8/29/2017 8:00pm PDT
Ned and Anna DeLoach

Fishes in the Muck of Indonesia

(note, there is no cheat sheet for this session)

South Pacific / Indo Pacific / Indian Ocean / Red Sea
6/14/2017 8:00pm PDT
Carlos & Allison Estape

Silvery Swimmers

Fish taught in this session are:

  • Ballyhoo
  • Needlefish sp.
  • Houndfish
  • Round Scad
  • Bigeye Scad
  • Mackerel Scad
  • Redtail Scad
  • Anchovy sp.
  • Herring sp.
  • Silversides sp.
Tropical Western Atlantic
5/11/2017 8:00pm PDT
Scott and Patti Chandler

Roatan Fishes

Fish species included in this Fishinar include:

Tropical Western Atlantic