REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
1Zone Code listGeographic ReportPACIFICO NORTE (North Pacific)
10Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Loma-Punta San Isidro
1001Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Loma
1002Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Descanso
1003Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca New Hope
1004Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Coronado Norte
10040001Geographic ReportLobster Shack CoveYes
10040002Geographic ReportKeyholeYes
10040003Geographic ReportCormorant's LedgeYes
10040004Geographic ReportRobin's CoveYes
1005Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Coronado Medio
10050001Geographic ReportMiddle GroundsNo
10050002Geographic ReportThree Fingers Reef / CoveYes
1006Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Coronado Sur
10060001Geographic ReportFour FingersYes
1007Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Morro
1008Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Descanso
1009Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mesquite
1010Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Salsipuedes
1011Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Pilón de Azúcar
1012Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Miguel
1013Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Morro
1014Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Todos Santos
1015Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Banda
10150001Geographic ReportWhite Rock / La Bufadora Yes
10150002Geographic ReportThe Point (underwater cave)Yes
10150003Geographic ReportCamp KennedyYes
1016Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Soledad
1017Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santo Tomás
1018Zone Code listGeographic ReportFondeadero Santo Tomás
1019Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San José
1020Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Piedras
1021Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cabras
1022Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Isidro
1023Zone Code listGeographic ReportIslas de Todos Santos
1024Zone Code listGeographic ReportRocas Soledad
11Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Colnett-Bahia Blanca
1101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Colnett
1102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Colnett
1103Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Telmo
1104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Jacinto
1105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Camalu
1106Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Ramón
1107Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Martín
11070001Geographic ReportCaleta HasslerNo
11070002Geographic ReportAnchorage (San martin Island)Yes
11070003Geographic ReportCherry (near San Martin Island)Yes
1108Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Ben
1109Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo San Qunitin
1110Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Entrada
1111Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Azufre
1112Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Quintin
1113Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Baja
1114Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía del Rosario
1115Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Antonio
1116Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Fernando
1117Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Carlos
1118Zone Code listGeographic ReportFondeadero San Carlos
1119Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Escarpada
1120Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Santa Catarina
1121Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Canoas
11220001Geographic ReportIsla San JerónimoYes
1123Zone Code listGeographic ReportArrecife Sacramento
1124Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Blanca
1125Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Blanca
1126Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Acme
12Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia Sebastian Viscaino
1201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Ranger
1202Zone Code listGeographic ReportIslas San Benito
12020001Geographic ReportEast San BenitosYes
12020002Geographic ReportWest San BenitosYes
1203Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Cedros
120301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPiedra Colorada
120302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo San Agustín
120303Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía del Sur
120304Zone Code listGeographic ReportMorro Redondo
1204Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cono
1205Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Falsa
1206Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta María
1207Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Playa María
1208Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Negra
1209Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Rocosa
1210Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Rosalía
1211Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Santa Rosalía
1212Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Rosarito
1213Zone Code listGeographic ReportMorro Santo Domingo
1214Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto de Santo Domingo
1215Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Venustiano Carranza
1216Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Falsa
1217Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Eugenia
1218Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Rompiente
1219Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Natividad
13Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mal Arrimo-Punta Abreojos
1301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mal Arrimo
1302Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Kelp
1303Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Tortugas
1304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto San Bartolomé
1305Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Ataúd
1306Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Tortolo
1307Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Thurloe
