REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: EAM
Zone: Central Azores Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
1201Zone Code listGeographic ReportFaial
12010001Geographic ReportEntre-MontesYes
12010002Geographic ReportRadaresYes
12010003Geographic ReportBoca das CaldeirinhasYes
12010004Geographic ReportGruta e Ilhéu NegroYes
12010006Geographic ReportPonta dos CedrosYes
12010007Geographic ReportCapelinhosNo
12010008Geographic ReportMorro de Castelo BrancoYes
12010009Geographic ReportBaixa do Morro (Faial)Yes
12010010Geographic ReportBaixa da FeteiraYes
12010011Geographic ReportViana ShipwreckYes
12010012Geographic ReportMonte da GuiaYes
12010013Geographic ReportPonta da RibeirinhaNo
12010014Geographic ReportVulcão dos CapelinhosYes
12010015Geographic ReportPontão 16 BargeYes
12010016Geographic ReportBaixa dos InhamesYes
12010017Geographic ReportBaixa dos EspalhafatosYes
12010018Geographic ReportBaixa AlagadaYes
12010019Geographic ReportGruta dos Camarões / Baia da GarcaYes
12010020Geographic ReportGruta da PedraYes
12010021Geographic ReportParede do AlmeidaYes
12010022Geographic ReportIlhéu NegroYes
12010023Geographic ReportIlheu PretoYes
12010024Geographic ReportFumaroisYes
12010025Geographic ReportBaia RadaresNo
12010026Geographic ReportFurnasYes
12010027Geographic ReportPedra do SousaYes
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportPico
12020001Geographic ReportIlhéus da MadalenaYes
12020002Geographic ReportBaixa do NorteYes
12020003Geographic ReportBaixa do SulYes
12020004Geographic ReportBaixa da BarcaYes
12020005Geographic ReportCachorroNo
12020006Geographic ReportArcos do Pocinho-CalhauYes
12020007Geographic ReportPonta do CasteleteNo
12020008Geographic ReportPorto de Sao JoaoYes
12020009Geographic ReportCais do MouratoNo
12020010Geographic ReportIlheus de Sto. AmaroNo
12020011Geographic ReportPonta da ManhenhaNo
12020012Geographic ReportCalheta do Nesquim CaveNo
12020013Geographic ReportPorto das RibeirasNo
12020014Geographic ReportBaia de S. CaetanoYes
12020015Geographic ReportArcos da FormosinhaYes
12020016Geographic ReportArcos do CalhauNo
12020017Geographic ReportCoral e Parede de S. Caetano / Coral and Wall of S. CaetanoYes
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSão Jorge
12030001Geographic ReportBaixa da ponta dos RosaisYes
12030002Geographic ReportIlhéu do TopoYes
12030003Geographic ReportBaixa dos RosaisYes
12030004Geographic ReportPonta dos rosaisYes
12030005Geographic ReportMouro de LemosNo
12030006Geographic ReportPesqueiro AltoNo
12030007Geographic ReportUrzelinaNo
12030008Geographic ReportVelasNo
12030009Geographic ReportCalhetaNo
12030010Geographic ReportCascataNo
12030011Geographic ReportMorroNo
12030013Geographic ReportFaja do OuvidorNo
1204Zone Code listGeographic ReportGraciosa
12040001Geographic ReportIlheu do CarapachoYes
12040002Geographic ReportBaixa do LobaoYes
12040003Geographic ReportTerceirenseYes
12040004Geographic ReportBaixa do FerreiraYes
12040005Geographic ReportBaixa do Pesqueiro LongoYes
12040006Geographic ReportIlheu da BaleiaYes
12040007Geographic ReportRestinga do FreireNo
12040008Geographic ReportNaufrágio TerceirenseNo
12040009Geographic ReportPesqueiro LongoNo
12040010Geographic ReportBaixinhasNo
12040011Geographic ReportPorto de Santa CruzNo
12040012Geographic ReportIlheu de PraiaNo
12040013Geographic ReportCorvo ShipwreckNo
12040014Geographic ReportBaia da PocaNo
12040015Geographic ReportBaia da FolgaNo
1205Zone Code listGeographic ReportTerceira
12050001Geographic ReportCinco RibeirasYes
12050002Geographic ReportSilveiraYes
12050003Geographic ReportPoenteYes
12050004Geographic ReportCemitério das ÂncorasYes
12050005Geographic ReportVapor LidadorYes
12050006Geographic ReportGruta dos RatoesYes
12050007Geographic ReportNascenteYes
12050008Geographic ReportPraia da VictoriaYes
12050009Geographic ReportLidadorNo
12050010Geographic ReportCalheta do LagadorNo
12050011Geographic ReportFradinhosNo
12050012Geographic ReportGruta do Ilhéu das CabrasNo
12050013Geographic ReportBaia das Quatro RibeirasNo
12050014Geographic ReportRibeiras CaveNo
12050015Geographic ReportBaia de AngraNo
12050016Geographic ReportSerretaNo
12050017Geographic ReportIlheu do NorteNo
12050018Geographic ReportPorto MartinsNo
12050019Geographic ReportBaia das ContendasNo
12050020Geographic ReportIlheus das CabrasNo
1206Zone Code listGeographic ReportCondor Bank
12060001Geographic ReportCondor Bank (Blue Shark Open Water Dive)Yes
1207Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincesa Alice Bank
12070001Geographic ReportPrincess Alice BankYes
1208Zone Code listGeographic ReportDom Joao de Castro Bank
12080001Geographic ReportD. João de Castro BankYes