UW Survey Paper - SOP


These convenient waterproof check sheets are used with your slate to record your fish sightings during a survey dive. It provides a permanent record of each survey and makes transferring your survey data to the online data entry or scanform easy. Sheets are double sided - two dives per sheet.

Most of the survey paper for the species-rich tropical Paciifc are large format paper (11"x17") and are $1.50 ea. These paper list a more extensive list of species found in the area. These papers are formated to fit a custom slate (slate available here) or a standard clipboard. There are a few SOP papers that include a shorter list of species, are regular size (6"x17"), and fit on the standard (yellow) REEF slate (slate available here)

If you have questions about the various uw survey paper formats, please contact data@REEF.org.

REEF Survey Slate types can be found here: www.REEF.org/catalog/58

SOP Papers Available

Fiji - Large Format

Fiji - short list (yellow slate)

Samoan Archipelago - short list (yellow slate)