REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: NE

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
9Zone Code listGeographic ReportUS & CANADA EAST COAST (Newfoundland thru Virginia)
91Zone Code listGeographic ReportNE US (Maine thru New York/Hudson Canyon)
9101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMassachusetts
910101Zone Code listGeographic ReportHorseneck Beach - Ft. Phoenix SP
910102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBuzzards Bay (n. of Ft. Phoenix - Woods Hole)
91010201Geographic ReportChappaquoit BeachYes
91010202Geographic ReportNew Bedford's West Beach (Clark Cove)Yes
91010203Geographic ReportSippewisset RockYes
91010204Geographic ReportPocasset River Yes
910103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMartha's Vineyard and Elizabeth Islands
91010301Geographic ReportFerry Pier at Oak Bluffs (Martha's Vineyard)Yes
91010302Geographic ReportPort Hunter Wreck (Hedge Fence Shoals)Yes
91010303Geographic ReportCuttyhunk Beach (NW of pond)Yes
910104Zone Code listGeographic ReportNantucket Sound (Woods Hole - Quitnesset)
91010401Geographic ReportNobska LightYes
91010402Geographic ReportGarbage Beach (Woods Hole)Yes
91010403Geographic ReportWreck of LackawannaYes
91010404Geographic ReportLittle Nobska Beach (Just south of Nobska Light)No
91010405Geographic ReportMBL BeachNo
910105Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Code Nat'l Seashore (Quitnesset - Race Pt. Li
91010501Geographic ReportStellwagen Bank NMSNo
91010502Geographic ReportSBNMS PierNo
91010503Geographic ReportRace Point Lighthouse, Cape CodYes
91010504Geographic ReportPatriot Wreck (Stellwagen)Yes
910106Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Cod Bay (Race Pt. Light - Plymouth Bay)
91010601Geographic ReportSandwich Town BeachYes
91010602Geographic ReportTown Neck (Sandwich)Yes
91010603Geographic ReportCorporation Beach (Dennis)Yes
91010604Geographic ReportWreck of Edward Briary (south of Monomoy Island)Yes
91010605Geographic ReportArea of wrecks- Perkioman, Aransas, West VirginiaYes
91010606Geographic ReportWreck of Pendelton (~W side of Monomoy)Yes
91010607Geographic ReportPilgrim Nuclear Power Plant (Beach between intakeNo
910107Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Plymouth Bay - Minot
91010701Geographic ReportWreck of the PrinthisYes
91010702Geographic ReportBrant RockYes
91010703Geographic ReportMars WreckYes
91010704Geographic ReportCarson BeachNo
91010705Geographic ReportB-1 Buoy (Scituate)Yes
91010706Geographic Report#2 Bony (Scituate)No
91010707Geographic ReportLong Beach (Plymouth)Yes
910108Zone Code listGeographic ReportMassachusetts Bay (n. of Minot - Magnolia)
91010801Geographic ReportMagnolia Rocks (Magnolia)No
91010802Geographic ReportRomance WreckYes
91010803Geographic ReportHalfway Rock (Gloucester, Cape Ann)Yes
91010804Geographic ReportGreat Egg Rock (near Gloucester)Yes
91010805Geographic ReportWollaston Beach (Quincy Bay)No
91010806Geographic ReportNewcomb LedgeYes
91010807Geographic ReportHouse IslandYes
91010808Geographic ReportSatan RockYes
91010809Geographic ReportKettle IslandYes
91010810Geographic ReportNever Fail LedgeYes
91010811Geographic ReportBoohoo LedgeYes
91010812Geographic ReportOuter Brewster IslandYes
91010813Geographic ReportSaddle RockYes
91010814Geographic ReportSalt RockYes
91010815Geographic ReportPopplestone BeachYes
91010816Geographic ReportThatcher Island (Manchester)No
91010817Geographic ReportCat / Children's Island (Marblehead)No
91010818Geographic ReportEgg Rock (near Nahant)Yes
91010819Geographic ReportGraves Light / Graves LighthouseYes
91010820Geographic ReportForty Steps - 40 Steps, NahantYes
