REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Conception - N Point Heuneme
4201023Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Conception
42010231Geographic ReportSM-1 WreckYes
4201024Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Pt. Conception - Santa Barbara
42010241Geographic ReportRefugio State BeachYes
42010242Geographic ReportSt. Augustine Reef/AugiesYes
42010243Geographic ReportTajiguasYes
42010244Geographic ReportCampus PointYes
42010245Geographic ReportGaviota State Park BeachYes
42010246Geographic ReportHaskell's BeachYes
42010247Geographic ReportHammond's Beach (w side of Fernald Point)No
42010248Geographic ReportSands Beach - Coal Oil Point (west side)Yes
42010249Geographic ReportCoal Oil Point (East Side)Yes
4201025Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara
42010251Geographic ReportArroyo Burro Beach / Hendry's BeachYes
42010252Geographic ReportMesa LaneNo
42010253Geographic ReportSanta Cruz Street (Thousand Steps)No
42010254Geographic ReportLeadbetter BeachNo
42010255Geographic ReportBiltmore StepsNo
42010256Geographic ReportNaples ReefYes
42010257Geographic ReportGoleta Sewer PipelineNo
42010258Geographic ReportRincon PointYes
42010259Geographic ReportYucca's Del Playa Steps (W of Isla Vista)Yes
4201026Zone Code listGeographic ReportCarpenteria
42010261Geographic ReportPlatform Holly (3 miles offshore)Yes
420103Zone Code listGeographic ReportVentura County.
42010301Geographic ReportDeer Creek Rd.Yes
42010302Geographic ReportLa JenelleYes
42010303Geographic ReportBird IslandYes
4202Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Channel Islands
420201Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Miguel
42020101Geographic ReportCrook PointYes
42020102Geographic ReportRain BarrelYes
42020103Geographic ReportMiracleYes
42020104Geographic ReportInside Wycoff LedgeYes
42020105Geographic ReportHare RockYes
42020106Geographic ReportLovers / Little LoversYes
42020107Geographic ReportCan RockYes
42020108Geographic ReportKidd RockYes
42020109Geographic ReportCraveyYes
42020110Geographic ReportLurker'sYes
42020111Geographic ReportOtter HarborYes
42020112Geographic ReportCuba ShipwreckYes
42020113Geographic ReportPrince IslandNo
42020114Geographic ReportBat RockNo
42020115Geographic ReportPt. BennettYes
42020116Geographic ReportAdam's CoveYes
42020117Geographic ReportTyleer BightYes
42020118Geographic ReportOil SpringYes
42020119Geographic ReportWestcott ShoalsYes
42020120Geographic ReportJudith Rock SouthYes
42020121Geographic ReportNifty RockYes
42020122Geographic ReportCrab CityYes
42020123Geographic ReportAbalone AlleyNo
420202Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Rosa
42020201Geographic ReportEast End PinnaclesYes
42020202Geographic ReportScallop ReefYes
42020203Geographic ReportEast PointYes
42020204Geographic ReportRancho ViejoYes
42020205Geographic ReportRodes ReefYes
42020206Geographic ReportJohnsons Lee (south)Yes
42020207Geographic ReportJohnsons Lee (north)Yes
42020208Geographic ReportAggi WreckYes
42020210Geographic ReportEagle RockYes
42020211Geographic ReportSouth Point/Chickasaw WreckYes
42020212Geographic ReportCrown of England AnchorYes
42020213Geographic ReportAggi ShipwreckYes
42020214Geographic ReportSouth Point WestYes
42020215Geographic ReportCarrington Point CentralYes
420203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Cruz Island
42020301Geographic ReportAlberts AnchorageYes
42020302Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020303Geographic ReportSailboatYes
