REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
131Zone Code listGeographic ReportUpper Strait
1311Zone Code listGeographic ReportHernando Island and Savary Island
13110001Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 1Yes
13110002Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 2Yes
13110003Geographic ReportMilenatch Island Site 3Yes
1312Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Mudge - Cape Lazo
13120001Geographic ReportSinging SandsYes
13120002Geographic ReportOyster River Data LoggersYes
1313Zone Code listGeographic ReportSarah Point - Greif Point
131301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSarah Point - Turner Bay
131302Zone Code listGeographic ReportPowell Islets
131303Zone Code listGeographic ReportTownley Islands
131304Zone Code listGeographic ReportCopeland Islands
131305Zone Code listGeographic ReportTurner Bay - Lund (peninsula)
131306Zone Code listGeographic ReportHurtado Point - Atrevida Rock
131307Zone Code listGeographic ReportS.Atrevida - N Powell River
13130701Geographic ReportWreck of the CapilanoYes
131308Zone Code listGeographic ReportPowell River
13130801Geographic ReportMalahat WreckNo
13130802Geographic ReportAtrevida ReefYes
13130803Geographic ReportMystery ReefYes
13130804Geographic ReportWreck of the AdventurerNo
13130805Geographic ReportYOGN 82 Barge (Powell River)Yes
131309Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Powell River Breakwater - Greif Point
131310Zone Code listGeographic ReportHarwood Island
13131001Geographic ReportWreck of Shamrock (Vivian Island)Yes
1314Zone Code listGeographic ReportDesolation Sound
131401Zone Code listGeographic ReportOkeover Inlet
13140101Geographic ReportOkeover Gov't Dock & BreakwaterNo
13140102Geographic ReportOkeover BluffsYes
131402Zone Code listGeographic ReportLancelot Inlet
132Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Cape Lazo - Qualicum Beach
1321Zone Code listGeographic ReportLasqueti Island
13210001Geographic ReportSheer Island NorthYes
13210002Geographic ReportCircle IsletYes
13210003Geographic ReportBull Island WallYes
13210004Geographic ReportSleeping Seal PointYes
13210005Geographic ReportSpring BayNo
1322Zone Code listGeographic ReportDenman Island
13220001Geographic ReportChrome IslandYes
13220002Geographic ReportEagle Rock - Denman IslandYes
13220003Geographic ReportDinner Plate - Denman IslandNo
13220004Geographic ReportWolf eel AlleyNo
13220005Geographic ReportRepulse PointYes
13220006Geographic ReportBoyle Point Boulder FieldNo
13220007Geographic ReportEagle Rock Kelp PlantationYes
1323Zone Code listGeographic ReportHornby Island
13230001Geographic ReportFord Cove Reef (outside harbour near store)Yes
13230002Geographic ReportFlora Islets East / Float #2Yes
13230003Geographic ReportFlora Islets West / Float #1Yes
13230004Geographic ReportNorris Rocks NorthYes
13230005Geographic ReportToby IsletYes
13230006Geographic ReportMaude ReefYes
13230007Geographic ReportNash BankYes
13230008Geographic ReportRock City Reef / 2 Fathom RockNo
13230009Geographic ReportBarney's ReefYes
13230010Geographic ReportNorris Rocks SouthYes
13230011Geographic ReportFlora's BacksideYes
13230012Geographic ReportMaude Reef Kelp PlantationYes
13230013Geographic ReportNorris Rocks EastYes
13230014Geographic ReportFord Cove inside harbourYes
13230015Geographic ReportFlora Islets Float #1.5Yes
13230016Geographic ReportSavoie ReefYes
13230017Geographic ReportReef west of Downes PointYes
13230018Geographic ReportDownes Point SouthYes
13230019Geographic ReportSand Dollar Beach (Outside)Yes
13230020Geographic ReportFlora Islets #3No
133Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Qualicum Beach - Nanaimo
133001Zone Code listGeographic ReportNanaimo Bay
