REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: HAW
Zone: Kauai (including Niihau Island)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportNiihau Island and Lehua Island
2101Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Shore Niihau (Kaunuopou Pt. - north of Kawaihoa Pt.)
21010001Geographic ReportNiihau Arches/SuperhighwayYes
21010003Geographic ReportVertical Awareness PinnacleYes
21010004Geographic ReportPu'u Mu'uYes
2102Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Shore Niihau (Kawaihoa Pt. - south of Kaunuopou Pt.)
2103Zone Code listGeographic ReportLehua Rock Island
21030001Geographic ReportPyramid Point / Lehua LedgeYes
21030002Geographic ReportVertical Awareness/The PinnacleYes
21030003Geographic ReportStaircaseNo
21030004Geographic ReportLehua Rock KeyholeYes
21030005Geographic ReportLehua Rock NW tipYes
21030006Geographic ReportLehua Rock SouthYes
21030007Geographic ReportLehua Rock SW cornerYes
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportNaPali Coast (Nohili Pt - Kailiu Pt. at Haena Beach Park)
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportNohili Pt - Keawanui
22010001Geographic ReportMakoleYes
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportKeawanui - Haena
22020001Geographic ReportNualolo Kai State ParkYes
23Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth Coast Kauai (Kailiu Pt at Haena Beach Park. - Kepuhi Pt.)
2301Zone Code listGeographic ReportKailiu Pt. - Kaweonui Pt.
23010001Geographic ReportKe'e Beach LagoonYes
23010002Geographic ReportTunnels Reef / Ha'ena Beach ParkYes
23010003Geographic ReportOceanariumNo
23010004Geographic ReportHideaways / Puu Poa BeachYes
23010005Geographic ReportWaikoko'sNo
23010006Geographic ReportPuu Poa Beach - Use 23010004No
23010007Geographic ReportThe HoleYes
23010008Geographic ReportMile 8.6 North CoastYes
23010009Geographic ReportKe'e Beach - Haena State ParkNo
23010010Geographic ReportSealodge Beach / KaweonuiYes
23010012Geographic ReportSt. Regis Hotel / Princeville ResortYes
23010013Geographic ReportPali Ke Kua / Turtle CoveYes
23010014Geographic ReportQueen's BathYes
23010015Geographic ReportTurtle Cave (between Ali'i Kai and Cliffs)Yes
23010016Geographic ReportColony Resort - Kepuhi Point Yes
2302Zone Code listGeographic ReportKaweonui Pt. - Kepuhi Pt.
23020001Geographic ReportAnini Beach Park, West EndYes
23020002Geographic ReportKalihikai Beach / Anini Beach East EndYes
23020003Geographic ReportShearwater ReefYes
24Zone Code listGeographic ReportEast Coast Kauai (Kepuhi Pt. - Makahuena Pt.)
2401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKepuhi Pt. - Kuaehu Pt.
24010001Geographic ReportAliomanu Bay NorthNo
24010002Geographic ReportAliomanu Bay MiddleNo
24010003Geographic ReportPapa’a BayYes
24010004Geographic ReportLarsen’s Beach / Ka'aka'aniuYes
2402Zone Code listGeographic ReportKuaehu Pt. - Wailua River
24020001Geographic ReportAnahola Beach ParkYes
24020002Geographic ReportBaby Beach / Fuji BeachYes
24020003Geographic ReportWailua BeachYes
24020004Geographic ReportKealia Beach ParkYes
2403Zone Code listGeographic ReportWailua River - Hanamaulu Bay
24030001Geographic ReportLydgate State ParkYes
2404Zone Code listGeographic ReportHanamaulu Bay - Makahuena Pt.
24040001Geographic ReportKipu KaiNo
24040002Geographic ReportKauai - OtsukasNo
24040003Geographic ReportKawaioloa Bay (Maha' ulepu)Yes
24040004Geographic ReportAhukini Landing JettyYes
24040005Geographic ReportGillins BeachYes
25Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Shore Kauai (Makahuena Pt. - Nohili Pt.)
2501Zone Code listGeographic ReportMakahuena Pt. - Puolo Pt.
25010001Geographic ReportBrennecke's LedgesNo
25010002Geographic ReportSheraton CavernsYes
25010003Geographic ReportPK (west of Price Kuhio Park)No
25010004Geographic ReportGeneral StoreYes
25010005Geographic ReportIceboxYes
25010006Geographic ReportPoipu Beach West CoveYes
25010007Geographic ReportAmber's ArchesYes
25010008Geographic ReportHappy TalkYes
25010009Geographic ReportBeach House Rest./Lawai Beach Resort/Kolopa BeachYes
25010010Geographic ReportPK -- Prince Kuhio Park/Kuhio Shores/Hoai BayNo
25010011Geographic ReportKoloa LandingYes
25010012Geographic ReportFastlanesYes
25010013Geographic ReportPlease use 23010010 (was Sea Lodge Beach- Princeville area)No
25010014Geographic ReportPlease use 24030001 (was Lydgate Park East Coast Shore)No
25010015Geographic ReportKukuila Harbor (South Shore) / KukululaYes
25010016Geographic ReportTurtle Bluffs South ShoreYes
25010017Geographic ReportHarbor LedgesNo
25010018Geographic ReportPlate Lunch to Kanaka Nui/First Break DriftNo
25010019Geographic ReportCoral GrottoNo
25010020Geographic ReportNukumoi Point/TortugasNo
25010021Geographic ReportCargo NetsNo
25010022Geographic ReportZack's/Zac's PocketNo
25010023Geographic ReportArenasYes
25010024Geographic ReportFirst BreakYes
25010025Geographic ReportAllerton Beach (near Spouting Horn)Yes
25010026Geographic ReportFish Bowl/Yellow Brick RoadYes
25010027Geographic ReportStone House/Dancing DominosYes
25010028Geographic ReportWai'oli Beach ParkNo
25010029Geographic ReportKiahuna BeachNo
25010030Geographic Report3 FingersYes
25010031Geographic ReportShipwreck LedgesYes
25010032Geographic ReportMooring Buoy off Kaumakani Sugar PlantationYes
25010033Geographic ReportNahamaalo Point (off Whaler's Cove Resort)Yes
25010034Geographic ReportSheraton Kauai ResortYes
2502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuolo Pt. - Nohili Pt.
25020001Geographic ReportMana CrackNo
25020002Geographic ReportHeniochusNo
25020003Geographic ReportHale O Honu / House of Turtles (off Waimea)Yes
25020004Geographic ReportPennant PlaygroundNo
25020005Geographic ReportSalt PondYes
25020006Geographic ReportKaumakani / OleleYes