Sensational Seas Two DVD


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Sensational Seas Two follows the successful 2004 production of Sensational Seas. The anthology presents underwater images as seen through the eyes of 30 divers, from distinguished scientists and seasoned professionals to talented amateurs.

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Narrators Stan Waterman and Anne Crawley escort you through a mysterious world brimming with novel, beautiful and unexpected visions. The underwater odyssey begins with an action-packed compilation of fish and critters swimming, scurrying, feeding, fighting, courting and just being their wonderfully exotic selves to the accompanying beat of Billy Preston. Then off you go on a grand tour of watery realms as far-flung as Antarctica, Australia, the Andaman Sea and Georgia Aquarium. Expect the unexpected, come face-to-face with the gentlest of giants, rolling octopus, spawning frogfish, a snorkeling elephant, and tiny plankton that epitomize the grandeur of nature’s artistic flair. Galleries of classic underwater images from some of the world’s most accomplished marine wildlife photographers match frame for frame the audacious imagery from our galaxy of video artists.

Fun-filled, eye-popping entertainment that will make you grab your scuba gear and head for the sea. This is a great gift – show your friends and family why you love the ocean.

Eco-friendly! Sensational Seas Two is packaged in recycled paper, printed with soy ink and sealed with a small tab instead of shrink-wrap.

About the production: An extended family of scuba divers gave generously and enthusiastically of their time and art to complete Sensational Seas Two. Donated video, photographs and music from divers around the world was assembled by the all-volunteer production team. The Carrow Foundation graciously funded the various hard costs of production such as DVD replication and some music licensing. Online and print dive media helped spread the word.

Production Team

Producers: Anna DeLoach and Nancy McGee

Screenplay: William Warmus

Sound Editor: Bill Fisher

DVD Author: Kris Wilk

Cover Photo: Ned DeLoach

Digital Graphics: Eric Riesch

Front Cover: Joanne Kidd