42020304Geographic ReportPotato RockYes
42020305Geographic ReportPelican BayYes
42020306Geographic ReportThree SistersNo
42020307Geographic ReportWhite RibbonNo
42020308Geographic ReportPeacock WreckYes
42020309Geographic ReportWillows CoveYes
42020310Geographic ReportBowens PointYes
42020312Geographic ReportBlack BayYes
42020313Geographic ReportGull IslandYes
42020314Geographic ReportDrop-Off ReefYes
42020315Geographic ReportForney's CoveYes
42020316Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage -East ScorpionYes
42020317Geographic ReportCuevo Valdez / Echo PointYes
42020318Geographic ReportBig RockYes
42020319Geographic ReportLittle ScorpionYes
42020320Geographic ReportGreen GrottoYes
42020321Geographic ReportQuail RockYes
42020322Geographic ReportCavern PointYes
42020323Geographic ReportPrisoner's HarborYes
42020324Geographic ReportFry's HarborYes
42020325Geographic ReportTravis RockNo
42020326Geographic ReportLobster Spot / Scorpion WallYes
42020327Geographic ReportThe TowersYes
42020328Geographic ReportYellow BanksYes
42020329Geographic ReportSandstone PointYes
42020330Geographic ReportMiddle AnchorageYes
42020331Geographic ReportCoches Prietos AnchorageYes
42020332Geographic ReportPainted Cave AnnexYes
42020333Geographic ReportDiablo PinnacleYes
42020334Geographic ReportWest CoveYes
42020335Geographic ReportSpelunkers / Adams CaveYes
42020336Geographic ReportPotato HarborYes
42020337Geographic ReportCobra HeadYes
42020338Geographic ReportPunta ArenaYes
42020339Geographic ReportGrummen Guardian AirplaneYes
42020340Geographic ReportLady's Anchorage Santa Cruz IslandYes
42020341Geographic ReportPlatt's (Santa Cruz Island)Yes
42020342Geographic ReportHazzards / Hazzard WallYes
42020343Geographic ReportScorpion Anchorage / West Scorpion / Big ScorpionYes
42020344Geographic ReportWest Posa PointYes
42020345Geographic ReportKinton PointYes
42020346Geographic ReportFraser PointYes
42020347Geographic ReportPedro ReefNo
42020348Geographic ReportFlame ReefYes
42020349Geographic ReportEast of Golfball (southside Santa Cruz Is)No
42020350Geographic ReportHungry Man Cove (nr E end, close to Smugglers Cove)Yes
42020351Geographic ReportFern GrottoYes
42020352Geographic ReportBlue BanksYes
42020353Geographic ReportInside Painted Cave Marine PreserveYes
42020354Geographic ReportPalm ParkYes
42020355Geographic ReportNear Eagle RockYes
42020356Geographic ReportNear Profile Point (Painted Cave Marine Preserve)Yes
42020357Geographic ReportDiablo PointYes
42020358Geographic ReportFence LineNo
42020359Geographic ReportWizard's SleeveYes
42020360Geographic ReportDonna's WallYes
42020361Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
42020362Geographic ReportCoches PrietosYes
42020363Geographic ReportCobble CaveYes
42020364Geographic ReportTen Fathoms / 10 FathomsYes
42020365Geographic ReportEcho WallYes
42020366Geographic ReportTiny's LandingYes
42020367Geographic ReportSeal Rocks (Santa Cruz)Yes
42020368Geographic ReportBump RockYes
42020369Geographic ReportCoche CoveYes
42020370Geographic ReportFive StonesYes
42020371Geographic ReportThe AntfarmYes
42020372Geographic ReportCalico ReefNo
42020373Geographic ReportMorse PointYes
42020374Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 1Yes
42020375Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 2Yes
42020376Geographic ReportYellow Bank Site 3Yes
42020377Geographic ReportWrench RockYes
42020378Geographic ReportTiny'sYes
42020379Geographic ReportShadesYes
42020380Geographic ReportEmerald Gardens and CavesYes
