As a REEF member, you can access a complete list of all fish species found in any of REEF's ten survey regions. Each list shows both the common name used in REEF database, as well as the scientific name for all species in a given region. This is helpful in areas where common names are not standardized. To find the common name used in the REEF database, simply search for a species using the scientific name, and you'll be able to see the common name used in the REEF database.

You can sort the lists alphabetically by clicking on the column header name. You can also sort by family name if you're interested in focusing on a specific fish family. For example, you can use this option to view all of the angelfish species found in the South Pacific region!

In temperate water regions, including the Pacific Coast (PAC), South Atlantic States (SAS), Northeast US & Canada (NE), and Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean (EAM) regions, you will also see the select list of invertebrates and algae that are surveyed, in addition to fish.

We encourage you to give this a try, and see what you discover! To access this feature, go to the Programs tab on our website. Under Volunteer Fish Survey Project, click on "Explore Database - Create Reports" and then click on "Species Reference Lists" - or click on the direct links below!

Species Reference Lists

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) Names Report

South Atlantic States (SAS) Names Report

NE US & Canada (NE) Names Report

Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean (EAM) Names Report

Pacific Coast of the United States & Canada (PAC) Names Report

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP) Names Report

Hawaiian Islands (HAW) Names Report

South Pacific (SOP) Names Report

Central Indo - Pacific (CIP) Names Report

Indian Ocean - Red Sea (IORS) Names Report