91010821Geographic ReportSargent Road (Marblehead)Yes
91010822Geographic ReportMiddle BreakersYes
91010823Geographic ReportWhite Beach, near ManchesterYes
91010824Geographic ReportJuniper Pt. Beach, SalemYes
91010825Geographic ReportShag Rocks, NahantYes
91010826Geographic ReportPumphouse Beach, NahantYes
91010827Geographic ReportDive Beach, NahantYes
91010828Geographic ReportWreck of the KiowaYes
91010829Geographic ReportChandler Hovey Lighthouse, MarbleheadYes
91010830Geographic ReportPhillips Beach, SwampscottYes
91010831Geographic ReportFort Sewell, MarbleheadYes
91010832Geographic ReportMarblehead RockYes
91010833Geographic ReportGun Rock BeachYes
91010834Geographic ReportEast Point (Nahant)Yes
91010835Geographic ReportBig Fantastic WallYes
91010836Geographic ReportCormorant RockYes
91010837Geographic ReportPalmer Cove Yacht ClubYes
91010838Geographic ReportCalf IslandYes
91010839Geographic ReportCity of Salisbury WreckYes
91010840Geographic ReportMingo Beach (Beverly)Yes
91010841Geographic ReportSouth Beach (Great Misery Island)Yes
91010842Geographic ReportWild Cove (Great Misery Island)Yes
91010843Geographic ReportCanoe Beach / Chimneys (Nahant)Yes
91010844Geographic ReportWinthrop Beach (between Neptune and Mermaid Ave)Yes
910109Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Magnolia - Salisbury
91010901Geographic ReportFolly Cove - Left Wall (Cape Ann)Yes
91010902Geographic ReportFolly Cove - Right Wall (Cape Ann)Yes
91010903Geographic ReportChester Poling WreckYes
91010904Geographic ReportCathedral Rocks (Rockport)Yes
91010905Geographic ReportOld Garden Beach (Rockport)Yes
91010906Geographic ReportPickets Ledge (Gloucester)No
91010907Geographic ReportWhale Cove (Rockport)No
91010908Geographic ReportLoblolly Cove (Rockport)Yes
91010909Geographic ReportBack Beach (Rockport)Yes
91010910Geographic ReportGreat Paddock Rock (Gloucester)Yes
91010911Geographic ReportSeaside Cemetery (Rockport)Yes
91010912Geographic ReportPebble Beach (Rockport)Yes
91010913Geographic ReportFolly Point (boat dive off Rockport)No
91010914Geographic ReportBreakwater (Rockport)Yes
91010915Geographic ReportSaturday Night Ledge / SNLYes
91010916Geographic ReportSalt IslandYes
91010917Geographic ReportBass RocksYes
91010918Geographic ReportDry Salvages (off Gloucester)Yes
91010919Geographic ReportOld Coast Guard Station (Gloucester)Yes
91010920Geographic ReportLanesville ShoreNo
91010921Geographic ReportDolliver NeckNo
91010922Geographic ReportHodgkin's CoveNo
91010923Geographic ReportHoop Pole CoveYes
91010924Geographic ReportBrace CoveYes
91010925Geographic ReportNina T WreckYes
91010926Geographic ReportEmerson Point (Rockport)No
91010927Geographic ReportStraitsmouth GapYes
91010928Geographic ReportCharles Haight WreckYes
91010929Geographic ReportWreck of the ChelseaYes
91010930Geographic ReportCressy's Beach (Stage Fort Park - Gloucester)Yes
91010931Geographic ReportStage Fort Park (Gloucester)Yes
91010932Geographic ReportBrace RockYes
91010933Geographic ReportSandy Bay (Rockport)Yes
91010934Geographic ReportTenpound IslandYes
91010935Geographic ReportDog Bar BreakwaterYes
91010936Geographic ReportBurnham Ledge / Burnham RockYes
91010937Geographic ReportLane's Cove (Rockport, Glouster)Yes
91010938Geographic ReportPlum Island (Newburyport)No
91010939Geographic ReportHalibut Shores / Halibut Point State Park (Rockport)Yes
91010940Geographic ReportPlum Cove (Cape Ann)No
91010941Geographic ReportFreshwater CoveYes
91010942Geographic ReportCastle Island - Pleasure Bay (Boston Harbor)Yes
91010943Geographic ReportPlease use 91010843 (was Canoe Beach)No
91010944Geographic ReportTautog Rock - DennisNo
91010945Geographic ReportTarget Ship CCB OrleansNo