42020381Geographic ReportPedro Point CavesYes
42020382Geographic ReportAthensNo
42020384Geographic ReportPainted Cave Yes
42020385Geographic ReportSea Lion PinnacleYes
42020386Geographic ReportDiablo BayYes
42020387Geographic ReportArch RockYes
42020388Geographic ReportNemesisYes
42020389Geographic ReportDouble ArchYes
420204Zone Code listGeographic ReportAnacapa Island
42020401Geographic ReportCat RockYes
42020402Geographic ReportRat RockYes
42020403Geographic ReportCoral Reef (Anacapa Sea Cove - West)Yes
42020404Geographic ReportHappy Dog RockYes
42020405Geographic ReportSurveyor's RockYes
42020406Geographic ReportLighthouse / Landing Cove PointYes
42020407Geographic ReportLanding Cove / Landing Cove ArchYes
42020408Geographic ReportEast Fish CampYes
42020409Geographic ReportWest End Anacapa -south sideYes
42020410Geographic ReportWest End Anacapa - north sideYes
42020411Geographic ReportUnderwater IslandYes
42020412Geographic ReportArch Rock (Anacapa Island)Yes
42020413Geographic ReportGoldfish BowlYes
42020414Geographic ReportPortuguese Rock (Sailboat Cove)Yes
42020415Geographic ReportCathedral CoveYes
42020416Geographic ReportAdmiral's CoveYes
42020417Geographic ReportWinfield ScottYes
42020418Geographic ReportFrenchy's CoveYes
42020419Geographic ReportMiddle reef - Backside AnacapaYes
42020420Geographic ReportGarden SpotYes
42020421Geographic ReportGunsight ReefYes
42020422Geographic ReportChannelsYes
42020423Geographic ReportSeabass Reef (Anacapa Island)No
42020424Geographic ReportUnderwater Arch at Sea Lion Haulout (southside of island)Yes
42020425Geographic ReportThe Caverns (Anacapa)Yes
42020426Geographic ReportLanding Cove (Anacapa)Yes
42020427Geographic ReportParallel ReefsYes
42020428Geographic ReportBat CaveYes
42020429Geographic ReportFar WestYes
42020430Geographic ReportLandslide (West Anacapa)Yes
42020431Geographic ReportUpper AquariumNo
42020432Geographic ReportLower AquariumNo
42020433Geographic ReportWinfield Scott OutsideYes
42020434Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
42020435Geographic ReportTrash Dump / Garbage CoveYes
42020436Geographic ReportCoral PinnacleYes
42020437Geographic ReportRandy's New SiteYes
42020438Geographic ReportFish BowlNo
42020439Geographic ReportTwin Bay PointYes
42020440Geographic ReportPelican Preserve - Anacapa IslandNo
42020441Geographic ReportAmphitheater (Anacapa)No
42020442Geographic ReportSea Lion Beach (Anacapa)Yes
4203Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouthern Channel Islands
420301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara
42030102Geographic ReportLanding Cove North BuoyYes
42030103Geographic ReportLanding Cove South BuoyYes
42030104Geographic ReportSouth East Side SBIYes
42030105Geographic ReportSutil IslandYes
42030106Geographic ReportElephant Seal Cove / East Elephant SealYes
42030107Geographic ReportSea Lion RookeryYes
42030108Geographic ReportCat CanyonYes
42030109Geographic ReportHidden ReefYes
42030110Geographic ReportArch Reef / Santa Barbara ArchYes
42030111Geographic ReportShearwater PointYes
42030112Geographic ReportRay RidgeNo
42030113Geographic ReportCat Plateau, SE SBIYes
42030114Geographic ReportMaytag Point SE Sutil IslandYes
42030115Geographic ReportGraveyard CaynonYes
42030116Geographic ReportDeckersNo
42030117Geographic ReportSoutheast ReefYes
42030118Geographic ReportArch PointYes
42030119Geographic ReportShag RockYes
42030120Geographic ReportReserve ReefYes
42030121Geographic ReportWebster Point (Santa Barbara)Yes