13300101Geographic ReportSaskatchewan WreckYes
13300102Geographic ReportDodd NarrowsNo
13300103Geographic ReportCape Breton WreckYes
13300104Geographic ReportFour Fathom ReefYes
13300105Geographic ReportKeel CoveYes
13300106Geographic ReportRivtow Lion (Depature Bay, Nanaimo)Yes
13300107Geographic ReportSnake PinnacleYes
1331Zone Code listGeographic ReportBallenas Islands
1332Zone Code listGeographic ReportBlunden Point - Hammond Bay
13320001Geographic ReportNeck PointYes
13320002Geographic ReportFinn BeachYes
1333Zone Code listGeographic ReportNanoose Harbor
1334Zone Code listGeographic ReportWallis Point - Dorcas Point and islands
13340001Geographic ReportSeducer's BeachYes
13340002Geographic ReportAmelia Island SouthwestYes
13340003Geographic ReportDolphin BeachYes
13340004Geographic ReportTyee Cove / Blueback Community ParkYes
13340005Geographic ReportAbandonment Pinnacle (btw Ada & Southey Isls)Yes
13340006Geographic ReportRudder Rock (Winchelsea Isl)Yes
13340007Geographic ReportOak Leaf / Es-hw Sme~nts ParkYes
1335Zone Code listGeographic ReportDorcas Point N - Madrona Point (Northwest Bay)
13350001Geographic ReportMadrona Point (Main/Big Wall)Yes
13350002Geographic ReportCottam PointYes
13350003Geographic ReportThe JibYes
13350004Geographic ReportWall BeachYes
13350005Geographic ReportBeachcomber ParkYes
13350006Geographic ReportMadrona Point (Small/Little Wall)Yes
13350007Geographic ReportMadrona Beach / The Maze (sand/rock area before wall)Yes
1336Zone Code listGeographic Report N Madrona Point  - Qualicum Beach
134Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Nanaimo - Victoria
1341Zone Code listGeographic ReportGulf Islands
134101Zone Code listGeographic ReportGabriola Island
13410101Geographic ReportOrlebar PointYes
13410102Geographic ReportDodd Narrows (Between VI and Mudge Island)Yes
13410103Geographic ReportGabriola PassageYes
13410104Geographic ReportWest Snake IslandYes
13410105Geographic ReportLaw PointYes
13410106Geographic ReportBreakwater IslandYes
13410107Geographic ReportNorth Snake IslandYes
13410108Geographic ReportAcorn ReefYes
13410109Geographic ReportCarlos IslandYes
13410110Geographic ReportGabriola BluffsYes
13410111Geographic ReportXihwa Reef Boeing 737 ChemainusYes
13410112Geographic ReportRound Island PinnacleYes
13410113Geographic ReportMalaspina GalleriesYes
134102Zone Code listGeographic ReportValdes Island
13410202Geographic ReportHole-in-the-Wall Valdes IslandYes
13410203Geographic ReportFive Finger PinnacleYes
13410204Geographic ReportVernaci PointYes
134103Zone Code listGeographic ReportGaliano Island
13410301Geographic ReportTrincomali ChannelNo
13410302Geographic ReportBold Bluff PointNo
13410303Geographic ReportLinklater RoadYes
13410304Geographic ReportMathews Point Active PassYes
13410305Geographic ReportRace Point Porlier PassYes
13410306Geographic ReportDionisio Point ReefYes
13410307Geographic ReportOctopus Wall Porlier PassNo
13410308Geographic ReportAlcala Wall Porlier PassYes
13410309Geographic ReportSpanish Hills Wall (North Galiano)Yes
13410310Geographic ReportMadrona LodgeYes
13410311Geographic ReportBallingall Islets (off Galiano Island)Yes
13410312Geographic ReportBoscowitz Rock, Porlier PassYes
13410313Geographic ReportBayne's Point - Porlier PassYes
13410314Geographic ReportCollinson Point - Active Pass Galiano Island)Yes
13410315Geographic ReportVirago Pt Wall (Porlier Pass)Yes
13410316Geographic ReportConservancy Cove - GalianoYes
13410317Geographic ReportRetreat Island (Galiano Trincomali)Yes
13410318Geographic ReportWalker Rock (off Galiano in Trincomali Channel)Yes
134104Zone Code listGeographic ReportThetis / Kuper (Penelakut) Islands
13410401Geographic ReportEscape ReefYes
13410402Geographic ReportNorth ReefYes