91010946Geographic ReportNiles Beach (general area)Yes
91010948Geographic ReportStellwagen Bank SW cornerNo
91010949Geographic ReportFront Beach (Rockport)Yes
91010950Geographic ReportCrane Wreck (Gloucester)Yes
91010951Geographic ReportMoorland Road ( Gloucester )Yes
91010952Geographic ReportGrapevine RoadYes
91010953Geographic ReportLoblolly PointYes
91010954Geographic ReportNiles Beach (north end rocks)Yes
91010955Geographic ReportCape Hedge BeachNo
91010956Geographic ReportNorman's WoeYes
91010957Geographic ReportGap Head Pinnacle / Green Can / #6 CanNo
91010958Geographic ReportHalf Moon Beach (Stage Fort Park) GloucesterYes
91010959Geographic ReportLanes Cove (NE, outside breakwater)Yes
91010999Geographic ReportGiant Ocean Tank (GOT at NEAQ) Training onlyNo
91011000Geographic ReportBoston HarborNo
91011001Geographic ReportReef Site 29 (central of 6 Reefs Boston Harbor)No
9102Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Hampshire
91020001Geographic ReportWhite Island Ledge (Isle of Shoals)Yes
91020002Geographic ReportStar Island Ledge (Isle of Shoals)Yes
91020003Geographic ReportRye State BeachNo
91020004Geographic ReportFort Stark, New Castle NHYes
91020005Geographic ReportPeirce Island WallYes
91020006Geographic ReportCedar Island Ledge, Isles of ShoalsYes
91020007Geographic ReportCribs (Appledore Island)Yes
91020008Geographic ReportNear North Pond (Appledore Island)Yes
91020009Geographic ReportFort Constitution (Marine Research Pier)Yes
9103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMaine
910301Zone Code listGeographic ReportKittery-Portland
91030101Geographic ReportNubble Light (York)Yes
91030102Geographic ReportKettle Cove (Cape Elizabeth)Yes
91030103Geographic ReportSwedes Cove (Appledore Island)Yes
91030104Geographic ReportSeal Cove (Duck Island)Yes
91030106Geographic ReportFort Foster Scuba BeachYes
91030107Geographic ReportCape Neddick BeachYes
91030108Geographic ReportFisherman's Cove (Wells)Yes
91030109Geographic ReportCrescent Beach (Wells)Yes
91030110Geographic ReportCasino Square (Wells)Yes
91030111Geographic ReportMiddle Beach (Kennebunk)Yes
91030112Geographic ReportColony Beach (Kennebunkport)Yes
91030113Geographic ReportSt. Ann's Beach (Kennebunkport)Yes
91030114Geographic ReportWreck of the Wandby (Kennebunkport)Yes
91030115Geographic ReportFortunes Rocks Beach (Biddeford)Yes
91030116Geographic ReportFletchers Neck (Biddeford)Yes
91030117Geographic ReportEast Point (Biddeford)Yes
91030118Geographic Report2 Lights / Two Lights (Cape Elizabeth)Yes
91030119Geographic ReportPond Cove (Cape Elizabeth)Yes
91030120Geographic ReportShips Cove / Portland Head Light (Ft. Williams Park)Yes
91030121Geographic ReportEast End BeachYes
91030122Geographic ReportWalkers PointYes
91030123Geographic ReportMingo RockYes
91030124Geographic ReportBroad Cove Rock (Cape Elizabeth)Yes
91030125Geographic ReportJunk of Pork (Casco Bay)Yes
910302Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Portland - Rockland
91030201Geographic ReportCard Cove (Harpswell)Yes
91030202Geographic ReportCedar Beach (Bailey Island near Harpswell)Yes
91030203Geographic ReportRachel Carson Salt PondYes
91030204Geographic ReportRagged IslandYes
91030205Geographic ReportThe Giant Stairs - Bailey IslandYes
91030206Geographic ReportNE Corner Monhegan IslandYes
91030207Geographic Report6 Miles south of Monhegan IslandYes
91030208Geographic ReportLand's End - Bailey IslandYes
91030209Geographic ReportGrimes Cove (Ocean Point - East Boothbay)Yes
91030210Geographic ReportSandy Cove (near Christmas Cove)Yes
91030211Geographic ReportWhittum Island (Sheepscot River Georgetown)Yes
91030212Geographic ReportBurnt Island East SideYes