42030122Geographic ReportKelp SkylineNo
420302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCatalina Island
42030200Geographic ReportCatalina Island General Area - no site specifiedNo
42030201Geographic ReportCasino PointYes
42030202Geographic ReportU/W Snorkel Park (Lover's Cove - Avalon)Yes
42030203Geographic ReportToyon BayYes
42030204Geographic ReportFarnsworth BanksYes
42030205Geographic ReportHen RockYes
42030206Geographic ReportPirates CoveYes
42030207Geographic ReportTorqua SpringsYes
42030208Geographic ReportLong Point, CatalinaYes
42030209Geographic ReportGuano Rock / Bird RockYes
42030210Geographic ReportBig Fishermans CoveYes
42030211Geographic ReportHamilton CoveYes
42030212Geographic ReportTwo Harbors (Isthmus Cove)Yes
42030213Geographic ReportLand's EndYes
42030214Geographic ReportParson's LandingYes
42030215Geographic ReportMiddle QuarryYes
42030216Geographic ReportLion's HeadYes
42030217Geographic ReportCampus by the SeaNo
42030218Geographic ReportShip RockYes
42030219Geographic ReportGallagher's CoveYes
42030220Geographic ReportItalian GardensYes
42030221Geographic ReportYellowtail PointYes
42030222Geographic ReportEagle ReefYes
42030223Geographic ReportBlue CavernsYes
42030224Geographic ReportBlack PointYes
42030225Geographic ReportIndian RocksYes
42030226Geographic ReportRed BluffsYes
42030227Geographic ReportDoctor's CoveYes
42030228Geographic ReportUSC Preserve -Cataline IslandYes
42030229Geographic ReportSea Fan GrottoYes
42030230Geographic ReportEel Rock / Eel CoveYes
42030231Geographic ReportLittle GeigerYes
42030232Geographic ReportLittle Gibraltar PointYes
42030233Geographic ReportTwin RocksYes
42030234Geographic ReportPlease use 42030235 (was West Quarry)No
42030235Geographic ReportWest QuarryYes
42030236Geographic ReportHowlands Landing (near two harbors)Yes
42030237Geographic ReportGoat HarborYes
42030238Geographic ReportRippers CoveYes
42030239Geographic ReportEmpire Landing (Catalina Island)Yes
42030240Geographic ReportBlue CarYes
42030241Geographic ReportAfrica WestYes
42030242Geographic ReportBig Geiger ReefYes
42030243Geographic ReportArrow PointYes
42030244Geographic ReportCape Cortes / Cape of CortezYes
42030245Geographic ReportIron Bound CoveYes
42030246Geographic ReportJohnson's RocksYes
42030247Geographic ReportOld Rock QuarryYes
42030248Geographic ReportCan DumpYes
42030249Geographic ReportOld Crane / Crane PointYes
42030250Geographic ReportEmpire BeachYes
42030251Geographic ReportBlack RockYes
42030252Geographic ReportDeadmans (Catalina) / Schaefer'sYes
42030253Geographic ReportRusty PipesYes
42030254Geographic ReportFraggle RockYes
42030255Geographic ReportKrollsYes
42030256Geographic ReportNooks and CranniesYes
42030257Geographic ReportLittle FarnsworthYes
42030258Geographic ReportGaribaldi ReefNo
42030259Geographic ReportCactus CoveYes
42030260Geographic ReportWest Point / West EndYes
42030261Geographic ReportLulu ReefYes
42030262Geographic ReportStony PointYes
42030263Geographic ReportFoul PointYes
42030264Geographic ReportStarlightYes
42030265Geographic ReportReflector CoveYes
42030266Geographic ReportValiant ShipwreckYes
42030267Geographic ReportIntake PipesYes
42030268Geographic ReportChalk Cliff CoveYes
42030269Geographic ReportPedestal RockYes
42030270Geographic ReportDescanso BeachYes
42030271Geographic ReportWhale RockYes
42030272Geographic ReportSeal Rocks (Catalina Island)Yes
42030273Geographic ReportPumpernickelYes
42030274Geographic ReportMiracle PinnacleYes
42030275Geographic ReportEast of Stuart CoveYes