1308Zone Code listGeographic ReportMorro Hermoso
1309Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Cristóbal
1310Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Pablo
1311Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Roque
1312Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Asunción
1313Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Roque
1314Zone Code listGeographic ReportI Asunción
1315Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Hipólito
1316Zone Code listGeographic ReportBajo Rosa
1317Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Hipólito
1318Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Abreojos
14Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de Ballenas-Punta San Juanico
1401Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Ballenas
1402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Parmenter
1403Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Ballena
1404Zone Code listGeographic ReportBajos Wright
1405Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Holcomb
1406Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santo Domingo
1407Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Pequeña
1408Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Juanico
1409Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Juanico
15Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Pabe llon-Boca de Soledad
1501Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Pabellón
1502Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Santa Andreceta
1503Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de las Animas
1504Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Santo Domingo
1505Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Soledad
16Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto San Carlos - Punta San Maria
1601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto San Carlos
1602Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Magdalena
1603Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo San Lázaro
1604Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Hughes
1605Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Santa María
1606Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Corso
1607Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Entrada
1608Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Margarita
160810Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Redonda
160820Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Tosco
1609Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Thetis
1610Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Petrel
1611Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Almejas
1612Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Conejo
1613Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca Flor de Malva
1614Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Creciente
1615Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa María
1616Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Pinnacle
17Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Marquez - Punta San Cristobal
1701Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Márquez
1702Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca del Carrizal
1703Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca del Palmarito
1704Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de la Playita
1705Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Lobos
1706Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Pedro
17060001Geographic ReportEagle's RockNo
1707Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Pescadero
1708Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gasparino
1709Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de las Matancitas
1710Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Golden Gate
1711Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Cristóbal
1712Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco San Jaime
1713Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Margarita
17130001Geographic ReportSea Lion Colony (Isla Santa Margarita)Yes
17130002Geographic ReportPunta Tosca / Washrock (Isla Santa Margarita)Yes
18010001Geographic ReportRojas Alijos (~300km off Baja)Yes
18010002Geographic ReportEast San BenitosYes
1901Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuadalupe Island
19010001Geographic ReportPrison Beach (Guadalupe Island)No
19010002Geographic ReportSpanish Cove, Guadalupe IslandYes
19010003Geographic ReportRed Cinder Cove, Guadalupe IslandYes
19010004Geographic ReportAbalone Point, Guadalupe IslandYes
19010005Geographic ReportIsla Afuera, S. of Guadalupe IslandYes
19010006Geographic ReportChurch Rock, S. of Guadalupe IslandYes
19010007Geographic ReportBattleship Rock, Guadalupe IslandYes
19010008Geographic ReportBoxing Glove, Guadalupe IslandYes
2Zone Code listGeographic ReportALTO GOLFO DE CALIFORNIA
21Zone Code listGeographic ReportNORTHWEST (BAJA) SIDE
211Zone Code listGeographic ReportColorado River Basin
2111Zone Code listGeographic ReportDelta del Río Colorado
2112Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Sargento
2113Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Felipe
2114Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Felipe
2115Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Montague
2116Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Gore
2117Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Pelícano
2118Zone Code listGeographic ReportRocas Consag
212Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Diggs-Puertecitos
2121Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Diggs
2122Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Estrella
2123Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Fermín
2124Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuertecitos
213Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Isabel-Punta Final
2131Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Isabel
2132Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Miramar
2133Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Lobos
2134Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Encantada
2135Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Willard
2136Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Luis Gonzaga