91030213Geographic ReportSeguin Island - NW sideYes
91030214Geographic ReportPemaquid Point (Bristol)Yes
91030215Geographic ReportSalter Island (SW end)Yes
91030216Geographic ReportWhite Head (Monhegan Island east side)Yes
91030217Geographic ReportManana Island NW SideYes
910303Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Rockland - Ellsworth
910304Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Ellsworth - Jonesport
91030401Geographic ReportRolling Island BeachYes
91030402Geographic ReportWinter Harbor Marine CenterYes
91030403Geographic ReportMark Island OverlookYes
91030404Geographic ReportBoulder City (Ironbound Island)Yes
91030405Geographic ReportFlatland (Grindstone Neck)Yes
91030406Geographic ReportBlueberry HillYes
91030407Geographic ReportGray Street BeachYes
910305Zone Code listGeographic ReportMt. Desert Island
91030501Geographic ReportJohn Williams BoatyardYes
910306Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Jonesport - Quoddy Head SP
910307Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Quoddy Head SP - St. Stephen
91030701Geographic ReportCustom/Dawson St. Beach (Eastport)Yes
91030702Geographic ReportMunicipal Pier Sullivan St. (Eastport)Yes
91030703Geographic ReportTreat Island (Eastport)Yes
91030705Geographic ReportDog Island (Eastport)Yes
91030706Geographic ReportOld Ferry Landing / Sea Street / Sardine PierYes
91030707Geographic ReportEastport Ferry Landing / Chowder HouseYes
91030708Geographic ReportWreck of the Mary H. Diebold (Eastport)No
9104Zone Code listGeographic ReportRhode Island
910401Zone Code listGeographic ReportAvondale - Pt. Judith
91040101Geographic ReportWeekapaug BeachYes
91040102Geographic ReportNapatree BeachNo
91040103Geographic ReportOnondaga Wreck Sugar ReefYes
91040104Geographic ReportWreck of HeroineYes
91040105Geographic ReportWreck of the MetisYes
91040106Geographic ReportWreck of the AnnapolisYes
91040107Geographic ReportWreck of the Mary ArnoldYes
91040108Geographic ReportU-853 wreck (off Block Island)Yes
91040109Geographic ReportWreck of the LarchmontYes
91040110Geographic ReportWreck of the GrecianYes
91040111Geographic ReportWreck of the USS BassYes
91040112Geographic ReportBrass WreckYes
91040113Geographic ReportJennie R. Dubois Wreck (SE of Block Island)No
910402Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Pt. Judith - Warwick
91040201Geographic ReportNarragansett State Pier #5 / Monahan's DockYes
91040202Geographic ReportGSO Pier, NarragansettYes
910403Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Warwick - Coggeshall
910404Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Coggeshall - Sakonnet
91040401Geographic ReportSakonett PointNo
910405Zone Code listGeographic ReportConanicut, Prudence, and smaller islands
91040501Geographic ReportFort Wetherill (general area)Yes
91040502Geographic ReportFort Jetty (Jamestown)No
91040503Geographic ReportFort AdamsYes
91040504Geographic ReportBeavertail State ParkYes
91040505Geographic ReportSandy Beach Cove (boat ramp) - Fort WetherillYes
91040506Geographic ReportWest Cove - Fort WetherillYes
91040507Geographic ReportFort Cove - Fort Wetherill areaYes
91040508Geographic ReportPeninsula between West and Fort Coves - Fort WetherillYes
91040509Geographic ReportJamestown HarborYes
91040510Geographic ReportPotter CoveYes
91040511Geographic ReportProvidence Point (Prudence Island)Yes
910406Zone Code listGeographic ReportNewport County
91040601Geographic ReportKings BeachYes
91040602Geographic ReportEisenhower HouseYes
91040603Geographic ReportCrescent Beach (Block Island)Yes
91040604Geographic ReportGreen BridgeYes
91040605Geographic ReportCastle Hill Lighthouse (near Newport)Yes
