A tropical fish that calls the West Pacific Ocean home has been documented outside of its native range for the first time, making it Florida’s newest non-native marine fish species.

Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment (DOE) announces the fourth year of the successful Grouper Educational Program (GEP), a marine sciences curriculum for Caymanian intermediate elemen


We are excited to announce that the REEF Volunteer Fish Survey Project database topped 200,000 earlier this fall. The survey was conducted by active surveyor, Kreg Martin, during a survey Cape Kri in Dampier Strait, Indonesia, on 10/15/ 2015.

Divers and marine researchers at the Key Largo-based nonprofit Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) are to celebrate the success and impact of marine conservation programs in the Florida Keys during REEF Fest, Thursday through Sunday, Sept. 24-27.

On Sunday, February 8 2015, 20 skilled, enthusiastic lionfish hunters braved high winds and choppy seas to compete in REEF’s Third Annual Winter Lionfish Derby held at the Postcard Inn Beach Resort and Marina at Holiday Isle.


On December 14th, 2014, REEF staff and volunteers recorded the third successful pre-emptive removal of a non-native fish in south Florida coastal waters when they removed a mimic lemon peel surgeonfish (Acanthurus pyroferus) from waters under the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beac