Welcome to Citizen Science Corner, our quarterly feature to celebrate those who recently reached a milestone in our Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Here are achievements from July, August or September 2022:

Juvenile Hamlet Award

The Juvenile Hamlet Award is for individuals who have conducted 500+ REEF surveys. You can read more here. Congratulations to our latest Juvenile Hamlet Club members:

Kat Fenner: Surveys done in CIP, IORS, PAC, TEP and TWA regions
Cindy Molitor: All surveys done in the Pacific Coast region
Will Ribbens: Surveys done in the CIP, IORS, SOP, TEP and TWA regions

Super Golden Hamlet Surveyors

The Golden Hamlet Club is for those who have completed 1,000 REEF surveys. Super Golden Hamlet Surveyors have reached this benchmark multiple times! We're proud to congratulate two surveyors who recently completed 4,000 surveys each! You can see all Golden Hamlet Club members here.

Peter Leahy
Dave Grenda

Experience Level Advancements

REEF Experience Levels are a way for divers and snorkelers to measure their fish ID knowledge along with their surveying experience. From beginner to expert, you'll find plenty of resources and friends to help you along the way. Experience Levels are achieved by submitting a certain number of surveys and passing a fish ID test. For more info, visit www.REEF.org/experiencelevels. Let's hear it for these REEF members who have advanced an Experience Level! All listed below are Level 2 unless otherwise noted.

California (CAL)

Joe Vechinski - Level 3
Amy Mckee
Britney Pellouchoud
Damien Gomez
Kayla Martin
Matt Marcin
Sam Smith
Trevor Tracy

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP)

Sara Cowles - Levels 4 and 5
Mary Adams
Vicki Dixon

Hawaii (HAW)

Joe Mangiafico

Indian Ocean / Red Sea (IORS)

Alan Stewart
Aljawhara Burhan
Amy Lee
Dylan Heppell
Hania Khalil
Michael Semmens
Mohamed Adel
Nadia Abdulhamid
Ron Wolfe
Scott Heppell
Selina Heppell
Stacey Henderson
Susan Fuchs

Northeast US & Eastern Canada (NE)

Alison Kruk - Level 3

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Don Howard
Janine Johanson
Karen Wasile
Kent Hamilton
Michael Delles
Morgan Arrington
Robyn Harding
Sarah Stewart

South Atlantic States (SAS)

Kim Lichauer
Peggy Schnall

South Pacific (SOP)

Naomi Wooten

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

Don McCoy - Levels 2 and 3

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Mary Adams - Levels 4 and 5
James McKay - Level 4
Lauren Bulik - Levels 3 and 4 (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Rachael Lewus - Level 4
Cayla Bernstein - Level 3 (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Grace Davis - Level 3 (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Rhoda Green - Level 3
Adalais Gibert
Alexa Bryant (REEF Staff)
Alexis Kuhre Haag (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Bastien Rubin
Bekka Boyd
Brooke Enright (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Bruno Labelle
Caroline Sullivan
Catherine Brisson
Chanel Belisle
Davis Kasper
Emmanuelle Desilets-St-Pierre
Florence Robertson
Frankie Read Cutting
Gina Glazer
Hallie Kasper
Hayley Addison
Jayne Campbell
Jerome Parenteau
Jessica Westworth
Julie Chapdelaine
Kai Gunning
Kailyn Michelle
Karin Irish
Laura Schandorph
Laurien Reinders
Leonnie Zimmermann
Linda Maune
Logan Northup
Logan Pfeifle
Marie-Pierre Lessard
Mathis Weatherall
Natalie Patetta (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Nick Robie (REEF Marine Conservation Intern)
Noemie Summa
Patrick De Bortoli
Peter Reinoso
Quinn LaFontaine
Rachael Kasper
Rebecca Krohman
Richard Leone
Ronald Duikersloot
Roxanne Brisson
Ruby Singh
Simon Maheu
Stephann Gregoire
Val Leone
Valerie Gagne
Vic Dina
Vicki Payne
Vladimir Valle
William Cruz
Ysanne Michaud-Simard