IORS - Starter Kits


The basic kit for all fishwatchers, it has everything you need to get started doing REEF surveys as part of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project.

The IORS Survey Starter Kit contains:

- REEF underwater white large-format slate with lanyard

- Underwater survey paper for use with slate (enough for 4 surveys), be sure to select your desired paper

IORS Papers Available

  • Maldives V1. 2018
  • Oman v1. 2019
  • Red Sea v1. 2021

- Laminated color ID card of common fishes found in the Red Sea (can also be relevant for use in other areas of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea region, including the Maldives, Arabian Sea, and Eastern Africa)

- REEF decal, REEF BCD tag, turtle ID sheet, and information on data entry and survey protocol. 


You can purchase additional sheets of uw survey paper here.

We offer a quantity discount of 15% when you purchase 5 or more kits from the same region and 30% when you purchase 10 or more kits from the same region (kits must all have the same slate type to qualify for the discount). The discount will be applied upon checkout.