UW Survey Paper - Tropical Pacific


**IMPT - these papers fit on REEF's large-format slates. They do not fit on the regular small yellow REEF survey slate. Be sure to order a slate as well as the paper if you don't already have one.**

These convenient waterproof check sheets are used with your slate to record your fish sightings during a survey dive. It provides a permanent record of each survey and makes transferring your survey data to the online data entry or scanform easy. Sheets are double sided - two dives per sheet.

Most of the survey paper for the species-rich tropical Pacific are large format paper (11"x17") and are $1.50 ea. These paper list a more extensive list of species found in the area. These papers are formated to fit a custom slate (slate available here) or a standard clipboard.

If you have questions about the various uw survey paper formats, please contact data@REEF.org.

REEF Survey Slate types can be found here: www.REEF.org/catalog/58

Not Sure Which Paper You Need?

If you are going to Wakatobi, we recommend: Ambon Bay and Other Alternative Habitats - v1, 2018

If you are going to Komodo, we recommend: Banda Sea - v4, 2020

If you are going to Bali,  we recommend: Banda Sea - v4, 2020 (or Ambon Bay and Other Alternative Habitats if you will be using that on the same trip)

If you are going to Great Barrier Reef Australia, use: Coral Sea - v1, 2022


CIP Papers Available

Alternative Habitats (Muck and Bays) - v2, 2017

Ambon Bay and Other Alternative Habitats - v1, 2018

Banda Sea - v5, 2023

Cenderawasih - v2, 2023

Coral Sea Australia (incl GBR) - v1, 2022

Lembeh Strait - v1, 2018

Micronesia (Palau and Yap) - v2, 2022

Papua New Guinea - v1, 2022

Philippines - v3, 2018

Raja Ampat / Indonesia - v4, 2023

Solomon Islands - v3/v3.1, 2019/2022

Thailand/Andaman Sea - v1, 2018

Triton Bay - v1, 2018