Lionfish Collecting Kit - Polespear, Zookeeper, and Gloves


Everything you need to safely collect lionfish. The kit includes:

  • Lionfish Travel Polespear
  • Medium Zookeeper Lionfish Containment Device
  • A Pair of Hex Armor Sharpsmaster II Gloves

Gloves available in sizes 7-11 (S-XL), please indicate glove size in order comments.

Price for the kit represents a 20% savings over purchasing items individually.

Details About Contents:

Travel Polespear - This fiberglass lionfish polespear conveniently breaks down into three pieces for easy storage and travel. When the three pieces are assembled (it screws together), the total length is 48”. The tip is a three-pronged stainless steel paralyzer tip with nubs on two of the prongs to help prevent lionfish from rotating or sliding off the end of the tip.

Zookeeper - The Zookeeper is a tube-based lionfish containment device that allows lionfish hunters to securely stow their catch with minimal handling. Made with UV resistant custom extruded PVC and ABS plastics. Safety valve allows water displacement to occur at the rear of the unit, while preventing the spines from coming through. The one-way funnel allows the fish to go in and then be stripped from the spear tip as it is withdrawn. Convenient tabs allow the Zookeeper to be secured to the diver during a dive.

Hex Armor Gloves - The Sharpsmaster II (9014) gloves offer extensive protection throughout palm and fingers, and is a must when collecting lionfish.