2137Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Final
214Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia De Calamajue
2141Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía De Calamajué
2142Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Luis
215Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Bluff-Punta de las Animas
2151Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Bluff
2152Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Remedios
21520001Geographic ReportTortuga / Sea Lion Rock (Bahia Guadalupe)Yes
2153Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Mejía
2154Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Angel de la Guarda
215401Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorth and NE Side of Angel de la Guarda (from Puer
21540101Geographic ReportLa Muela Angel Rock (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540102Geographic ReportLa Pasadita (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540103Geographic ReportEl Caballo (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540104Geographic ReportEl Jardin (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540105Geographic ReportLos NidosYes
21540106Geographic ReportLos Nidos NorteYes
21540107Geographic ReportPedra del Angel (Angel de Guardia)No
215402Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral East Side Angel de la Guarda (incl. Punta
21540201Geographic ReportPinnacles at Andrea's EagleYes
21540202Geographic ReportSouth Wall Andrea's EagleYes
21540203Geographic ReportNorth Wall Andrea's EagleYes
21540204Geographic ReportPunta Rocosa / Aquarium / El AquarioYes
21540205Geographic ReportMaruchan / Bob's Cavern (Angel de la Guarda)Yes
21540206Geographic ReportPunta DiabloYes
21540207Geographic ReportToadgazer ReefYes
215403Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Estanque (Snake Island, SW point of Angel de
215404Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Smith
21540401Geographic ReportIsla Coronado / Isla Smith SE pointYes
21540402Geographic ReportIsla Coronadito (north of Coronado/Smith Island)Yes
215405Zone Code listGeographic ReportWest Side Angel de la Guarda
21540501Geographic ReportLa Vela RockYes
21540502Geographic ReportLolo's Cove / Los Nidos SudYes
21540503Geographic ReportLas VentanaYes
21540504Geographic ReportJ-Lo's Tube / Drowned Rocks / Las AhogadasYes
215406Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth Side (Angel de la Guarda)
21540601Geographic ReportLas VivorasYes
2155Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de los Angeles
21550001Geographic ReportWhale Shark Site (Bahia de los Angeles)Yes
21550002Geographic ReportLa Calvera, Bahia de los AngelesYes
21550003Geographic ReportCoronadito / Sammy's SpotYes
21550004Geographic ReportEl QuemadoYes
21550005Geographic ReportPuerto Don JuanYes
21550006Geographic ReportPunta Don JuanYes
2156Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Roja
2157Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de las Animas
2158Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de las Animas
216Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de San Rafael-Bahia San Francisquito
2161Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Rafael
2162Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Partida
21620001Geographic ReportNorth Bay, Isla PartidaYes
21620002Geographic ReportCardonosa, Isa PartidaYes
2163Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Raza
21630001Geographic ReportSW side of Isla RazaNo
2164Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Salsipuedes, Isla las Animas, Isla San Lorenzo
216401Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Salsipuedes
21640101Geographic ReportChukwalla IslandYes
21640103Geographic ReportSea Lion Rock, Isla SalsipuedesYes
21640104Geographic ReportEl Caballo, SalsipuedesYes
21640105Geographic ReportLos Cuervos South, SalsipuedesYes
21640106Geographic ReportLos Cuervos North, SalsipuedesYes
21640107Geographic ReportPunta Canal, SalsipuedesNo
21640108Geographic ReportLa Corona - Isla SalsipuedesYes
216402Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla las Animas
21640201Geographic ReportUnspecified Site, Isla Las AnimasYes
21640202Geographic ReportEl Lavadero (Las Animas)Yes
21640203Geographic ReportGecko Bay, Anchorage Cove on Las AnimasYes
21640204Geographic ReportGorrugo, Las AnimasYes
21640205Geographic ReportFind It If You Can (aka El Lavadero 2), Isla Las AnimasYes
21640206Geographic ReportPiedras Lisa / Round Rocks, Isla Las AnimasYes
21640207Geographic ReportEl Lavadero SW Side (Isla Las Animas)Yes
216403Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Lorenzo
21640301Geographic ReportBiologist Spot, Isla San LorenzoYes
2165Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Rafael
2166Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Francisquito
2167Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Esteban (Isla Turon)
21670001Geographic ReportSE Point (Isla San Esteban)Yes
21670002Geographic ReportNW Cove at LighthouseYes
21670003Geographic ReportBahia Piedra (WNW Bay)Yes
21670004Geographic ReportNE Point (Isla San Esteban)Yes
21670005Geographic ReportWest End (including La Cueva)Yes
21670006Geographic ReportHorn Shark Bay (Isla San Esteban)Yes
2168Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Francisquito
217Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Ventana
21700001Geographic ReportArch Rock - La VentanaYes
21700002Geographic ReportPinnacle / Rocky Reef - La VentanaYes
218Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta El Pescador
21800001Geographic ReportPunta El Pescador (near Alacran Bay)Yes
21800002Geographic ReportEl Pescador (in bay south of point)Yes
22Zone Code listGeographic ReportAlto Golfo este
220Zone Code listGeographic Report Bahia de Adair-Cabo Lobos
2201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Adair (Altaque)
2202Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca del Toro
2203Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Peñasco
22030001Geographic ReportPlaya MiramarYes
22030002Geographic ReportStation Beach ReefNo
22030003Geographic ReportVina del Mar HotelYes
220301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCholla Bay
22030101Geographic ReportPelican PointNo