42030276Geographic ReportEmerald PointYes
42030277Geographic ReportTasty RockNo
42030278Geographic ReportLure Reef / Gibraltar ReefYes
42030279Geographic ReportIsthmus Cove NW SideYes
420303Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Nicholas
420304Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Clemente Island
42030401Geographic ReportPyramid HeadYes
42030402Geographic ReportPyramid PointNo
42030403Geographic ReportPyramid CoveYes
42030404Geographic ReportWindow PaneYes
42030405Geographic ReportBlockhouseNo
42030406Geographic ReportLittle WindowNo
42030407Geographic ReportCastle RockNo
42030408Geographic ReportEast of Middle LightNo
42030409Geographic ReportLittle FlowerYes
42030410Geographic ReportFish HookYes
42030411Geographic ReportDisneylandYes
42030412Geographic ReportHalf BoilersNo
42030413Geographic ReportInside LCINo
42030414Geographic ReportFroggy RocksNo
42030415Geographic ReportChina Point PlateauNo
42030416Geographic ReportCalico CoveYes
42030417Geographic ReportArrowheadYes
42030418Geographic ReportBat Ray CityNo
42030419Geographic ReportProud BirdYes
42030420Geographic ReportNorthwest HarborYes
42030421Geographic ReportWilson CoveYes
42030422Geographic ReportWest CoveNo
42030423Geographic ReportWilson Cove PierYes
42030424Geographic ReportWilson Cove Pier SouthYes
42030425Geographic ReportSouth Wilson CoveYes
42030426Geographic ReportDune Point San Clemente IslandYes
42030427Geographic ReportNosc Pier SouthYes
42030428Geographic ReportNosc Pier NorthYes
42030429Geographic ReportBill's Big Hairy CrackYes
42030430Geographic ReportEast Wall #2Yes
42030431Geographic ReportEast Wall #1 / East End Wall / East of BlissYes
42030432Geographic ReportSunpointYes
42030433Geographic ReportPetter's RockYes
42030434Geographic ReportThe GarageYes
42030435Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (East Side)Yes
42030436Geographic ReportTwin Peaks (West Side)Yes
42030437Geographic ReportNeptune's WallYes
42030438Geographic ReportOctopus GardenYes
42030439Geographic ReportLittle Arch / Pyramid ArchYes
42030440Geographic ReportArch PinnacleYes
42030441Geographic ReportCliffs of InsanityYes
42030442Geographic ReportDanny's Dive Inn / Sun Point Amphitheater / CavernsYes
42030443Geographic ReportMosquito WallYes
42030444Geographic ReportPerry's CaveYes
42030445Geographic ReportBlack CavernsYes
42030446Geographic ReportTwo CavesYes
42030447Geographic ReportScream WallYes
42030448Geographic ReportLittle Finger WallYes
42030449Geographic ReportChina Hat Yes
42030450Geographic ReportInside Boiler Yes
42030451Geographic ReportInside Boiler 2Yes
42030452Geographic ReportWest DisneylandYes
42030453Geographic ReportBat Ray CoveYes
42030454Geographic ReportSoupfin ReefYes
42030455Geographic ReportRunway Point Yes
42030456Geographic ReportRunway SouthYes
42030457Geographic ReportBlissYes
420305Zone Code listGeographic ReportSutil Island
42030501Geographic ReportThe NotchYes
4204Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Port Hueneme - N Point Fermin (LA County)
420401Zone Code listGeographic ReportLeo Carillo State Beach
42040101Geographic ReportLeo Carillo SouthYes
42040102Geographic ReportLeo Carillo NorthYes
420402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Dume
42040201Geographic ReportPoint Dume Submarine CanyonYes
420403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoral Beach
42040301Geographic ReportBroad BeachYes
420404Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalibu Beach
42040401Geographic ReportLas Flores (Dukes)Yes
