REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
261Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeattle - Point Defiance
2611Zone Code listGeographic ReportBainbridge Island
26110001Geographic ReportNorranders Reef / Rockaway BeachYes
26110002Geographic ReportOrchard RocksYes
26110003Geographic ReportBlakely RockYes
26110004Geographic ReportBlakely HarborYes
26110005Geographic ReportPoint WhiteYes
26110006Geographic ReportMetridium WallYes
26110007Geographic ReportPoint White Dock (Crystal Springs Pier)Yes
26110008Geographic ReportSE Pier of SR 305 BridgeYes
26110009Geographic ReportDevil's BoulderYes
26110010Geographic ReportFort Ward State ParkYes
26110011Geographic ReportNW Orchard Rocks (PMSC2)Yes
26110012Geographic ReportThe CribsNo
26110013Geographic ReportSouth Wing PointYes
26110014Geographic ReportFay Bainbridge State ParkYes
26110015Geographic ReportToe Jam RocksYes
26110016Geographic ReportBattle Point NorthYes
26110017Geographic ReportLikers PointYes
26110018Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59Yes
26110019Geographic ReportAgate PassNo
26110020Geographic ReportShangrila (Blakely Rock East)Yes
26110021Geographic ReportChina Wall (Blakely Wall East)No
26110022Geographic ReportThe Boss Wreck (Blakely Harbor)Yes
26110023Geographic ReportBainbridge ReefYes
26110024Geographic ReportDecatur Reef (Restoration Point)Yes
2612Zone Code listGeographic ReportVashon Island
26120001Geographic ReportDalco WallYes
26120002Geographic ReportMaury Island Regional Park PierYes
26120003Geographic ReportBottle Garden (Tramp Harbor)Yes
26120004Geographic ReportSandy Shores PierYes
26120005Geographic ReportPlease use 26140015 (was Ed Munro Seahurst Park)No
26120006Geographic ReportKVI TowerYes
26120007Geographic ReportMaury Island Barges (Old Glacier Gravel Pit)Yes
26120008Geographic ReportPortage Vashon (Maury Island south of Bottle Gardens)Yes
26120009Geographic ReportDockton ParkYes
26120010Geographic ReportBlake Island ReefYes
26120011Geographic ReportThe MurphYes
26120012Geographic ReportDockton 5Yes
26120013Geographic ReportQuartermaster WreckYes
26120014Geographic ReportTramp Harbor Fishing PierYes
2613Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Seattle Area
26130001Geographic ReportAlki PipelineYes
26130002Geographic ReportAlki Artificial / Fishing Reef (north end buoy)Yes
26130003Geographic ReportUse 26140016 (was Des Moines Sunken Boat)No
26130004Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 2 (Alki)Yes
26130005Geographic ReportStatue of Liberty (Alki Beach)Yes
26130006Geographic ReportBrace Point SouthYes
26130007Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 3 (Alki)Yes
26130008Geographic ReportAlki Junk YardYes
26130009Geographic ReportSeacrest Park Cove 1 (Alki)Yes
26130010Geographic ReportNorth Lincoln ParkYes
26130011Geographic Report53rd Avenue SW CSO aka AlkiYes
26130012Geographic ReportLowman Beach (Murray Pumpstation)Yes
26130013Geographic ReportJack's BlockNo
26130014Geographic ReportNorth end of Don Armeni boat ramp parkYes
26130015Geographic ReportMicrosoftYes
26130016Geographic ReportDon Armeni Boat Ramp SouthYes
26130017Geographic ReportAlki LighthouseYes
2614Zone Code listGeographic ReportBurien - Tacoma Area
26140001Geographic ReportLes Davis Pier Artificial ReefYes
26140002Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge, East sideYes
26140003Geographic ReportSaltwater State ParkYes
26140004Geographic ReportThree Tree Point NorthYes
26140005Geographic ReportDash Point Fishing PierYes
26140006Geographic ReportOld Town DockYes
26140007Geographic ReportRedondo M.S.C. Pier (MaST)Yes