22030102Geographic ReportThe Reef Cholla BayYes
22030103Geographic ReportLower Reef Cholla BayYes
22030104Geographic ReportDon's TubYes
22030105Geographic ReportWrecked at the Reef - Natural reef (Rocky Point)Yes
22030106Geographic ReportWrecked at the Reef - Pier (Rocky Point)Yes
2204Zone Code listGeographic ReportLaguna Salada
2205Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Jorge
2206Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Jorge
22060001Geographic ReportOffshore Isla San Jorge (Bird Island)Yes
22060002Geographic ReportTranquility Bay, Isla San JorgeNo
2207Zone Code listGeographic ReportCapo Tepoca
2208Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Tepoca
2209Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Lobos
221Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de Quino-Punta Chueca (incl Isla Tiburon)
2210Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de Quino
2211Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Desemboque
22110001Geographic ReportMiramar PointYes
2212Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Tepopa
2213Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Sargento
2214Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arenas
2215Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Víboras
2216Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Onah
2217Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Chueca
2218Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Patos
2219Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Tiburón
22190001Geographic ReportBahia Las Cruces - NW reef pointYes
22190002Geographic ReportMonument Bay East cornerYes
22190003Geographic ReportDog Bay North Cove (North Point)Yes
221907Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Risco Colorado
22190701Geographic ReportEast Point Risco ColoradoYes
221909Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Turners (Turner Island)
22190901Geographic ReportSE Tip of Turners IslandYes
22190902Geographic ReportWest Side of Isla TurnersYes
22190903Geographic ReportSouthwest End Turners IslandYes
3Zone Code listGeographic ReportCENTRO GOLFO DE CALIFORNIA
31Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Gabriel - Punta San Carlos
3101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Gabriel
3102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Teresa
3103Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Santa Teresa
3104Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo San Miguel
3105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Juan Bautista
3106Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Juan Bautista
3107Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Carlos
31070001Geographic ReportSeamountNo
3108Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Pedro Mártir
31080001Geographic ReportBullseye PlaceYes
31080002Geographic ReportNW Point Isla San Pedro MartirYes
31080003Geographic ReportNorth Side Isla San Pedro MártirYes
31080004Geographic ReportSouth Point Isla San Pedro MártirYes
31080005Geographic ReportEast Side Isla San Pedro MartirYes
31080006Geographic ReportMorrito Uno, San Pedro MartirYes
31080007Geographic ReportRavijunco, San Pedro MartirYes
31080008Geographic ReportCoromel, San Pedro MartirNo
31080009Geographic ReportEl Arroyo - Biosphere Reserve Sign (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080010Geographic ReportArroyo Colony, San Pedro MartirYes
31080011Geographic ReportEl Morro IIYes
31080012Geographic ReportPunta Corralito (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080013Geographic ReportBob's Mistake (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080014Geographic ReportChayo's Cave (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080015Geographic ReportPunta Norte (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080016Geographic ReportEl Corralito (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080017Geographic ReportMother Wall (San Pedro Martir)Yes
31080018Geographic ReportRabijunco (San Pedro Martir)No
32Zone Code listGeographic Report Bahia San Carlos - Cabo Virgenes
3201Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Carlos
32010001Geographic ReportArroyo ReefYes
3202Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Trinidad
3203Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Santa Ana
3204Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Ana
3205Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Baja
3206Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Vírgenes
33Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaleta Santa Maria - Isla Santa Ines
3301Zone Code listGeographic ReportCaleta Santa María
3302Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Marcos
3303Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Lobos
3304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Chivato
3305Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Inés
3306Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Santa Inés
3307Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Tortugas
33070001Geographic ReportWilson's PointYes
33070002Geographic ReportCrayolaYes
33070003Geographic ReportStairway to HeavenYes
33070004Geographic ReportRock RubbleYes
33070005Geographic ReportLighthouseNo
33070006Geographic ReportSouth PointNo
33070007Geographic ReportNorth PointYes
33070008Geographic ReportSW Tortuga - Nugget of GoldYes
33070009Geographic ReportFlat TopsYes
33070010Geographic ReportOrange JubileeYes
3308Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Inés
34Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Prieta - Punta Cabeza Mechuda (and Islands)
3401Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Prieta
3402Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Concepción
34020001Geographic ReportLas Piedritas MulegeYes
34020002Geographic ReportPunta GuadalupeYes
3403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Concepción (Conception Point)
34030001Geographic ReportEnsenada Las PilarsYes
34030002Geographic ReportEl Nido Ensenada (Nest Cove)Yes
3404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Colorado
3405Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Teresa
3406Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Nicolás
3407Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Púlpito