13410403Geographic ReportHall Island West (between Kuper / Penelakut and Galiano)Yes
13410404Geographic ReportRagged Island ReefYes
13410405Geographic ReportNorth Cove Reef Yes
13410406Geographic ReportTent Island WallYes
13410407Geographic ReportTent Island RocksYes
13410408Geographic ReportMowgli IslandYes
13410409Geographic ReportHall Island SouthYes
13410410Geographic ReportEscape RidgeYes
13410411Geographic ReportNorth Secretary Island NEYes
13410412Geographic ReportActive Point (Penelakut Island)Yes
13410413Geographic ReportHudson Island Reef NorthYes
13410414Geographic ReportWreck of the Robert KerrYes
134105Zone Code listGeographic ReportMayne Island
13410501Geographic ReportEnterprise ReefYes
13410502Geographic ReportMayne RCA (Rockfish Conservation Area)Yes
134106Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaturna Island
13410601Geographic ReportTumbo Island South WallYes
134107Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaltspring Island
13410701Geographic ReportTrincomali ChannelYes
13410703Geographic ReportBeaver Point (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410704Geographic ReportVesuvius RocksYes
13410705Geographic ReportPanther Wreck and Reef (Wallace Island)Yes
13410706Geographic ReportChannel Islands (east of Saltspring) Yes
13410707Geographic ReportVesuvius NorthYes
13410708Geographic ReportRussell Island NE PinnacleYes
13410709Geographic ReportEl-Bea Pinnacle (Saltspring Island)Yes
13410710Geographic ReportErskine PointYes
13410711Geographic ReportParminter Point (Saltspring Island)Yes
134108Zone Code listGeographic ReportPender Islands
13410801Geographic ReportTilly PointYes
13410802Geographic ReportNorth Pender Island CliffsYes
134109Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrevost Island
13410901Geographic ReportSelby PointYes
13410902Geographic ReportRed Islet off Prevost IslandNo
134110Zone Code listGeographic ReportSidney
13411001Geographic ReportSidney HotelYes
13411002Geographic ReportRoberts BayYes
13411003Geographic ReportSidney Reef BallsYes
13411004Geographic ReportHMCS Mackenzie (Gooch Isl)Yes
13411005Geographic ReportGraham's Wall (Domville Island)Yes
13411006Geographic ReportArachne ReefYes
13411007Geographic ReportMandarte IslandYes
134111Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoresby
13411101Geographic ReportMV G.B. Church (Portland Isl)Yes
13411102Geographic ReportChad's Island (off Portland Island)Yes
134112Zone Code listGeographic Report Newcastle Island
13411201Geographic ReportClarke RockYes
13411202Geographic ReportJesse IslandYes
13411203Geographic ReportRivton Island WreckYes
134113Zone Code listGeographic ReportDeCourcy Group
13411301Geographic ReportRuxton Pass WallYes
1342Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. Nanaimo - Coffin Point
13420001Geographic ReportElephant HeadYes
13420002Geographic ReportNare's RockYes
13420003Geographic ReportSharpe PointYes
13420004Geographic ReportCoffin IslandYes
1343Zone Code listGeographic ReportLadysmith Harbor - Grave Point
13430001Geographic ReportEvening Cove / Elliot BayYes
13430002Geographic ReportBare Pinnacle (near Chemainus)Yes
13430003Geographic ReportWolf Eel Reef (near 737)Yes
13430004Geographic ReportBare Point WallYes
13430005Geographic ReportWilly Island Reef, Stuart ChannelYes
13430006Geographic ReportKin Beach / Chemainus BargesYes
1344Zone Code listGeographic ReportSansum Narrows (incl Maple Bay)
13440001Geographic ReportMaple Bay Gov. Dock & ReefYes
13440002Geographic ReportBold Bluff PointYes
13440003Geographic ReportBurial IsletYes
13440004Geographic ReportSeparation Point EastYes
13440006Geographic ReportFishfarm WallYes
13440007Geographic ReportOctopus PointYes
13440008Geographic ReportNorth End Sansum NarrowsNo
13440009Geographic ReportNudibranch WallYes
