There's still time to register for the second annual Fish Out of Water Virutal 5K, coming up on June 7-13, 2021. If you haven't registered yet, click here to do so now. Be sure to sign up soon - early bird registration rates end on May 10! When you sign up, you will choose to join one of five Fish Teams. Each fish is a popular species found in REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions.

What Fish Team will you choose? Check out the descriptions below to learn more about each fish. You can also read about each fish's "race personality" by visiting our 2021 Fish Teams page. Whether you are drawn to the fish because it's one of your favorites, it’s found in the region where you live or dive, or you connect with the fish's race personality, we look forward to seeing which Fish Team you join.

2021 Fish Out of Water 5K Fish Teams:

Bandit Angelfish are found only in Hawaii. They are often seen swimming out in the open and in pairs, and sponges are one of their favorite snacks.

China Rockfish are a solitary species found on rocky reefs from Alaska to California. They can live for a long time - in fact, the oldest China Rockfish ever documented was 79 years old!

Spiny Lumpsuckers have a small, globular body, with suckers that allow them to attach to rocks or kelp. There are various species in the northern Pacific as well as the north Atlantic. They can be a variety of colors, such as red, green, purple, or brown.

The Golden Hamlet is found throughout the Caribbean, although it is rarely seen and is a highly sought-after fish for REEF surveyors. They are a type of Seabass and can interbreed with other Hamlet species.

The Mandarinfish is a small, vibrantly colored fish species found in the western tropical Pacific. During the day they are secretive, but at dusk they emerge from their hiding places to perform an elaborate, bouncing mating dance.

Fish Teams are just for fun; there is no competition involved. You can also form a Fish Shoal to participate in the 5K with friends! Online registration is open until May 28, and in-person registration at the REEF Campus in Key Largo will be open through June 11. All participants receive a limited-edition shirt, finishers' medal, and bib. Premium registration includes a retro fanny pack and waterproof sticker set.

If you've already registered for the Fish Out of Water 5K, be sure to download our Social Media Kit and share your Fish Team with friends!