Have you seen or captured an exotic or invasive species? Help REEF and USGS track the invasion by submitting a report through the sighting form linked below. If you are doing a REEF fish survey, please report it there too.

Exotic Species Sighting Form 

Click here. Use this form to submit details about any non-native marine species seen while diving or snorkeling.


Lionfish Reportings App

If you would like to report Lionfish on the spot, REEF has a specialty Lionfish Sightings App – a free app designed specifically to connect divers to remove lionfish from the Tropical Western Atlantic. Report lionfish you have collected or simply report lionfish sightings so other divers know where to look! Follow this link to download the app for iOS or follow this link to download the app for Android. Data on lionfish sightings and removal efforts are kept active on the app for 30 days and then archived for research and management purposes. Special thanks for contributions from Wild About Whales NSW, US Fish and Wildlife Service, REEF staff, interns, volunteers, and Jason Nocks.


Collect/Report Lionfish

Report lionfish sightings and/or captures HERE

Join REEF to learn about lionfish, the invasion, and safe collection and handling techniques at a Lionfish Workshop.

Get the chance to win cash prizes, and help us round up lionfish by participating in a Lionfish Derby!

Host a REEF Sanctioned Lionfish Derby!

Have lionfish to donate for research? Click for a list of Lionfish Collection Centers in the Florida Keys.