91040606Geographic ReportThe Arches (SW corner Gooseberry Island)Yes
9105Zone Code listGeographic ReportConnecticut
910501Zone Code listGeographic ReportBelle Haven - Stratford Light
910502Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Stratford Lt. - New Haven Harbor
910503Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of New Haven Harbor - Hammonasset Beach SP
910504Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Hammonasset Beach SP - White Sands Beach
910505Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of White Sands Beach - Groton
91050501Geographic ReportPleasure Beach (near Waterford)Yes
91050502Geographic ReportNew London Ledge LightYes
91050503Geographic ReportDumpling Island (1/2 mile west)Yes
91050504Geographic ReportNorwich Harbor, Brown Memorial Park Public DocksYes
91050505Geographic ReportGreen's Harbor Beach (New London)Yes
91050506Geographic ReportButters (near Ocean Beach Park)Yes
91050507Geographic ReportOcean Beach Park Jetty areaYes
91050508Geographic ReportUSS G-2 Submarine Wreck (near Two Tree Island)Yes
910506Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Groton - Pawcatuck
91050601Geographic ReportStonington PointYes
91050602Geographic ReportAvery Point (Groton)Yes
91050603Geographic ReportBluff Point / Bushy Beach (Groton)Yes
91050604Geographic ReportStonington Boat Launch (Mystic)Yes
91050605Geographic ReportP-47 Wreck (Groton)Yes
91050606Geographic ReportLathams / Chester Beach (Noank)Yes
91050607Geographic ReportEastern Point BeachYes
91050608Geographic ReportMystic River Bridge (North of)Yes
91050609Geographic ReportPine Island (SW side)Yes
91050610Geographic ReportTown of Groton Boat Ramp (West Mystic)Yes
91050611Geographic ReportBascule Bridge (Mystic River)Yes
91050612Geographic ReportWilliams Beach (Mystic YMCA)Yes
91050613Geographic ReportEnders Island BeachYes
91050614Geographic ReportOld Groton Coal PierYes
9106Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew York
91060001Geographic ReportBarley Cove Reef (Fishers Island)No
91060002Geographic ReportOlinda Wreck (Fishers Island)Yes
91060003Geographic ReportLilco Jetty West (Long Island Sound)Yes
91060004Geographic ReportAdrienne's Beach (Northport Bay, Long Island SoundYes
91060005Geographic ReportValley Grove Beach (Eatons Neck, Long Island)Yes
91060006Geographic ReportOld Ponquogue Bridge Marine Park (Hampton Bays)Yes
91060007Geographic ReportClark's Beach / Secret Beach (Greenport)Yes
91060008Geographic ReportR "20" Flashing Red 4 sec buoy (Fisher's Island Sound)Yes
91060009Geographic ReportShinnecock Bay (Long Island)Yes
91060010Geographic ReportWreck of the ThumperYes
91060011Geographic ReportHungry PointYes
91060012Geographic ReportWreck of the VolundYes
91060013Geographic ReportNorth Hill / Wreck of the Atlantic (Fisher's Island)Yes
92Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral NE US (New Jersey/Hudson Canyon thru Virginia)
9201Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Jersey
92010001Geographic ReportSedge Islands Marine Conservation ZoneYes
92010002Geographic ReportMaclearie Park (Belmar)Yes
92010003Geographic ReportSea BrightYes
9202Zone Code listGeographic ReportDelaware
9203Zone Code listGeographic ReportMaryland
9204Zone Code listGeographic ReportVirginia (including Chesapeake Bay)
92040001Geographic ReportCHLV2 Chesapeake Lt VA (Artificial Reef Barge)Yes
92040002Geographic ReportBrass SpikeYes
92040003Geographic ReportPlumb Tree Island Donor Site 2 (Hampton Roads)Yes
92040004Geographic ReportU-85 (AWOIS Coordinates)Yes
94Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Brunswick and Newfoundland Canada
9401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNew Brunswick