42040402Geographic ReportAmarillo Beach (North Pepperdine)Yes
42040403Geographic ReportPuerco BeachYes
42040404Geographic ReportMalibu CoveYes
42040405Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (South)Yes
42040406Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (Middle)Yes
42040407Geographic ReportEscondido Beach (North)Yes
42040408Geographic ReportEscondido B4 (Paradise Cove Pier)/(Wooden House)Yes
42040409Geographic ReportParadise Cove (South)Yes
42040410Geographic ReportParadise Cove (Middle)Yes
42040411Geographic ReportLas Tunas State BeachYes
42040412Geographic Report120 Reef / Terranea Resort BeachYes
420405Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Monica Bay (Topanga Beach - Manhattan State Park)
42040501Geographic ReportStar of Scotland WreckYes
420406Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Santa Monica Bay (Manhattan Beach - Pt. Vincente)
42040601Geographic ReportRAT Beach (Redondo and Torrance Beach)Yes
42040602Geographic ReportMalaga CoveYes
42040603Geographic ReportHaggerty'sYes
42040604Geographic ReportFlat RockYes
42040605Geographic ReportRocky PointYes
42040606Geographic ReportLunada BayYes
42040607Geographic ReportRedondo Beach Submarine CanyonYes
42040608Geographic ReportChristmas Tree CoveYes
42040609Geographic ReportPalawan wreckYes
420407Zone Code listGeographic ReportRancho Palos Verde (Pt. Vincente - White Point)
42040701Geographic ReportAbalone CoveYes
42040702Geographic ReportLong Point (old Marineland)Yes
42040703Geographic ReportRoyal Palms PipelineYes
42040704Geographic ReportInspiration PointYes
42040705Geographic ReportPt. Vincente Fishing AccessYes
42040706Geographic ReportPoint VincenteYes
42040707Geographic ReportPalos Verde PeninsulaNo
420408Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest San Pedro (White Point - N. Point Fermin)
42040801Geographic ReportWhite PointYes
4205Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Fermin - N Dana Point
420501Zone Code listGeographic ReportLong Beach
42050101Geographic ReportLong Beach Navy Base MoleYes
42050102Geographic ReportOlympic WreckYes
42050103Geographic ReportCabrillo BeachYes
420502Zone Code listGeographic ReportHuntington Beach
42050201Geographic ReportEureka Oil PlatformYes
42050202Geographic ReportEllen / Elly Oil PlatformYes
420503Zone Code listGeographic ReportNewport Beach
42050301Geographic ReportNewport HarborNo
420504Zone Code listGeographic ReportLaguna Beach
42050400Geographic ReportLaguna Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo
42050401Geographic ReportFisherman's CoveYes
42050402Geographic ReportCrescent BayYes
42050403Geographic ReportDiver's CoveYes
42050404Geographic ReportShaws CoveYes
42050405Geographic ReportCress StreetNo
42050406Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park - Reef PointYes
42050407Geographic ReportWoods CoveYes
42050408Geographic ReportMontage / Treasure Island / Goff IslandYes
42050409Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park - Historic DistrictYes
42050410Geographic ReportCrystal Cove State Park – Crystal HeightsYes
42050411Geographic ReportHeisler ParkYes
42050412Geographic ReportBluebird Canyon RoadYes
42050413Geographic ReportSalt CreekYes
42050414Geographic ReportPicnic Point ReefYes
42050415Geographic ReportMussel CoveYes
42050416Geographic ReportCorona del MarYes
4206Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Dana Point - N La Jolla
420601Zone Code listGeographic ReportEncinitas Area
42060101Geographic ReportPipes - Cardiff Campground, San Elijo State BeachYes