34070001Geographic ReportPunta PulpitoYes
34070002Geographic ReportGrouper Galley (south of Punta Pulpito)Yes
3408Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San Basilio / San Juanico
3409Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Basilio
3410Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mercenarios area
34100001Geographic ReportPunta MercenariosYes
3411Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mangles
3412Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Tierra firme
3413Zone Code listGeographic ReportLoreto
3414Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Ildefonso
34140001Geographic ReportSE side of Isla San IldefonsoYes
34140002Geographic ReportNW side of Isla San IldefonsoYes
34140003Geographic ReportLos Gemelos - Isla IldelfansoYes
34140004Geographic ReportEl Arco - Isla IldefansoYes
34140005Geographic ReportLighthouse (Isla San Ildefonso)No
34140006Geographic ReportAsubahi's Pinnacle - Isla IldefansoYes
34140007Geographic ReportBooby Rock - Isla IldefansoYes
3415Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Coronados and Loreto
34150001Geographic ReportSE PointYes
34150002Geographic ReportSea Lion Colony (Isla Coronado)No
34150003Geographic ReportCoronado Island - Unspecified site (Loreto)No
34150004Geographic ReportCabeza de Gorila / Gorilla Head (Isla Coronado)Yes
34150005Geographic ReportLobero (Isla Coronado)Yes
34150006Geographic ReportPiedra Blanca (Isla Coronado)Yes
34150007Geographic ReportLighthouse (Isla Coronado)Yes
3416Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Del Carmen
34160001Geographic ReportSouthwest Loreto - Carmen IslandNo
341601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Tintorera
341602Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Lobos area
34160201Geographic ReportSoutheast Side - Punta LobosYes
34160202Geographic ReportPunta Lobos (Isla del Carmen)Yes
34160203Geographic Report Islote de la VacaYes
341603Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cholla
34160301Geographic ReportLa ChollaYes
341604Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth end incl.Punta Baja
34160401Geographic ReportWest SideYes
34160402Geographic ReportEl MurcielagoYes
34160403Geographic ReportLos PicachosYes
341605Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia Salinas
34160501Geographic ReportEngenada WreckYes
3417Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Escondido
34170001Geographic ReportNaufragio (Shipwreck) C-54 / Agustin MelgarYes
3418Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Candeleros
34180001Geographic ReportIslote Pardo (East side)Yes
34180002Geographic ReportPunta Candeleros West SideYes
3419Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Pasquel and Punta Marcial - Punta Cabeza Mechuda
34190001Geographic ReportPunta San PasquelYes
34190002Geographic ReportPunta San Telmo - North SideYes
34190003Geographic ReportCaleta Nopolo South PointYes
3420Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Danzante Primero
34200001Geographic ReportEast Side - DanzanteNo
34200002Geographic ReportLa Ventata (Danzante Island)No
34200003Geographic ReportPiedra Partida / Eleanor Point (Danzante Island)No
34200004Geographic ReportSubmarino (Isla Danzante)Yes
34200005Geographic ReportSilhouette (East side Isla Danzante)Yes
34200006Geographic ReportPam's Site (Isla Danzante)Yes
34200007Geographic ReportSardines (Isla Danzante)No
34200008Geographic ReportHoneymoon (Isla Danzante)Yes
34200009Geographic ReportAugustine Belgar / C-54No
34200010Geographic ReportDo It Again / North Tip of Isla DanzanteYes
3421Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Las Caleras
34210001Geographic ReportSouth EndYes
3422Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Blanca
3423Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Monserrat
34230001Geographic ReportSeamount 1 (north side)Yes
34230002Geographic ReportSeamount 2 (north side)Yes
34230003Geographic ReportIsla Monserrat NW Point reefYes
3424Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Catalina
34240001Geographic ReportSouth sideYes
34240002Geographic ReportReef 5 miles southNo
34240003Geographic ReportNE SideYes
3425Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Cruz
3426Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Diego
34260001Geographic ReportSan Diego ReefYes
34260002Geographic ReportNorth Point, Isla San DiegoYes
34260003Geographic ReportGetting Bullied (Isla San Diego)Yes
34260004Geographic ReportThe Rock (Isla San Diegito) Yes
3427Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Habana
3428Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Las Animas
34280001Geographic ReportAnchorage Cove (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280002Geographic ReportSea Mount (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280003Geographic ReportPinnacles (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280004Geographic ReportSea Lion Rock / La Cueva / The Cave (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280005Geographic ReportShark AlleyYes
34280006Geographic ReportPunta Norte (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280007Geographic ReportArrecife Este (Isla Las Animas)Yes
34280008Geographic ReportPunta Sur / Suroeste (Isla Las Animas)No
34280009Geographic ReportLas Animas WallYes
34280010Geographic ReportLas Animas SE CornerYes
34280011Geographic ReportLas Animas SW ReefNo
3429Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San José
34290001Geographic ReportMangroves at La ConsinaYes
34290002Geographic ReportLa Cosina BayNo
34290003Geographic ReportEl CayoYes
34290004Geographic ReportPlease use 34300004 (was La Lobera)No
34290005Geographic ReportLos Animas Punta Norte (rocks NE of Isla San Jose)Yes
34290006Geographic ReportLos Animas Punta Sur (rocks NE of Isla San Jose)Yes
342901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Calabozo
34290101Geographic ReportCalabozo PointYes
34290102Geographic ReportCalabozo BeachYes
342902Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Colorada
342903Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta El Nido area
34290301Geographic ReportPunta El NidoYes
342904Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Rosa
3430Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Francisco
