REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: PAC

ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
4101Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cape Ferrelo - Point St. George
41010001Geographic ReportSt George Reef LighthouseYes
4102Zone Code listGeographic ReportCrescent City - Patricks Point
4103Zone Code listGeographic ReportTrinidad Head - N Cape Mendicino
4104Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cape Mendicino - N Punta Gorda
41040001Geographic ReportSouth Cape Mendeicino Fort BraggNo
4105Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Punta Gorda - N Point Belgada
4106Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Delgada - N Point Cabrillo
4107Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Cabrillo - N Point Arena
41070001Geographic ReportMendicino HeadlandsNo
41070002Geographic ReportRussian Gulch State ParkNo
41070003Geographic ReportVan Damme ReefYes
41070004Geographic ReportArena RockYes
4108Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Arena - Salmon Creek
410801Zone Code listGeographic ReportSalt Point State Park
41080101Geographic ReportSalt PointYes
41080102Geographic ReportGerstle CoveYes
41080103Geographic ReportStill Water CoveNo
41080104Geographic ReportCasper Cove (between Salt Point and Gualala)Yes
41080105Geographic ReportVantage Road (north of sea ranch)No
41080106Geographic ReportWindemere Point (Sonoma County)Yes
41080107Geographic ReportOcean Cove (Sonoma County)Yes
41080108Geographic ReportFort Ross (Sonoma County)Yes
41080109Geographic ReportTimber CoveYes
4109Zone Code listGeographic ReportBodega Bay - N Point Reyes
4110Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Reyes - N San Francisco Bay
41100001Geographic ReportDrake's Estero (Schooner Bay)No
4111Zone Code listGeographic ReportFarallon Islands
41110001Geographic ReportRuby Tuesday - Fanny ShoalNo
41110002Geographic ReportNoonday Rock - Fanny ShoalNo
41110003Geographic ReportAlan's High Spot - Fanny ShoalYes
41110004Geographic ReportFair to Middling - Middle FarallonYes
4112Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Francisco Bay
41120001Geographic ReportBlackie's PastureYes
4113Zone Code listGeographic ReportS San Francisco Bay - N Davenport
4114Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Davenport - Point Lobos Reserve
411401Zone Code listGeographic ReportDel Monte Beach area
41140112Geographic ReportSailboat & APC Amtrack WrecksYes
41140113Geographic ReportWharf 2 (incl wharf wall and pilings)Yes
41140114Geographic ReportMarinaNo
41140115Geographic ReportMonterey Beach Hotel/Hole in the WallYes
41140116Geographic ReportShale BedsYes
41140117Geographic ReportDel Monte Beach at Casa Verde/Beach Way (shore dive)Yes
41140118Geographic ReportTioga AvenueYes
41140119Geographic ReportK Dock Monterey HarborYes
411402Zone Code listGeographic ReportBreakwater - Pt Pinos
4114021Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Carlos Beach area
41140211Geographic ReportBreakwaterYes
41140212Geographic ReportSewer/Cannery Pipe (west end)Yes
41140213Geographic ReportMetridium FieldsYes
41140214Geographic ReportMid San Carlos Beach/Shallow ReefsYes
41140215Geographic ReportBarge Wreck at San CarlosYes
41140216Geographic ReportAnchor Farm at San CarlosYes
41140217Geographic ReportNew Anchor Farm (after cruise ship)No
41140218Geographic ReportMating AmtracksYes
4114022Zone Code listGeographic ReportCannery Row Street area
41140221Geographic ReportHidden Beach/Monterey Plaza HotelYes
41140222Geographic ReportCannery PipesNo
41140223Geographic ReportMcAbee Beach shore diveYes
41140224Geographic ReportOuter McAbee/Sammet Spire/Margaritaville (boat dive)Yes
4114023Zone Code listGeographic ReportMonterey Bay Aquarium
41140231Geographic ReportAquarium PipeYes
41140232Geographic ReportAquarium ReefYes
41140233Geographic ReportMile BuoyYes
4114024Zone Code listGeographic ReportHopkins Marine Station
41140241Geographic ReportInside Hopkins ReserveYes
