Dates: 1/5/19 - 1/15/19

Region: IORS

Led by: Christy Semmens

Surveyors: Lillian Kenney, Pam Wade, Janet Eyre, Christy Semmens, Robert Bentley, Sue Manning, Tracey Griffin, William Ribbens, Marilyn Bentley, Alice Ribbens, Chuck Curry, Kara Curry, Kris Karlen, Martin Levy, Laurel Fulton, Kreg Martin and Jet Long

Total Surveys: 394

#Species Reported: 549

Survey Type: SA = Species & Abundance; SO = Species Only - How to interpret REEF data?
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%SF = Sighting Frequency; DEN = Density Score - How to interpret REEF data?
Bar length corresponds to sighting frequency
Color saturation corresponds to density score
Click + to display species image and additional information.
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