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Use this registration form to register for REEF Fest 2024. You can also use this form to purchase tickets to the Love of the Sea Celebration on Saturday night, and to purchase spaces on the Eco Excursions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings (diving, snorkeling, and kayaking).

**Important Instructions to Complete Registration

1) Once you have submitted the information, be sure to proceed to Check Out. If you are just registering for event, without add-on purchases, your total owed will be $0. But you still need to complete check-out for your registration to be confirmed.

2) If you are registering more than one person, purchasing multiple tickets for the 'For the Love of the Sea' celebration, and/or purchasing more than one space on an Eco Excursion, this form needs to be submitted for each person. Once you have submitted the information for all in your party, proceed to Check Out and pay for the add-on items.  This form can be filled out multiple times if you decide to add on additional activites later.


More details on the Eco Excursions are here.

More details on the Seminars are here.

More details on the Socials are here.

Thank you for your interest in attending REEF Fest 2024! REEF Fest includes diving, snorkeling, kayak eco-tours, ocean-themed seminars, and social events. Most events are free to attend, but we request that attendees pre-register so that we can plan and ensure a great event.

Since 2015, REEF has hosted REEF Fest each fall in the Florida Keys. Divers, snorkelers, and ocean lovers attend REEF Fest to celebrate their love of marine life and learn about the latest in conservation.  If you have questions, please reach out to us at or call us at 305-852-0030. Visit for more details about the event.