REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: WESTERN VANCOUVER ISLAND (Fredericksen Pt - Cape Beale)

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
1201Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Frederiksen Pt - Cape Parkins
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportQuatsino Sound
120201Zone Code listGeographic ReportDrake Island
120202Zone Code listGeographic ReportHolberg Inlet
120203Zone Code listGeographic ReportRupert Inlet
120204Zone Code listGeographic ReportNeroutsos Inlet
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportKwakiuti Pt - Kyuquot
120301Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrooks Bay
120302Zone Code listGeographic ReportKlaskino Inlet
120303Zone Code listGeographic ReportKlaskish Inlet
120304Zone Code listGeographic ReportChecleset Bay
120305Zone Code listGeographic ReportNasparti Inlet
120306Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuoukinsh Inlet
120307Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalksope Inlet
1204Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Kyuquot - Tatchu Pt.
120401Zone Code listGeographic ReportKyuquot Sound
120402Zone Code listGeographic ReportKyuquot Channel
120403Zone Code listGeographic ReportUnion Island
120404Zone Code listGeographic ReportHohoae Island
120405Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoketas Island
120406Zone Code listGeographic ReportKashuti Inlet
120407Zone Code listGeographic ReportTahsish Inlet
1205Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tatchu Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl)
120501Zone Code listGeographic ReportCatala Island
120502Zone Code listGeographic ReportEsperanza Inlet
12050201Geographic ReportGarden Point - Esperanza InletYes
120503Zone Code listGeographic ReportEspinosa Inlet
12050301Geographic ReportThe Gardens - Espinoza InletYes
120504Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeballos Inlet
120505Zone Code listGeographic ReportNuchatlitz Inlet
120506Zone Code listGeographic ReportFerrer Pt. - Bajo Pt. (Nootka Isl.)
1206Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Bajo Pt. - Estevan Pt.
120601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBajo Pt. - Yuquot
120602Zone Code listGeographic ReportNootka Sound
120603Zone Code listGeographic ReportBligh Isl & surrounding isls.
120604Zone Code listGeographic ReportTahsis Inlet
12060401Geographic ReportMozino PointYes
12060402Geographic ReportBoulder AlleyYes
12060403Geographic ReportShark PointYes
12060404Geographic ReportThe ZooYes
12060405Geographic ReportMaquinna Resort DockYes
12060406Geographic ReportTahsis Government Dock / Public DockYes
12060407Geographic ReportBull of the WoodsYes
12060408Geographic ReportMcBride BayYes
120605Zone Code listGeographic ReportStrange Isl. & Bodega Isl.
120606Zone Code listGeographic ReportTlupana Inlet
120607Zone Code listGeographic ReportZuciarte Channel
120608Zone Code listGeographic ReportMuchalat Inlet
120609Zone Code listGeographic ReportGore Island
1207Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Estevan Pt. - Tofino
120701Zone Code listGeographic ReportHesquiat Harbor
120702Zone Code listGeographic ReportStewardson Inlet
120703Zone Code listGeographic ReportSydney Inlet
120704Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlores Island
120705Zone Code listGeographic ReportShelter Inlet
120706Zone Code listGeographic ReportMillar Channel
120707Zone Code listGeographic ReportHerbert Inlet
120708Zone Code listGeographic ReportClayoquot Sound
120709Zone Code listGeographic ReportBartlett Island
120710Zone Code listGeographic ReportVargas Island
120711Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Bay
120712Zone Code listGeographic ReportBedwell Sound
120713Zone Code listGeographic ReportWarn Bay
120714Zone Code listGeographic ReportFortune Channel
120715Zone Code listGeographic ReportMeares Island
12071501Geographic ReportDunlap Island (NE side)Yes