26140008Geographic ReportOwen BeachYes
26140009Geographic ReportRuston Way - Commencement BayNo
26140010Geographic ReportLobster Shop WallYes
26140011Geographic ReportDall's IslandYes
26140012Geographic ReportRedondo Floating BreakwaterYes
26140013Geographic ReportTacoma Pooper Pipe / Marine Park PipelineYes
26140014Geographic ReportHarbor Lights / Dickman MillYes
26140015Geographic ReportSeahurst ParkYes
26140016Geographic ReportDes Moines Sunken BoatYes
26140017Geographic ReportShenanigansYes
26140018Geographic ReportThree Tree Point SouthYes
26140019Geographic ReportKatie DownsYes
26140020Geographic ReportSilver CloudYes
26140021Geographic ReportCummings Park Pilings Yes
26140022Geographic ReportRedondo Beach (South of Boat Ramp)Yes
26140023Geographic ReportChinese Reconciliation ParkYes
26140024Geographic ReportSouth of SWMSPYes
26140025Geographic ReportPyramid Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140026Geographic ReportMPA Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140027Geographic ReportNorthern Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140028Geographic ReportNorth of Saltwater Marine State ParkYes
26140029Geographic ReportRedondo NorthYes
26140030Geographic ReportRuston Point / Arsenic Wall / Historic FerryYes
26140031Geographic ReportFoss WaterwayYes
26140032Geographic ReportDes Moines Marina PierYes
26140033Geographic ReportHeron PointYes
26140034Geographic ReportLogan's RunYes
2615Zone Code listGeographic ReportKing Co line (north) to S. Elliot Bay
261501Zone Code listGeographic ReportN. King Co. line to Medow Pt/Shilshole Bay
26150101Geographic ReportRichmond Beach Marine ParkYes
26150102Geographic ReportCarkeek ParkYes
261502Zone Code listGeographic ReportShilshole Bay
26150201Geographic ReportGolden GardensNo
26150202Geographic ReportShilshole Marina North Jetty 2nd LightNo
26150203Geographic ReportShilshole Northern Entrance/Seaview Avenue PierYes
26150204Geographic ReportShilshole Marina South Jetty 3rd LightYes
26150205Geographic ReportWreck of the OmarYes
26150206Geographic ReportNorth Discovery Park Kelp BedYes
26150207Geographic ReportDauntless WreckYes
26150208Geographic ReportVertical BargeYes
26150209Geographic ReportHorizontal BargeYes
26150210Geographic ReportShilshole Bay - Outside BreakwaterYes
26150211Geographic ReportSecret Beach (Ballard Elks Lodge)Yes
26150212Geographic ReportNW 60th Viewpoint (Shilshole Bay)Yes
26150213Geographic ReportCommodore Park (near the Locks)Yes
261503Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Point Lighthouse to Duwamish Head (incl. Elliot Bay)
26150301Geographic ReportSeattle Aquarium Pier 59No
26150302Geographic ReportMagnolia Barges 4 Mile RockYes
26150303Geographic ReportMagnolia Jetty (Smith Cove)Yes
262Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Defiance - Olympia
2621Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt. Defiance - Nisqually River
26210001Geographic ReportPt. Defiance North WallYes
26210002Geographic ReportPt. Defiance West WallYes
26210003Geographic ReportNarrows Bridge (West End)Yes
26210004Geographic ReportDay Island WallYes
26210005Geographic ReportTitlow BeachYes
26210007Geographic ReportSunnyside Beach (Steilacoom)Yes
26210008Geographic ReportMilepost 8 (The Narrows)No
26210009Geographic ReportSaltar's Point (Steilacoom)Yes
26210010Geographic ReportToliva ShoalYes
26210011Geographic ReportSolo Point BeachYes
2622Zone Code listGeographic ReportNisqually River - Cooper Point (W. Budd Inlet)
26220001Geographic ReportTolmie BargesYes
26220002Geographic ReportSwantown MarinaYes