Lionfish Carbon Fiber Polespear by Evolve


The Evolve C4 one-piece Carbon Fiber Polespear is custom made to target lionfish.  The total length of the polespear is 48” after adding the 12" three prong tip. The tip is a three-pronged stainless steel paralyzer tip with nubs on two of the prongs to help prevent lionfish from rotating or sliding off the end of the tip. High-strength carbon fiber with a solid core provides a perfectly weighted polespear that is fast, extremely durable, and can penetrate your target. Polespears are produced using spaceship grade carbon and fitting made using aircraft grade aluminum.

We also recommend puncture-resistant gloves for safer handling of lionfish, available for purchase here.

**Price Includes Polespear, Dura-Red Band, Stainless Steel Knurled HD 3-Prong tip, and Head Adaptor.**

Extra 3-prong tips and adapters are available for purchase (Tips here) and (Adapters here).

LIMITED TIME OFFER: An Evolve Carrying Case will be included FREE with the purchase of the C4 Polespear!