3
Kevin Abbott - Level 3
Sarah Weaver - Level 3
Bradley Noone
Brooklyn Butler
Carlie Schwarm
Cole Reuter
Connor Madsen
Eleanor Jaffe
Elijah Cenal
Ian Inman
Joanna Eriksmoen
John Humphreys
Julie Bomhals
Kristopher Scoggin
Laura Morris
Lydia Pearce
Madison Wurthner
Michael Brooks
Sarah Batcheler
Shelly Laughlin
Swara Patel
Taylor Huckaba
Thomas Smith
Tracey Hemmerle
Will Steinwachs