1208Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tofino - Ucluelet
120801Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrowning Passage
120802Zone Code listGeographic ReportGrice Bay
120803Zone Code listGeographic ReportTofino Inlet
120804Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Tofino - Wickaninnish Bay
120805Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Wickaninnish Bay - Florencia Bay
120806Zone Code listGeographic ReportFlorencia Bay - Ucluelet
1209Zone Code listGeographic ReportUcluelet - Cape Beale
12090007Geographic ReportHong Kong Express Wreck (Barclay Sound)Yes
120901Zone Code listGeographic ReportUcluelet Inlet
12090101Geographic ReportEagle Rock (near Ucluelet)Yes
12090102Geographic ReportFood Island (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet Brit Col.)No
12090103Geographic ReportBuoy Y46 (Stewart Bay, Ucluelet)No
12090104Geographic ReportJanson IslandYes
120902Zone Code listGeographic ReportLoudoun Channel
12090201Geographic ReportBeg IslandYes
12090202Geographic ReportSykes Reef (Chrow Isle)Yes
120903Zone Code listGeographic ReportMacoah Passage
120904Zone Code listGeographic ReportToquaht Bay
120905Zone Code listGeographic ReportPipestem Inlet
120906Zone Code listGeographic ReportImperial Eagle Channel
12090601Geographic ReportKyen PointYes
12090602Geographic ReportMahk ReefYes
12090603Geographic ReportBull RocksYes
12090604Geographic ReportRenate's ReefYes
12090605Geographic ReportBaeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - North IsletYes
12090606Geographic ReportBaeria Rocks Provincial Reserve - South IsletYes
12090607Geographic ReportJanit ReefYes
12090608Geographic ReportHornby RockYes
12090609Geographic ReportFolger's PinnacleYes
120907Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeer Group Islands
12090701Geographic ReportOhiat IslandYes
12090702Geographic ReportBlackfish Rocks (Helby Isl)Yes
12090703Geographic ReportCia Rocks (Diana Isl)Yes
12090704Geographic ReportWizard RocksYes
12090705Geographic ReportEdward King Island Site 1 (east side of island)Yes
12090706Geographic ReportSanford IsletsYes
12090707Geographic ReportSatellite Reef (Barkley Sound)Yes
12090708Geographic ReportHelby IslandYes
12090709Geographic ReportFleming Island 1Yes
12090710Geographic ReportFleming Island 2Yes
12090711Geographic ReportChristie ReefNo
12090712Geographic ReportRobbers PassageYes
12090713Geographic ReportAdamson's ArchYes
12090714Geographic ReportDon's PeakYes
12090715Geographic ReportSouth Fleming RocksYes
12090716Geographic ReportBanana ReefYes
12090717Geographic ReportRobber's ReefYes
12090718Geographic ReportSelf Point (Helby Island)Yes
12090719Geographic ReportDodger's Point (Seppings Island)Yes
12090720Geographic ReportKirby Reef (N. Seppings Island)Yes
12090721Geographic ReportEdward King Island NorthYes
12090722Geographic ReportFolger Island NEYes
12090723Geographic ReportTaylor IsletYes
12090724Geographic ReportSanford RocksYes
120908Zone Code listGeographic ReportTrevor Channel
12090801Geographic ReportSea Pool RocksYes
12090802Geographic ReportScott's Bay (s. of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090803Geographic ReportBrady's Beach EastNo
12090805Geographic ReportAguilar PointYes
12090806Geographic ReportDixon Point W of Bamfield InletYes
12090807Geographic ReportGoby Town East (mouth of Bamfield Inlet)Yes
12090808Geographic ReportBMSC N Dock (Bamfield Marine Science Centre)Yes
12090809Geographic ReportMutine ReefYes
12090810Geographic ReportBarnacle BashYes
12090811Geographic ReportDanvers IslandYes
12090812Geographic ReportKeeshan PointYes
12090813Geographic ReportDixon IslandYes
12090814Geographic ReportWayne's WorldYes
12090815Geographic ReportHosie IsletsYes
12090816Geographic ReportNanat Island WallYes
12090817Geographic ReportExecution RockYes
12090818Geographic ReportPisaster Rock Yes
12090819Geographic ReportNanat CoveYes
12090820Geographic ReportGrappler Not-the-WallYes
120909Zone Code listGeographic ReportTzartus, Diplock, Meade Islands