34300001Geographic ReportBahia San FrancisquitoYes
34300002Geographic ReportSE Point Isla San FranciscoYes
34300003Geographic ReportBajo San FrancisquitoNo
34300004Geographic ReportLa Lobera (Isla de San Francisquito)Yes
34300005Geographic ReportArecife del Pardito (rocks near Isla Coyote)Yes
34300006Geographic ReportPunta Norte de San Francisquito CoveYes
34300007Geographic ReportLas Animas (Seamount and Pinnacles)Yes
34300008Geographic ReportSan Francisco (Seamount)Yes
34300009Geographic ReportCayo Island (near Isla Lobos) - Isla San JoseYes
34300010Geographic ReportParrotfish City (Reef East of Isla Coyote)Yes
34300011Geographic ReportMangroves on NE tip of Isla San FranciscoYes
34310001Geographic ReportLas Tinajas (BCS, MX)Yes
3432Zone Code listGeographic ReportSee 3410 (was Punta Mencenares)
34320001Geographic ReportPlease use 34100001 (was Punta Mencenares)No
35Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cabeza Mechuda - Punta San Lorenzo
3501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cabeza Mechuda
3502Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Coyote
3503Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de La Paz
35030001Geographic ReportPichilingue (Cantamar Resort)Yes
35030002Geographic ReportEl MogoteYes
35030003Geographic ReportLa Concha isloteYes
35030004Geographic ReportEl Cajete Sargasso ReefYes
35030005Geographic ReportEl Cajete WallYes
35030006Geographic ReportPlaya TecoloteYes
35030007Geographic ReportSan RafaelitoYes
35030008Geographic ReportPhosphorus Mine Pier and Wreck (San Juan de la Costa) Yes
35030009Geographic ReportPichilingue Beach (north end)Yes
35030010Geographic ReportCooper RockYes
35030101Geographic ReportIsla Gaviota (Isla Lobos)Yes
3504Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Prieta
3505Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Lorenzo
3506Zone Code listGeographic ReportEspiritu Santo, La Partida, Los Islotes
35060001Geographic ReportPunta Lobos / Old Sea LionsYes
35060002Geographic ReportEl Bajo - NE of Isla La PartidaYes
35060003Geographic ReportEl Bajito - NW of Isla La PartidaYes
35060004Geographic ReportLos Islotes ArchYes
35060005Geographic ReportLos MuellecitosNo
35060006Geographic ReportRoca Tintorera (La Partida Island)Yes
35060007Geographic ReportIsla La PartidaNo
35060008Geographic ReportIsla Ballena (shoreline not wreck)Yes
35060009Geographic ReportSwanne / Suwannee Reef / Swanee River / Roca SwanyYes
35060010Geographic ReportFang Ming / Chinese WreckYes
35060011Geographic ReportSalvatierra WreckYes
35060012Geographic ReportRookery Shallows - Los IslotesYes
35060013Geographic ReportLos Islotes WestYes
35060014Geographic ReportNorth Side Boulders, Los IslotesNo
35060015Geographic ReportBahia San GabrielNo
35060016Geographic ReportPunta PrietaYes
35060017Geographic ReportLos Islotes CaveYes
35060018Geographic ReportJawfish Sand Los Islotes (S. of Rookery Shallows)Yes
35060019Geographic ReportC-59 Frigate / Minesweeper (Navy Wreck)Yes
35060020Geographic ReportPunta Catedral (Cathedral Point next to C59)No
35060021Geographic ReportLapas 3 WreckYes
35060022Geographic ReportLa Lobera del ParditoNo
35060023Geographic ReportBahia CocinaNo
35060024Geographic ReportMangroves Lagoon Bahia CocinaNo
35060025Geographic ReportUse 35030007 (was San Rafaelito)No
35060026Geographic ReportPearl Farm (San Gabriel Bay)Yes
35060027Geographic ReportEl Corralito Coral ReefYes
35060028Geographic ReportEl Corralito Rocky ReefYes
35060029Geographic ReportSea Lion Colony Zone A (Los Islotes)Yes
35060030Geographic ReportCoral Reef / Los Islotes East Yes
35060031Geographic ReportS. of Ensenada Grande 2 (Isla La Partida)Yes
35060032Geographic ReportEnsenade Grande N. Side (Isla La Partida)Yes
35060033Geographic ReportIsla El CandeleroYes
35060034Geographic ReportBahia Candelero, south side Yes
35060035Geographic ReportBahia San GabrielYes
35060036Geographic ReportCabeza de la Ballena Yes
35060037Geographic ReportTintoreraYes
35060038Geographic ReportEnsenada Grande Mobula DiveYes
35060039Geographic ReportLos Islotes North Yes
35060040Geographic ReportLos Islotes SouthYes
35060041Geographic ReportFun Baja Tent BeachYes
35060042Geographic ReportThe MonumentYes
35060043Geographic ReportPunta El Cardonal (Isla la Partida)Yes
35060044Geographic ReportPizaron Blanco (Isla la Partida)Yes
35060045Geographic ReportLa Biblioteca / The LibraryYes
35060046Geographic ReportBalandra Bay (North side, west of Playa Balandra)Yes
35060048Geographic ReportEl AbnegadoYes
35060049Geographic ReportLa BarraYes
35060050Geographic ReportPaileboteYes
35060051Geographic ReportEl EmbudoYes
35060052Geographic ReportBonanza (Camp)Yes
36Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Granito - Bahia San Pedro
3601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Granito
3602Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Kino
36020001Geographic ReportChoiludo IslandYes
3603Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Kino
36030001Geographic ReportIsla Pelicano/AlcatrazYes
3604Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Baja
3605Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Leona
3606Zone Code listGeographic ReportHimalaya Bay
36060001Geographic ReportWhite RockYes
36060002Geographic ReportAnegado Chico (Little White Rock)Yes
36060003Geographic ReportRoco El MoloteYes
36060004Geographic ReportNolan's ReefYes
36060005Geographic ReportWash Rock NorthYes
36060006Geographic ReportLobster PotYes
36060007Geographic ReportSki BootYes
36060008Geographic ReportSki Boot BayYes
36060009Geographic ReportThe ArchYes
36060010Geographic ReportMushroom RockYes
36060011Geographic ReportCowry CoveYes
36060012Geographic ReportPunta BlancaYes
36060013Geographic ReportRizo PrecarioYes
36060014Geographic ReportFall RocksYes
36060015Geographic ReportMonkey BizYes
36060016Geographic ReportPinnacleYes
36060017Geographic ReportBahia PinaculaYes
36060018Geographic ReportWash Rock SouthYes
36060019Geographic ReportGrey's ReefYes
36060020Geographic ReportMarshall's ReefYes
36060021Geographic ReportLos Changos NorthNo
36060022Geographic ReportLos Changos SouthYes
36060023Geographic ReportPunta San PedroYes
36060024Geographic ReportBahía San PedroNo
36060025Geographic ReportPunta El MorenoYes
36060026Geographic ReportEnsenada Las CocinasYes
36060027Geographic ReportCaleta SerimertoYes
