REEF's online programs are free and open to everyone! Here's what is coming up in the next several weeks:

Fishinar: Seeing Red: Hawaiian Lookalikes
Wednesday, June 15, 8pm EDT
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Not only do these fish stay out of sight, they are also tricky to tell apart. Guest presenters and expert Hawaii fish surveyors, Chuck and Kara Curry, will teach us how to distinguish between the red fishes hidden in the crevices and caves of Hawaiian reefs.

Fishy Hour: Drawing Fish for Beginners Part 2
Thursday, June 30, 8pm EDT
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Join us for the next installment of Drawing Fish for Beginners! Maui-based artist Maggie Sutrov will be leading us in drawing more fish in this fun session. This is a great way to express your creativity and train your eyes to recognize identifying features on a fish. Our first "Drawing Fish" class reached the maximum number of registrants, so be sure to register soon to secure your space.