Dolphin Clutch Purse - Swell Style Bag


This purse features durable natural cotton canvas, cute polka dot lining, zipper closure with signature peace sign pull, and 1 interior pocket. Its great for coins, bills, and chapstick, and it is 100% vegan.

This cute clutch is one of REEF's Swell Style Series handbags, featuring iconic marine species from around the world. These creatures highlight the diversity of ocean ecosystems and encourage understanding and respect for marine life. We hope they inspire you to join REEF and learn more about the marine environment. The Bungalow360’s original whimsical graphics make you smile. Made of natural canvas and water based ink. 5.5" x 3.5"

There are over 40 living species of dolphins. They are found worldwide, mostly in shallow ocean waters, but some can be found in rivers. They are highly intelligent and very social and playful animals. Most dolphins have long lifespans, some can live over 40 years.