41140242Geographic ReportHopkins Deep ReefYes
41140243Geographic ReportSand Near Hopkins Deep ReefNo
4114025Zone Code listGeographic ReportLover's Point area
41140251Geographic ReportLover's Cove Main BeachYes
41140252Geographic ReportLover's Point Rocks/Lovers 2Yes
41140253Geographic ReportOuter Lovers/White Wall (boat dive)Yes
41140254Geographic ReportBat Ray ReefNo
41140255Geographic ReportThird Beach at LoversYes
41140256Geographic ReportLover's Loop - 3rd Beach to/fr Main BeachNo
4114026Zone Code listGeographic ReportOtter Cove/Pacific Grove Area
41140261Geographic ReportEric's PinnacleYes
41140262Geographic ReportSiren StreetYes
41140264Geographic ReportOtter Cove offshore (boat dive)Yes
41140265Geographic ReportOtter Cove Beach (shore dive)Yes
41140266Geographic Report5th StreetYes
41140267Geographic ReportBallbusterYes
41140268Geographic ReportThree Kings - Pacific GroveYes
41140269Geographic ReportStairs at Beach StreetNo
4114027Zone Code listGeographic ReportCoral Street area
41140271Geographic ReportCoral Street CoveYes
41140272Geographic ReportInner Chase ReefYes
41140273Geographic ReportOuter Chase ReefYes
41140274Geographic ReportAumentosYes
4114028Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt. Pinos area
41140281Geographic ReportPt. PinosYes
41140282Geographic ReportSewers - East Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140283Geographic ReportWest Side of Pt. PinosYes
41140284Geographic ReportMola MountainYes
411403Zone Code listGeographic ReportS. of Pt. Pinos - N Cypress Pt.
4114031Zone Code listGeographic ReportMoss Cove area
41140311Geographic ReportCoast Guard WreckNo
4114032Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Joe area
41140321Geographic ReportCelia WreckNo
41140322Geographic ReportSt Paul WreckNo
41140323Geographic ReportPoint JoeYes
4114033Zone Code listGeographic ReportCypress Point area
41140331Geographic ReportFanshell Pinnacle (off Cypress Pt.)Yes
41140332Geographic ReportShip WrecksNo
41140333Geographic ReportCypress Point RocksNo
41140334Geographic ReportNorth CypressYes
41140335Geographic ReportWest Cypress PointYes
41140336Geographic ReportLocal's LedgeYes
4114034Zone Code listGeographic ReportSpanish Bay area
411404Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cypress Point - Pescadero Point
4114041Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Cypress Point
41140411Geographic ReportLone Cypress TreeYes
41140412Geographic ReportInner Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140413Geographic ReportOuter Ocean Pinnacles (Off Castle House)Yes
41140414Geographic ReportCastle House (along Lingcod Reef)Yes
41140415Geographic ReportBlack Dog RidgeYes
41140416Geographic ReportEast PinnacleYes
41140417Geographic ReportForgotten PinnacleYes
41140418Geographic ReportPink House (Lingcod Reef b/t Lone Cypress & Castle House)Yes
41140419Geographic ReportLunaticos AnnexYes
411405Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescadero Point - Carmel River State Beach
4114051Zone Code listGeographic ReportPescadero Point area
41140511Geographic ReportN. Pescadero Reef / Brice's Bump / Stillwater CoveYes
41140512Geographic ReportPescadero Reef / Dali's WallYes
41140513Geographic ReportPlease use 41140523 - Ocean Ave (Carmel Beach City Park)No
41140514Geographic ReportCopper Roof House (Carmel Beach City Park)Yes
41140515Geographic ReportButterfly House shore diveYes
41140516Geographic ReportOuter Butterfly House (boat dive)Yes
41140517Geographic ReportPescadero Wash Rocks / Pinnacles / Fire RockYes
41140518Geographic ReportOuter Copper Roof House (boat dive)Yes
4114052Zone Code listGeographic ReportCarmel River State Beach
41140521Geographic ReportStewart's PointYes
41140522Geographic ReportCarmel MeadowsNo
41140523Geographic ReportCarmel City Beach Shale Bed / CRABS/ Carmel Reef and Beds of ShaleYes
41140524Geographic ReportNorthern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140525Geographic ReportSouthern Reef off Ribera RoadYes