12090901Geographic ReportDiplock IslYes
12090902Geographic ReportTyler RockYes
12090903Geographic ReportStud IsletsYes
12090904Geographic ReportRendezvous House Reef (SW of dock) Yes
12090905Geographic ReportTealia Terrace (Rendezvous House Reef North of dock)Yes
12090906Geographic ReportRingtop ReefYes
12090907Geographic ReportPlan B (off NW Tzartus Island)Yes
12090908Geographic ReportMeade Island FingersYes
12090909Geographic ReportJupe Rock / Jupe Reef (near Meade Islets)Yes
120910Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeddall Island
12091001Geographic ReportPill Point WallYes
12091002Geographic ReportChup Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091003Geographic ReportFriend Island Rocks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091004Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091005Geographic ReportHook Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091006Geographic ReportCrosse Point (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091008Geographic ReportLacoabalone Alley (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091009Geographic ReportSeddall Island WallYes
12091010Geographic ReportWeibe Rock (Barkley Sound)Yes
12091011Geographic ReportBay Near Chup PointYes
12091012Geographic ReportBoyson IsletYes
12091013Geographic ReportUrchin BayYes
12091014Geographic ReportThe Point / Riley's ReefYes
12091015Geographic ReportJingle RockYes
12091016Geographic ReportShark AlleyYes
12091017Geographic ReportPill Point LightYes
12091018Geographic ReportPlumose CastleYes
120911Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlberni Inlet
12091101Geographic ReportChina CreekYes
12091102Geographic ReportChina Creek Ship WreckYes
120912Zone Code listGeographic ReportUchucklesit Inlet
12092Zone Code listGeographic ReportBroken Group Islands (Barkley Sound)
120921Zone Code listGeographic ReportBrabant, Hand, Pinkerton Isls.
12092101Geographic ReportHand 1Yes
12092102Geographic ReportHand 2Yes
12092103Geographic ReportBrabant LightYes
120922Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrideaux, Nettle, Reek Isls.
12092201Geographic ReportPrideaux Isl.Yes
12092202Geographic ReportNettle Isl.Yes
12092204Geographic ReportRocky Islet (btw Gibraltar & Nettle Isls.)Yes
12092205Geographic ReportHank's PointYes
12092206Geographic ReportHank's Point East (btw Nettle Isl & Green Rocks)Yes
12092207Geographic ReportJen Jewell (North of Prideaux Island)Yes
120923Zone Code listGeographic ReportJarvis, Jacques, Gibraltar, Dempster Isls.
12092301Geographic ReportSitka CabinYes
12092302Geographic ReportReef off Dempster Isl.Yes
12092303Geographic ReportOnion Isl.Yes
12092304Geographic ReportTip of Jarvis Isl.Yes
12092305Geographic ReportIsland Harbor (south of Jaques Is.)Yes
12092306Geographic ReportBarnacle GardenYes
120924Zone Code listGeographic ReportDodd, Willis, Turtle & surrounding Isls.
12092401Geographic ReportReef btw Mullins & Turtle Isls.Yes
12092402Geographic ReportTurtle Isl.Yes
12092403Geographic ReportReef off Hankin Isl.Yes
12092404Geographic ReportWillis IslandYes
120925Zone Code listGeographic ReportTurret, Lovett, & surrounding Isls.
12092501Geographic ReportThiepval ChannelYes
12092502Geographic ReportReef off Turret Isl.Yes
12092503Geographic ReportTurret SWYes
12092504Geographic ReportTurret Island SouthYes
12092505Geographic ReportWreck of the ThiepvalYes
120926Zone Code listGeographic ReportClarke, Benson, Owens Isls.
120927Zone Code listGeographic ReportCooper, Batley, Wouwer, Cambian Isls.
12092701Geographic ReportWouwer Island, South sideYes
120928Zone Code listGeographic ReportEffinham, Gilbert, Bauk, Austin Isls.
12092801Geographic ReportEffingham BayYes
12092802Geographic ReportAquasocYes
120929Zone Code listGeographic ReportHowell, Dicebox, Cree Isls.
12092901Geographic ReportDicebox Isl.Yes
12092902Geographic ReportPinnacle RockYes
12092903Geographic ReportWreck of the VanleneYes
12092904Geographic ReportEagle's Landing PinnacleYes