13440010Geographic ReportArbutus HolesYes
13440011Geographic ReportGrave PointYes
13440012Geographic ReportMusgrave PointYes
13440013Geographic ReportArbutus PointYes
13440014Geographic ReportBold Bluff WallYes
13440015Geographic ReportPower Line (Sansum Narrows)Yes
13440016Geographic ReportPaddy Mile Stone (Maple Bay)Yes
13440017Geographic ReportTamar's ReefYes
13440018Geographic ReportOctopus CavernsYes
13440019Geographic ReportEleanor's CoveYes
1345Zone Code listGeographic ReportCowichan Bay - Cherry Point
134501Zone Code listGeographic ReportBay area
13450101Geographic ReportSkinner PointYes
1346Zone Code listGeographic ReportSaanich Inlet
13460001Geographic ReportHenderson PointYes
13460002Geographic ReportRepulse RockYes
13460003Geographic ReportTodd Inlet EntranceYes
13460004Geographic ReportSawluctus IslandYes
13460005Geographic ReportElbow PointYes
13460006Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 2Yes
13460007Geographic ReportWillis Point (shore dive)Yes
13460008Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 1Yes
13460009Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 3Yes
13460010Geographic ReportMcKenzie Bight Site 4Yes
13460011Geographic ReportDeep Cove Barge WreckYes
13460012Geographic ReportBraemar RoadYes
13460013Geographic ReportSenanus Sponge ReefYes
13460014Geographic ReportChristmas PointYes
13460015Geographic ReportTanner RockYes
13460016Geographic ReportVerdier PointYes
13460017Geographic ReportBamberton Cement WorksYes
13460018Geographic ReportMcCurdy PointYes
13460019Geographic ReportWain RockYes
13460020Geographic ReportMckenzie Bight Site 5Yes
13460021Geographic ReportTozier RockYes
13460022Geographic ReportSluggett PointYes
13460023Geographic ReportSheppard PointYes
13460024Geographic ReportPatey RockYes
13460025Geographic ReportDaphne IsletYes
13460026Geographic ReportDeep Cove Reef / Setchell PointYes
13460027Geographic ReportDeep Cove Deep SiteYes
13460028Geographic ReportSenanus Island SW SideYes
13460029Geographic ReportWillis Point (Boat Dive)Yes
13460030Geographic ReportYarrow PointYes
13460031Geographic ReportDyers RocksYes
13460032Geographic ReportTsartlip LaunchYes
13460033Geographic ReportMystery PinnacleYes
13460034Geographic ReportLord Jim WreckYes
13460035Geographic ReportAnchor CoveYes
1347Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoses Point - Cadboro Point
13470001Geographic ReportArbutus IslandYes
13470002Geographic ReportTen Mile PointYes
13470003Geographic ReportJames Isl Wharf at Turgoose Pt.Yes
13470004Geographic ReportSpring BayYes
13470005Geographic ReportAmity DriveYes
13470006Geographic ReportTelegraph Cove (Victoria)Yes
13470007Geographic ReportGyro Park Cadboro BayYes
13470008Geographic ReportMoses PointYes
13470009Geographic ReportGordon Head / Glencoe CoveYes
13470010Geographic ReportShute ReefYes
135Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalaspina Strait
1351Zone Code listGeographic ReportTexada Island
13510001Geographic ReportPartington PointYes
13510002Geographic ReportGrilse PointNo
13510003Geographic ReportAnderson IslandYes
13510004Geographic ReportMt. Dyck WallNo
13510005Geographic ReportSheer Island (near Texada Island)No
1352Zone Code listGeographic ReportGreif Point - Scotch Fir Pt
13520001Geographic ReportGrief PointNo
1353Zone Code listGeographic ReportJervis Inlet
13530001Geographic ReportOctopus City Saltery Bay ParkYes
135301Zone Code listGeographic ReportInlet
13530101Geographic ReportMermaid Cove (Saltery Bay)Yes
13530102Geographic ReportJervis South WiresYes
13530103Geographic ReportArgonaut Point (Foley Head)Yes
135302Zone Code listGeographic ReportHotham Sound
135303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrince of Wales Reach