41140526Geographic ReportRed School House (N and outside of Pt. Lobos MR)Yes
4114053Zone Code listGeographic ReportMonastery Beach
41140531Geographic ReportNorth MonasteryYes
41140532Geographic ReportSouth MonasteryYes
41140533Geographic ReportMono Lobo WallYes
411406Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Lobos State Reserve
4114061Zone Code listGeographic ReportWhaler's Cove
41140611Geographic ReportPt. Lobos Cannery PointYes
41140612Geographic ReportOuter Whaler's Cove (Middle Reef)Yes
41140613Geographic ReportCoal Chute PointYes
41140614Geographic ReportGranite Point WallYes
41140615Geographic ReportBird RocksYes
41140616Geographic ReportThumbs UpYes
41140617Geographic ReportWhalers Cove (Inner Cove)No
4114062Zone Code listGeographic ReportBluefish Cove
41140621Geographic ReportInner Bluefish CoveYes
41140622Geographic ReportGuillemont RockNo
41140623Geographic ReportBluefish Cove PinnaclesYes
4114063Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuter Pinnacle
41140631Geographic ReportOuter Bluefish Pinnacles (Great Pinnacle)Yes
41140632Geographic ReportMarco's PinnacleYes
4114064Zone Code listGeographic ReportSea Lion Rocks to China Cove
41140641Geographic ReportWeston (restricted area)Yes
4114065Zone Code listGeographic ReportOuter Pinnacle to Sea Lion Rocks
41140651Geographic ReportDeep E3Yes
41140652Geographic ReportE3No
41140653Geographic ReportBeto's ReefYes
41140654Geographic ReportThe Road to Twin PeaksYes
41140655Geographic ReportDave's RidgeYes
41140656Geographic ReportMontanaYes
41140700Geographic ReportMoss Landing area (Monterey Canyon Head)No
41140701Geographic ReportMoss LandingYes
4115Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Lobos Reserve - N Point Sur
411501Zone Code listGeographic ReportYankee Point
41150101Geographic ReportYankee Point PinnaclesYes
41150102Geographic ReportQue Paso PinnacleYes
41150103Geographic ReportHoneymoonYes
41150104Geographic ReportFlintstonesYes
41150105Geographic ReportMalcontentYes
41150106Geographic ReportPTP (Pinnacle of Tremendous Proportion)Yes
41150107Geographic ReportMachu PicchuYes
411502Zone Code listGeographic ReportGarapata State Beach Park
41150201Geographic ReportMile Marker 67No
41150202Geographic ReportMoby Ling CoveNo
41150203Geographic ReportFour PointYes
41150204Geographic ReportSobranes PointNo
41150205Geographic ReportMalpasos Creek MLPAYes
41150206Geographic ReportMalpasos Creek South (outside of MLPA)Yes
411503Zone Code listGeographic ReportSobranes Pt - N Pt Sur
41150301Geographic ReportLobos RocksYes
41150302Geographic ReportGranite CanyonNo
41150303Geographic ReportLittle River SurNo
41150305Geographic ReportDiablo PinnaclesYes
41150306Geographic ReportLas Piedras PinnacleYes
411504Zone Code listGeographic ReportN Pt Sur
41150401Geographic ReportVentura Wreck/RocksYes
41150501Geographic ReportOrca PinnacleYes
4116Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Sur - N Point Estero
41160001Geographic ReportKawika's KoneYes
41160002Geographic ReportSur 19Yes
4117Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Estero - N Point Buchon
41170001Geographic ReportSpooner's Cove at Montana de Oro (boat dive)Yes
41170002Geographic ReportCayucos Reef (boat)Yes
41170003Geographic ReportMorro BayYes
41170004Geographic ReportMorro Bay North T-DockYes
41170005Geographic ReportTarget Rock / Morro Rock (Morro Bay)Yes
41170006Geographic ReportSpooner Cove Shore DiveYes
4118Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Buchon - N Point Sal
41180001Geographic ReportPt. Buchon (about 1. mile south of)Yes
4119Zone Code listGeographic ReportS Point Sal - N Point Conception
411901Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Louis Obisbo County
411902Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Barbara County
4119021Zone Code listGeographic ReportPoint Arguello
41190211Geographic ReportArguello Boat HouseYes
4119022Zone Code listGeographic ReportJalama Beach County Park
411903Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoat House Vandenburg AF Base