REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC
Zone: Howe Sound

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
13600001Geographic ReportCaulfield Cove (Howe Sound)Yes
1361Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowyer Island
13610001Geographic ReportCloud Nine (Bowyer Island)Yes
13610101Geographic ReportNorth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610102Geographic ReportSouth Bowyer BuoyNo
13610103Geographic ReportEast Wall Bowyer IslandNo
1362Zone Code listGeographic ReportGambier Island
13620001Geographic ReportPam RocksYes
13620002Geographic ReportAlexandra and Gambier Island (Howe Sound)Yes
13620003Geographic ReportCarmelo Point (Gambier Island)Yes
13620004Geographic ReportHalkett Wall (Gambier Island Howe Sound)Yes
13620005Geographic ReportHMCS Annapolis Wreck / Halkett BayYes
13620006Geographic ReportGrace Islets off Gambier IslandYes
13620007Geographic ReportMariner's RestYes
13620008Geographic ReportPort GravesYes
1363Zone Code listGeographic ReportBowen Island
13630001Geographic ReportMillers LandingYes
13630003Geographic ReportSnug CoveYes
13630004Geographic ReportMount Gardner DockYes
13630005Geographic ReportSeymour Bay South IsletYes
13630006Geographic ReportPassage IslandYes
13630007Geographic ReportCates Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630008Geographic ReportMannion Bay - Deep Bay Howe SoundYes
13630009Geographic ReportBowen Bay - Howe SoundYes
13630010Geographic ReportCollingwood Channel Day Beacon/Mini Reef Master/West Bowen MarkerYes
13630011Geographic ReportFerndale (SSW side of Hutt Island)Yes
13630012Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island (east side)Yes
13630013Geographic ReportBowen Island - South shoreYes
13630014Geographic ReportDorman Bay / PointYes
13630015Geographic ReportFinisterre Island / Hood PointYes
13630016Geographic ReportSW Passage Island ReefYes
13630017Geographic ReportPopham Island West Gap ReefYes
13630018Geographic ReportPopham Island SouthYes
13630019Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island West ReefYes
1364Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnvil Island and nearby islands
13640001Geographic ReportEast Defence Island (Defense)Yes
13640002Geographic ReportChristie Islet Howe SoundYes
13640003Geographic ReportDragon's Den (Anvil Island)Yes
13640004Geographic ReportUse 13650204 No
13640005Geographic ReportAnvil Island South TipYes
1365Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Atkinson - Squamish
136501Zone Code listGeographic ReportHorseshoe Bay - South Porteau Cove
13650101Geographic ReportWhytecliff ParkYes
13650102Geographic ReportAnsel PointYes
13650103Geographic ReportLookout PointNo
13650104Geographic ReportBrunswick BeachYes
13650105Geographic ReportLarsen BayNo
13650106Geographic ReportCopper CoveYes
13650107Geographic ReportBatchelor Bay (Bachelor)Yes
13650108Geographic ReportLighthouse Park (Pt. Atkinson)Yes
13650109Geographic ReportKelvin GroveYes
13650110Geographic ReportLion's Bay MarinaYes
13650111Geographic ReportBird Islet WestYes
136502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPorteau Cove Bay - Squamish
13650201Geographic ReportPorteau Cove BayYes
13650202Geographic ReportFurry CreekNo
13650203Geographic ReportPorteau - 2008 rockslide areaYes
13650204Geographic ReportBrittania Beach Mystery WrecksYes
1366Zone Code listGeographic ReportSquamish - Gower Pt
1367Zone Code listGeographic ReportKeats Island
13670001Geographic ReportEastbourne WallNo
1368Zone Code listGeographic ReportPasley Island (and associated Isls.)
13680001Geographic ReportWorlcombe Island MarkerNo
1369Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurrard Inlet
136901Zone Code listGeographic ReportIndian Arm
13690101Geographic ReportWhiskey CoveYes
13690102Geographic ReportCates ParkYes
13690103Geographic ReportBelcarra BayYes
13690104Geographic ReportBuntzen Plant NorthYes
13690105Geographic ReportWreck of the VT-100Yes
13690106Geographic ReportJug IslandYes
13690107Geographic ReportGrey RocksYes
13690108Geographic ReportTwin IslandsYes
13690109Geographic ReportTupper RockYes
13690110Geographic ReportPort Moody InletYes
13690111Geographic ReportCroker Island South tipYes
13690112Geographic ReportCroker Island North tipYes
13690113Geographic ReportWoodlands / Lone Rock Pt.Yes
13690114Geographic ReportJohnson's BayYes
13690115Geographic ReportWestern Dispatcher / Bedwell Bay Yes
13690116Geographic ReportBest Point Yes