94010001Geographic ReportCanCat Beach / Custom's Beach (Deer Island Point Campground)Yes
94010002Geographic ReportPettes Cove New Brunswick (North Head Grand Manan)Yes
94010003Geographic ReportDeer Island Point LighthouseYes
94010004Geographic ReportDeer Island Ferry to Lighthouse (Drift)Yes
94010005Geographic ReportDeer Island Campground Wilderness areaYes
94010006Geographic ReportBeaver Harbour (beach .2 miles SW of lighthouse)Yes
94010007Geographic ReportArtificial Reef at Carrying Cove (New River Beach)Yes
94010008Geographic ReportMcCann Head - ChamcookYes
94010009Geographic ReportBath House Van Horne Estate (Minister's Island)Yes
94010010Geographic ReportKelly's Cove (Greens Point)Yes
9402Zone Code listGeographic ReportNova Scotia
940201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBay of Fundy
940202Zone Code listGeographic ReportYarmouth/Acadian Shores
940203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Shore
94020301Geographic ReportIndian Point Reef BallsYes
940204Zone Code listGeographic ReportHalifax Metro
940205Zone Code listGeographic ReportEastern Shore
940206Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Umberland / Central Region
940207Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Breton Island
9403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince Edward Island
9404Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuebec
940401Zone Code listGeographic ReportGaspe Peninsula
94040101Geographic ReportLe Cap Blanc Yes
94040102Geographic ReportLe Rocher Perce Yes
94040103Geographic ReportNouvelle (Baie des Chaleurs)Yes
94040104Geographic ReportMiguasha (Baie des Chaleurs)Yes
940402Zone Code listGeographic ReportBonaventure Island
94040201Geographic ReportLa Roche Carree / La Pierre CarreeYes
94040202Geographic ReportAnse du Bilbo, Le Mamelonet / BilboYes
94040203Geographic ReportLa Grotte Yes
94040204Geographic ReportLe Rocher du Boeuf et de la Vache Yes
94040205Geographic ReportLe Mur Noir Yes
94040206Geographic ReportLa Crevasse du Mur Noir Yes
94040207Geographic ReportPointe a la Couette Yes
94040208Geographic ReportAnse Chatouilleuse Yes
94040209Geographic ReportL'Entre-Deux Yes
94040210Geographic ReportLe Tombant Yes
94040211Geographic ReportLa Crevasse Yes
94040212Geographic ReportLa Roche aux Phoques Yes
94040213Geographic ReportLe Petit Rocher aux Oiseaux Yes
94040214Geographic ReportLe Rocher aux Oiseaux Yes
94040215Geographic ReportLa Chute Yes
94040216Geographic ReportLazy Beach Yes
94040217Geographic ReportLa Baie des Marigots Yes
94040218Geographic ReportBilbo 2Yes
94040219Geographic ReportPiscine Pierre CarreeYes
94040220Geographic ReportBull's CoveYes
940403Zone Code listGeographic ReportLes Escoumins
94040301Geographic ReportEscoumins-Crique OuestYes
94040302Geographic ReportSaint-Laurent en DirectYes
94040303Geographic ReportBaie des AnemonesYes
94040304Geographic ReportCap de Bon DesirYes
94040305Geographic ReportAnse de RocheYes
940404Zone Code listGeographic ReportMagdalen Islands (Iles de Madeleine)
94040401Geographic ReportLa Grande Anse (Cap-aux-Meules)Yes
94040402Geographic ReportL'Anse des Gaudet (Cap-aux-Meules)Yes
94040403Geographic ReportLa Pointe de l'Echouerie (Gros Cap)Yes
94040404Geographic ReportLa Petite Echouerie (Gros Cap)Yes
94040405Geographic ReportCap de l'Hopital (Fatima)Yes
94040406Geographic ReportDigue (sea wall) de l'Anse de l'Hopital (Fatima)Yes
94040407Geographic ReportAncien pont Havre-aux-MaisonsYes
94040408Geographic ReportDigue (sea wall) de la Dune du sud (Havre-aux-maisons)Yes
94040409Geographic ReportAncien Pont, Pilier Ouest Yes
9405Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsland of Newfoundland