2/17/2021 8:00pm EST
Janna Nichols

Casual, fun time to check in face-to-face and say hi to your fellow REEF friends, and a chance to meet new ones. We'll have structured breakout rooms, maybe a game, and topics to discuss.

General / Other Taxa
2/4/2021 8:00pm EST
Amy Lee

Hawaii is a perfect place to snorkel and this session will help you learn how to identify some of the likely suspects you'll see on your ocean adventure.

IMPORTANT: Note the time zone and make sure you adjust it as needed for your location!

1/27/2021 8:00pm EST
Christy and Brice Semmens

Love Nassau Groupers? Want to learn more about research on spawning aggregations and hear stories of field work mishaps? Join us for a fun round of Jeopardy-style questions - feel free to participate as you like, or just sit back and watch!

Tropical Western Atlantic
1/7/2021 8:00pm EST
Jason Feick and Amy Newfield

Night diving is is a completely different experience than diving during the day; Different critters come out and behaviors change. Come listen and learn about New England night diving tales of octopus, seahorses, swarms of puffers, and a fish named Chompers.

Northeast US & Canada
12/10/2020 8:00pm EST
Riley Zoldi

Join us for our first book club meeting! Whether you’re a devoted bookworm or have a stack of books collecting dust that you hope to make time to read one day, the Into the Blue Book Club brings together all types of readers who are passionate about the ocean and conservation. The best part?

General / Other Taxa
12/3/2020 8:00pm EST
Moose Mussey, Riley Zoldi

Love the ocean? Enjoy making crafts? Are the holidays your favorite time of the year? Have we got the workshop for you!

Join your REEF gnomies for a virtual Holiday Craft Workshop on December 3, 2020, at 8 PM EST. This festive season we will be creating ocean-themed holiday gnomes!

General / Other Taxa
Golden Fairy Basslet - photo by Dr. Christy Semmens
10/27/2020 8:00pm EDT
Dr. Christy Semmens

Join Dr. Christy Semmens in a presentation on what fish to look for when diving in Cuba.

Fish covered in this Fishinar:

Tropical Western Atlantic
10/22/2020 6:00pm to 8:00pm EDT
Madalyn Mussey, Education and Outreach Program Manager

A fish as beautiful as it is destructive; invasive lionfish have had dramatic impacts on marine ecosystems due to their high reproductive rate and voracious appetites. These visually stunning fish have characteristic red and white stripes and long, fanlike spines and fins. 

General / Other Taxa
10/8/2020 8:00pm EDT
Janna Nichols

Enjoy a casual, fun, face-to-face chat time (via Zoom) with your fellow REEF fish geeks. Webcams encouraged. We'll each get a chance to say hello, and see each other's smiling faces.

Tropical Western Atlantic