Zookeeper Lionfish Containment Device


A simple yet highly effective tool!

The Zookeeper is a tube-based lionfish containment device that allows lionfish hunters to securely stow their catch with minimal handling. Made with UV resistant custom extruded PVC and ABS plastics. Safety valve allows water displacement to occur at the rear of the unit, while preventing the spines from coming through.

The one-way funnel allows the fish to go in and then be stripped from the spear tip as it is withdrawn. Convenient tabs allow the Zookeeper to be secured to the diver during a dive.

Replaceable funnels and end caps allow users to keep the unit in top working condition.

Three sizes avilable: 

Small (19” x 7”) - $92.50

Medium (24” x 7”) - $105.00

Large (28” x 7”) - $115.00

A note about shipping: Due to its size and construction, the Zookeeper is securely shipped with minimal packaging. Shipping costs vary from $10 (Florida), $15 (East Coast) to $25 (West Coast). Please contact reefhq@REEF.org to inquire about exact shipping costs to your location.

Sold separately here or add on to order below: a pack of 4 replacement funnels, $23.00