With this edition of REEF-in-Brief, we are proud to introduce three new members of our staff team - Alecia, Sasha, and Janna. Their combined talents will help execute our successful citizen science programs and community outreach. Our dedicated staff and Board of Trustees, combined with the support of our volunteer surveyors and donors, ensure that REEF continues to be a highly effective, grass-roots marine conservation organization. In this issue, we also report on our recent presence at regional dive shows along the West Coast and yet another scientific publication that features REEF data, this one about a new fish discovery in the Caribbean and research to understand what makes a species.

During this last month, we have all watched with sadness as the news has unfolded on the unfortunate oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. While REEF is not directly involved in the response to the oil spill, we are poised to provide baseline data on fish populations in the affected regions if needed. If you would like to support REEF's efforts in maintaing our fish population database, the largest of its kind in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, please visit our secure donate page online here or call the REEF HQ office at 305-852-0030. Thank you for your continued interest and support of REEF's programs. We hope you enjoy this issue of REEF-in-Brief.