Twenty-five years ago, REEF began collecting data on the abundance of marine fish populations, and since then the Volunteer Fish Survey Project has grown to be the world's largest marine life sightings database, made up of more than 200,000 surveys conducted by over 15,000 volunteer divers and snorkelers worldwide. To celebrate 25 years of citizen science, REEF is hosting a 25th anniversary Field Survey this summer in Key Largo, Florida, where the very first REEF Trip was held in 1993. Key Largo is nicknamed the "dive capital of the world" and is also home to REEF Headquarters, making this a perfect location for REEF members to celebrate the success and future of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project.

Key Largo’s shallow reefs are perfect for both divers and snorkelers. Participants will visit some of the same sites visited by attendees on the first REEF trip, to observe how fish populations have changed over time and collect important data to help scientists and resource managers continue to protect and study ocean life and habitats. The trip is June 23-30, 2018, and will be led by REEF’s co-founder Paul Humann, in addition to providing the opportunity to dive with some of REEF’s staff and interns. For more information or to register for this trip, visit the Key Largo trip webpage here.

There is also a week of Ocean Explorers Summer Camp during the same week (June 25-29) as this trip, so plan to bring your entire family! Camp is recommended for children ages 7-13. For more information or to register for camp, visit our Ocean Explorers Camp page.