42060102Geographic ReportSwami's Beach, EncinitasYes
42060103Geographic ReportAgua Hedionda West BasinNo
42060104Geographic ReportNorth Bird Rock (La Jolla)Yes
42060105Geographic ReportCardiff Outflow PipesYes
42060106Geographic ReportSouth Ponto BeachYes
42060107Geographic ReportGrandviewYes
42060108Geographic ReportBeaconsYes
42060109Geographic ReportStone StepsYes
42060110Geographic ReportMoonlight BeachYes
42060111Geographic ReportD Street BeachYes
42060112Geographic ReportBoneyardsYes
42060113Geographic ReportSouth Cardiff CampgroundsYes
42060114Geographic ReportCardiff ReefYes
42060115Geographic ReportTabletops (Encinitas area)Yes
42060116Geographic ReportFletcher's CoveYes
420602Zone Code listGeographic ReportDel Mar area
42060200Geographic ReportDel Mar General Area - no site specifiedNo
42060201Geographic ReportTorrey Pines Reef #2Yes
42060202Geographic ReportCorona BreakwaterNo
42060203Geographic ReportLittle CoronaNo
42060204Geographic ReportDel Mar Boat Basin - Camp PendletonYes
420603Zone Code listGeographic ReportLa Jolla
42060300Geographic ReportLa Jolla General Area - no site specifiedNo
42060301Geographic ReportLa Jolla CanyonYes
42060302Geographic ReportMarine RoomYes
42060303Geographic ReportWipeout BeachNo
42060304Geographic ReportShell BeachYes
42060305Geographic ReportBoomer's BeachYes
42060306Geographic ReportLa Jolla ShoresYes
42060307Geographic ReportHospital PointYes
42060308Geographic ReportScripps Canyon (La Jolla Canyon Sumner Branch East)Yes
42060309Geographic ReportLa Jolla Cove - general areaYes
42060310Geographic ReportQuest RockYes
42060311Geographic ReportGod's RockYes
42060312Geographic ReportCaves at La Jolla CoveYes
42060313Geographic ReportScripps PierYes
42060314Geographic ReportGoldfish Pt. (b/t La Jolla Caves & Emerald Cove)No
42060315Geographic ReportLa Jolla Cove Yellow BuoyNo
42060316Geographic ReportMia's ReefYes
42060318Geographic ReportChildren's Pool Beach / Casa MainYes
42060319Geographic ReportSouth CasaYes
42060320Geographic ReportGhost Forest / Point La JollaYes
42060321Geographic ReportWind n Sea Beach (Westbourne to Nautilus)Yes
42060322Geographic ReportWestbourne to Belvedere St.Yes
42060323Geographic ReportMarine StreetYes
42060324Geographic ReportDike Rock - Scripps State Marine Conservation AreaYes
42060325Geographic ReportWest of Bird Rock, 1 mileYes
42060326Geographic ReportCoast Blvd. ParkYes
42060327Geographic ReportBig Rock Reef (south La Jolla State Marine Reserve)Yes
42060328Geographic ReportSunglass Rock (submerged rocks 1/4 mile N of Scripp's Pier)Yes
42060329Geographic ReportBoundary Wall / South WallYes
420604Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Clemente
42060401Geographic ReportSeal RockNo
42060402Geographic ReportState beach Campground entryNo
4207Zone Code listGeographic ReportS La Jolla - Tijuana
420701Zone Code listGeographic ReportMission Beach
42070100Geographic ReportMission Beach General Area - no site specifiedNo
42070101Geographic ReportRuby EYes
42070102Geographic ReportHMCS YukonYes
42070103Geographic ReportHospitality Point (Mission Bay)Yes
42070104Geographic ReportEl RayYes
42070105Geographic ReportNOSC TowerYes
42070106Geographic ReportIngraham Street BridgeNo
42070107Geographic ReportBonita Cove (Mission Bay Park)No
42070108Geographic ReportMission Beach Artificial Reef (b/t Ingraham St. Bridge & NOSC)No
42070109Geographic ReportMariners Basin (Mission Bay)Yes
42070110Geographic ReportMission Point from beachNo