135304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPrincess Royal Reach
135305Zone Code listGeographic ReportQueens Reach and Princess Louisa Inlet
1354Zone Code listGeographic ReportNelson Island (strait side) and Hardy Island
13540001Geographic ReportNelson RockNo
1355Zone Code listGeographic ReportAgamemnon Bay Area (Fearney Point - Francis Point)
135501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPender Harbour
13550101Geographic ReportBall PointNo
13550102Geographic ReportMartin CoveYes
135502Zone Code listGeographic ReportBeaver Island
13550201Geographic ReportFrancis PointYes
1356Zone Code listGeographic ReportAgamemnon Channel (inc Captain Island)
13560001Geographic ReportNortheast WiresYes
13560002Geographic ReportSydney ChannelYes
13560003Geographic ReportFearney BluffsYes
13560004Geographic ReportSS Aliford Wreck (Nelson Island)Yes
13560005Geographic ReportPowerlines - Agamemnon ChannelYes
13560006Geographic ReportCaptains Island, Marker LightsYes
13560007Geographic ReportAgnew Passage (between Nelson and Captain Islands, Jervis Inlet)Yes
13560008Geographic ReportCaptains Notch (East side of island)Yes
1357Zone Code listGeographic ReportFrancis Point - Wilbraham Point
1359Zone Code listGeographic ReportSechelt Inlet - Gower Point
135901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorpoise Bay, Tuwanek Area
13590101Geographic ReportTuwanek BeachYes
13590102Geographic ReportKim's ReefNo
13590103Geographic ReportTuwanek PointYes
13590104Geographic ReportStal WallYes
13590105Geographic ReportSakinaw RockNo
13590106Geographic ReportPiper PointNo
13590107Geographic ReportSnake BayYes
13590108Geographic Report4 Mile ShoalNo
13590109Geographic ReportStag WallYes
13590110Geographic ReportLamb Islets West SideYes
135902Zone Code listGeographic ReportSecret Cove, Halfmoon Bay, Trail Bay, Davis Bay
13590201Geographic ReportCoopers Green (Halfmoon Bay)Yes
13590202Geographic ReportOle's CoveYes
13590203Geographic ReportRockwaterYes
13590204Geographic ReportDavis Bay PierYes
135903Zone Code listGeographic ReportNarrows Inlet
13590301Geographic ReportTzoonie NarrowsYes
135904Zone Code listGeographic ReportSalmon Inlet
13590401Geographic ReportScuttled ChaudiereYes
135905Zone Code listGeographic ReportSkookumchuck Narrows
13590501Geographic ReportSutton IsletsYes
13590502Geographic ReportMiller's RockYes
13590503Geographic ReportEgmont PointYes
13590504Geographic ReportSwede's ReefYes
13590505Geographic ReportNemo's LeapYes
13590506Geographic ReportNorth Sutton Island South ChannelYes
13590507Geographic ReportSouth Sutton Island North Channel (Greenlight)Yes
13590508Geographic ReportBathgate RockYes
13590509Geographic ReportSkookumchuck RapidsYes
13590510Geographic ReportObservation Wall - Skookumchuck RapidsYes
13590511Geographic ReportJervis PointYes
13590512Geographic ReportNorth Sutton Island Main ChannelYes
13590513Geographic ReportStrongwater Retreat DockYes
13590514Geographic ReportBack Eddy (near Egmont Marina)Yes
13590515Geographic ReportJaggy CrackNo
136Zone Code listGeographic ReportHowe Sound
13600001Geographic ReportCaulfield Cove (Howe Sound)Yes
1361Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowyer Island
13610001Geographic ReportCloud Nine (Bowyer Island)Yes
13610101Geographic ReportNorth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610102Geographic ReportSouth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610103Geographic ReportEast Wall Bowyer IslandNo
1362Zone Code listGeographic ReportGambier Island
13620001Geographic ReportPam RocksYes
13620002Geographic ReportAlexandra and Gambier Island (Howe Sound)Yes
13620003Geographic ReportCarmelo Point (Gambier Island)Yes
13620004Geographic ReportHalkett Wall (Gambier Island Howe Sound)Yes