36060028Geographic ReportRock in bay south of Caleta la Amarga CoveYes
3607Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Pelícano
37Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Antonio - Cabo Arco
3701Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Pedro Nolasco
37010001Geographic ReportPunta NorteYes
37010002Geographic ReportNorte de Faro / North LighthouseYes
37010003Geographic ReportPunta SurYes
37010004Geographic ReportRoca Grande / Big RockYes
37010005Geographic ReportCascadita / Little WaterfallYes
37010006Geographic ReportLa Playa / Bahia Elena / Elena's BayYes
37010007Geographic ReportLa Cueva / The CaveYes
37010008Geographic ReportPunta Sur OesteNo
37010009Geographic ReportThe Rookery (Casa de los Lobos del Mar)No
37010010Geographic ReportLa Caverna / The CavernYes
37010011Geographic ReportPunta Pelicano / Pelican PointYes
37010012Geographic ReportLa Ventana Norte / The Window NorthYes
37010013Geographic ReportPlease use more specific site (Was Nolasco - San Carlos)No
37010014Geographic ReportPlease use more specific site (was Isla San Pedro Nolasco)No
37010015Geographic ReportLa Ventana Sur / The Window SouthYes
37010016Geographic ReportPlease use 37010006No
37010017Geographic ReportEl Faro / The LighthouseYes
37010018Geographic ReportCoruga’s PlaceYes
37010019Geographic ReportLa Almeja / The ClamYes
37010020Geographic ReportLa Pared / The WallYes
3704Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto San Carlos
37040001Geographic ReportDeer IslandYes
37040002Geographic ReportSan AntonioYes
37040003Geographic ReportLalo's North - Playa de Piedras NorteYes
37040004Geographic ReportLalo's South - Playa de Piedras SurYes
37040005Geographic ReportTres MariasYes
37040006Geographic ReportAgilas / Eagle Rock / EaglesYes
37040007Geographic ReportMartini Cove / Catalina CoveYes
37040008Geographic ReportIsla Pastel / Isla BlancaYes
37040009Geographic ReportRoca Ventana / Window Rock / El Leon EchadoYes
37040011Geographic ReportFrenchie's Cove (Playa Piedras Pintas) WestYes
37040012Geographic ReportFrenchie's Cove (Playa Piedras Pintas) EastYes
37040013Geographic ReportLas GringasYes
37040014Geographic ReportIsla la Raza / Honeymoon IslandYes
37040015Geographic ReportPlease use 37040007 (was Catalina Cove)No
37040016Geographic ReportDiaz Ordaz Ferry Boat WreckYes
37040017Geographic ReportTuna Boat WreckYes
37040018Geographic ReportSea MountNo
37040019Geographic ReportHaystackYes
37040020Geographic ReportIsla Santa Catalina / Catarina (East Side)Yes
37040021Geographic ReportShangri-la CoveYes
37040022Geographic ReportSt. Nicholas CoveNo
37040023Geographic ReportBahia Esmerelda / Emerald BayYes
37040024Geographic ReportWash Rock (Anegado Lalo)Yes
37040025Geographic ReportPlaza San Carlos BeachYes
37040026Geographic ReportLa Palapa (Quemada)Yes
37040027Geographic ReportSan Antonio SurNo
37040028Geographic ReportZorro's BeachYes
37040029Geographic ReportAlgodones BeachYes
37040030Geographic ReportSan Carlos Marina Entrance - WestsideYes
37040031Geographic ReportMarina Real PointYes
37040032Geographic ReportThe Boiler / Deer Island SeamountYes
37040033Geographic ReportParadiso Lagoon EntranceYes
37040034Geographic ReportEstero el Soldado Yes
37040035Geographic ReportPunta CautinYes
37040036Geographic ReportIsla San Nicholas (eastside)Yes
37040037Geographic ReportCabo Haro - westsideYes
37040038Geographic ReportCabo Haro - eastsideYes
37040039Geographic ReportIsla San Nicholas (westside)Yes
37040040Geographic ReportShak's RockYes
37040041Geographic ReportCoffee Bean CoveYes
37040042Geographic ReportLa Manga 2Yes
37040043Geographic ReportPlaya San FranciscoYes
37040044Geographic ReportAquarium / Acuario (Isla Santa Catalina / Catarina)Yes
37040045Geographic ReportCove west of Isla La JamaYes
37040046Geographic ReportEx Santos Artificial ReefYes
37040047Geographic ReportIsla San Luis EastYes
3705Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Arco
4Zone Code listGeographic ReportBAJO GOLFO DE CALIFORNIA
41Zone Code listGeographic ReportBajo West Punta Coyote-Cabo Falso
4101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Coyote
41010001Geographic ReportSea Gardens, N BiminiNo
41010002Geographic ReportBimini Brown's Cay (Northern Tip Wreck)No
41010003Geographic ReportPunta Santa CruzYes
41010004Geographic ReportRancho Las Cruces Ocean pool areaYes
4102Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía La Ventana
41020001Geographic ReportReef north of El SargentoYes
41020002Geographic ReportProFaunaBaja Coral Restoration SiteYes
4103Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arena de la Ventana
4104Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gorda
4105Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Perico, East Cape
41050001Geographic ReportPunta Perico (s. of point)Yes
41050002Geographic ReportPunta Perico North Face (n. of point)Yes
4106Zone Code listGeographic ReportArrecife de las Focas
41060001Geographic ReportLa Reyna (Kerrigan Light)Yes
4107Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Cerralvo
41070001Geographic ReportLa ReinaYes
41070002Geographic ReportLa ReinitaYes
41070003Geographic ReportLa Punta NorteYes
41070004Geographic ReportCarpintero Sea MountYes
41070005Geographic ReportEl Bajo de la ReinaYes
41070006Geographic ReportCarpintero BeachYes
4108Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Montaña
4109Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Los Muertos
41090001Geographic ReportBahia de los Muertos Sand DiveNo
4110Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Pescadero
41100001Geographic ReportPunta Pescadero, East CapeYes
41100002Geographic ReportEl CardinolYes
4111Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía Palmas
4112Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Soledad
4113Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arena
4114Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Pulmo Marine Park
41140001Geographic ReportEl Islote / Pulmo RockYes
41140002Geographic ReportEl Bajo (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140003Geographic ReportEileen's Reef (inner Broccoli Forest Reef)No
41140004Geographic ReportRoca de Jonathon (middle Broccoli)No
41140005Geographic ReportPiedras Wohlford Reef (outer Broccoli)No
41140006Geographic ReportCabo Pulmo ShipwrecksYes