42070111Geographic ReportMission Point Southside of jettyNo
42070112Geographic ReportSDOF White Seabass Pens - Mission BayYes
42070113Geographic ReportMission Point off Bayside LaneYes
42070114Geographic ReportMission Bay Inlet (along parking lot)Yes
42070115Geographic ReportSouth Mission Beach (North side of Jetty)Yes
42070116Geographic ReportVentura Cove (Mission Bay)Yes
420702Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Loma
42070200Geographic ReportPt. Loma General Area - no site specifiedNo
42070201Geographic ReportPt. Loma Kelp BedsYes
42070204Geographic Report2000 TimesYes
42070205Geographic ReportNew Hope ReefYes
42070206Geographic ReportKelp Cabo Reef (Point Loma)No
42070207Geographic ReportAncient Sea CliffsNo
42070208Geographic ReportThree Fingers ReefYes
42070209Geographic ReportTrain Wheels / The CrackYes
42070210Geographic ReportSunset Cliffs Pt. LomaNo
42070211Geographic ReportPt. Loma - general rocky reefsNo
42070212Geographic ReportDragon Head WallYes
42070213Geographic ReportLazy Days WreckYes
42070214Geographic Report3 Hole (SW of Point Loma)Yes
42070215Geographic ReportBroomtail ReefYes
42070216Geographic ReportKinane PassYes
42070217Geographic ReportMain Channel Point Loma Kelp BedsYes
42070218Geographic ReportHorseheadYes
42070219Geographic ReportGreen TankYes
42070220Geographic ReportPoint Loma Main Wall Yes
42070221Geographic ReportPoint Loma Dino Head Yes
42070222Geographic ReportNRAD WestYes
42070223Geographic ReportNew Hope Rock (Pt. Loma Kelp Beds)Yes
42070224Geographic ReportSeven Fathoms - 7 Fathoms (Point Loma)Yes
42070225Geographic ReportTable Tops - Point LomaNo
42070226Geographic ReportGoat Point - Point LomaNo
42070227Geographic ReportFlagpoleYes
42070228Geographic ReportN-ROD (not N-RAD)Yes
42070229Geographic ReportBrian's BoulderYes
42070230Geographic ReportConner's CanyonYes
42070231Geographic ReportSea Bass CityYes
42070232Geographic ReportLost CityYes
42070233Geographic ReportCallie's WindowsYes
42070234Geographic ReportPoint Loma Sewage Outfall PipeNo
42070235Geographic ReportChelsea Lee ReefYes
42070236Geographic ReportRod's RidgeYes
42070237Geographic ReportHigh Point (Point Loma)Yes
42070238Geographic ReportDark Forest (Point Loma)Yes
42070239Geographic ReportHigh Spot (Point Loma)Yes
42070240Geographic ReportChris's RockYes
42070241Geographic ReportSix FathomsYes
42070242Geographic ReportRock Rol (Pt. Loma Kelp Beds)Yes
42070243Geographic ReportLucky StrikeYes
42070244Geographic ReportGoal PostYes
42070245Geographic ReportPuzzle Piece Reef / Jigsaw WallYes
42070246Geographic ReportOld Encrusted Anchor - Point LomaYes
42070247Geographic ReportThe Cave - Point LomaYes
42070248Geographic ReportStrawberry Fields LedgesYes
42070249Geographic ReportDeer Head CanyonYes
42070250Geographic ReportOne Stop RockYes
42070251Geographic ReportThe LedgesYes
42070252Geographic ReportSub SeaYes
42070253Geographic ReportTic Tac Toe PlateauYes
42070254Geographic ReportTetons RidgeYes
42070255Geographic Report10 Fathoms KelpYes
420703Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Pt. Loma - US Border (incl. San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach)
42070301Geographic ReportSDOF White Seabass Pens - San Diego BayYes
42070302Geographic ReportHigh Seas WreckYes
42070303Geographic ReportWreck of the Hogan (1919 Navy Destroyer) Yes
420704Zone Code listGeographic ReportTanner and Cortes Banks
42070401Geographic ReportCortes Mid BankYes
42070402Geographic ReportCortes Banks East Canyon Yes
42070403Geographic ReportCortes Banks Canyon 5 Yes