KEY LARGO, Fla.–Six expert surveyors from REEF completed final fish biodiversity surveys as part of a 9-day mission by NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries Program (NMSP) to the world’s only undersea laboratory, the Aquarius Reef Base.


ORLANDO, Fla. - The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) last week presented its Blue Diver award to retired schoolteacher Lillian Kenney for her conservation work through scuba diving.


As part of a joint project to train marine park staff, enforcement, dive professionals and volunteers, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) recently completed a four-day education and data gathering program with the Parque Marino Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano, also known as


Key Largo, FL.  The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) recently received prestigious recognition form a group of conservation peers.  At the annual meeting of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, REEF was presented with the "Program of