13620005Geographic ReportHMCS Annapolis Wreck / Halkett BayYes
13620006Geographic ReportGrace Islets off Gambier IslandYes
13620007Geographic ReportMariner's RestYes
13620008Geographic ReportPort GravesYes
1363Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowen Island
13630001Geographic ReportMillers LandingYes
13630003Geographic ReportSnug CoveYes
13630004Geographic ReportMount Gardner DockYes
13630005Geographic ReportSeymour Bay South IsletYes
13630006Geographic ReportPassage IslandYes
13630007Geographic ReportCates Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630008Geographic ReportMannion Bay - Deep Bay Howe SoundYes
13630009Geographic ReportBowen Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630010Geographic ReportCollingwood Channel Day Beacon/Mini Reef Master/West Bowen MarkerYes
13630011Geographic ReportFerndale (SSW side of Hutt Island)Yes
13630012Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island (east side)Yes
13630013Geographic ReportBowen Island - South shoreYes
13630014Geographic ReportDorman Bay / PointYes
13630015Geographic ReportFinisterre Island / Hood PointYes
13630016Geographic ReportSW Passage Island ReefYes
13630017Geographic ReportPopham Island West Gap ReefYes
13630018Geographic ReportPopham Island SouthYes
13630019Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island West ReefYes
1364Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnvil Island and nearby islands
13640001Geographic ReportEast Defence Island (Defense)Yes
13640002Geographic ReportChristie Islet Howe SoundYes
13640003Geographic ReportDragon's Den (Anvil Island)Yes
13640004Geographic ReportUse 13650204 No
13640005Geographic ReportAnvil Island South TipYes
1365Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Atkinson - Squamish
136501Zone Code listGeographic ReportHorseshoe Bay - South Porteau Cove
13650101Geographic ReportWhytecliff ParkYes
13650102Geographic ReportAnsel PointYes
13650103Geographic ReportLookout PointNo
13650104Geographic ReportBrunswick BeachYes
13650105Geographic ReportLarsen BayNo
13650106Geographic ReportCopper CoveYes
13650107Geographic ReportBatchelor Bay (Bachelor)Yes
13650108Geographic ReportLighthouse Park (Pt. Atkinson)Yes
13650109Geographic ReportKelvin GroveYes
13650110Geographic ReportLion's Bay MarinaYes
13650111Geographic ReportBird Islet WestYes
136502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorteau Cove Bay - Squamish
13650201Geographic ReportPorteau Cove BayYes
13650202Geographic ReportFurry CreekNo
13650203Geographic ReportPorteau - 2008 rockslide areaYes
13650204Geographic ReportBrittania Beach Mystery WrecksYes
1366Zone Code listGeographic ReportSquamish - Gower Pt
1367Zone Code listGeographic ReportKeats Island
13670001Geographic ReportEastbourne WallNo
1368Zone Code listGeographic ReportPasley Island (and associated Isls.)
13680001Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island MarkerNo
1369Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurrard Inlet
136901Zone Code listGeographic ReportIndian Arm
13690101Geographic ReportWhiskey CoveYes
13690102Geographic ReportCates ParkYes
13690103Geographic ReportBelcarra BayYes
13690104Geographic ReportBuntzen Plant NorthYes
13690105Geographic ReportWreck of the VT-100Yes
13690106Geographic ReportJug IslandYes
13690107Geographic ReportGrey RocksYes
13690108Geographic ReportTwin IslandsYes
13690109Geographic ReportTupper RockYes
13690110Geographic ReportPort Moody InletYes
13690111Geographic ReportCroker Island South tipYes
13690112Geographic ReportCroker Island North tipYes
13690113Geographic ReportWoodlands / Lone Rock Pt.Yes
13690114Geographic ReportJohnson's BayYes
13690115Geographic ReportWestern Dispatcher / Bedwell Bay Yes
13690116Geographic ReportBest Point Yes