41140007Geographic ReportEl Cantil (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140008Geographic ReportThe Deep ReefNo
41140009Geographic ReportMermaid's BeachNo
41140010Geographic ReportLos Morros NorteNo
41140011Geographic ReportEl Bajo de los Morros / Los MorrosYes
41140012Geographic ReportEl BajitoNo
41140013Geographic ReportNorth Boat Ramp (rampa del norte del barco)Yes
41140014Geographic ReportBahia Los Frailes (Cabo Pulmo NP)Yes
41140015Geographic ReportLa Esperanza (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140016Geographic ReportLas Casitas, Cabo Palmo ReefYes
41140017Geographic ReportEl Vencedor WreckYes
41140018Geographic ReportLa Lobera / Sea Lion Colony (Cabo Pulmo)Yes
41140019Geographic ReportLas AnclasYes
41140020Geographic ReportCanionYes
41140021Geographic ReportEl CienYes
41140022Geographic ReportLos CantilitosYes
41140023Geographic ReportPibes ReefYes
41140024Geographic ReportEl PedregalYes
41140025Geographic ReportLos ChopitosYes
41140026Geographic ReportEl Cantil NorteYes
4115Zone Code listGeographic ReportLos Frailes
41150001Geographic ReportThe Sea Lion ColonyNo
41150002Geographic ReportThe Submarine CanyonNo
41150003Geographic ReportDos Dagos ReefNo
41150004Geographic ReportLos Frailes Bay North End Reef (beach access)Yes
41150005Geographic ReportEl Bledito ReefNo
4116Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca del Tule
4117Zone Code listGeographic ReportArroyo de la Vinorama
41170001Geographic ReportShipwrecks South (El Cardon)Yes
41170002Geographic ReportShipwrecks North (El Cardon)Yes
4118Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gorda
4120Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanco Gorda / Gorda Bank (Inside/Outside) / Banco Gorda de Adentra
41200001Geographic ReportInner Gorda BankYes
41200002Geographic ReportOuter Gorda BankYes
4121Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía San José del Cabo
41210001Geographic ReportEl Ganzo Beach Club / El Ganso Beach ClubYes
4122Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Palmillas
41220001Geographic ReportChilenos BayYes
41220002Geographic ReportGavilanesYes
41220003Geographic ReportThe BlowholeYes
41220004Geographic ReportLos AbanicosYes
41220005Geographic ReportPunta BellaYes
41220006Geographic ReportCerro ColoradoYes
41220007Geographic ReportBajo de 90Yes
41220008Geographic ReportSanta Maria BayYes
41220009Geographic ReportChileno Resort CorridorYes
41220010Geographic ReportRandom Shark Site OffshoreYes
41220011Geographic ReportPalmilla Bay (off Punta Palmillas)Yes
4123Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia y Cabo San Lucas (incl Cabeza Ballena)
41230001Geographic ReportLa Anegada / Anegada RockYes
41230002Geographic ReportThe Point/Land's EndYes
41230003Geographic ReportLa LargaNo
41230005Geographic ReportPelican Rock / Pelican PointYes
41230006Geographic ReportNorth WallYes
41230007Geographic ReportSanta Maria Beach, Marietta CoveYes
41230008Geographic ReportNeptune's FingerYes
41230009Geographic ReportMiddle WallYes
41230010Geographic ReportPlaya Coral NegroYes
41230011Geographic ReportCabeza Ballena (Whale's Head)Yes
41230012Geographic ReportEl Medano BeachYes
4124Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Falso
42Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Haro-Punta Arboleda
4201Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Haro
4202Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Yaqui
4203Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Pájaros
4204Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Lobos
420401Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Lobos
4205Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca del Mayo
4206Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Santa Bárbara
4207Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Yavaros
4208Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Huivullay
4209Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Arboleda
43Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Ahome- Península de Quevedo
4301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Ahome
4302Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Topolobampo
4303Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Ohuira
4304Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Copas
4305Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Navachiste
4306Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de las Piedras
4307Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de la Lechuguilla
4308Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de San Ignacio
4309Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta de San Ignacio
4310Zone Code listGeographic ReportFarallón de San Ignacio
4311Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de San Ignacio
4312Zone Code listGeographic ReportPenínsula del Perihuete
4313Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Santa María
4314Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Macapule
4315Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Saliaca
4316Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Altamura
431601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Colorado
4317Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de Tachichilte
4318Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Altata
4319Zone Code listGeographic ReportEnsenada del Pabellon
4320Zone Code listGeographic ReportPenínsula de Quevedo
44Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Miguel-Boca de Teacapan Bajos
4401Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta San Miguel
4402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Piaxtla
4403Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Gruesa
4404Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Crestón
4405Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Pájaros
4406Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Venados
4407Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Teacapán Bajos
45Zone Code listGeographic ReportIslas del Sur
4501Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Juanico
450101Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Roca Colorada
450102Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Piedra
450103Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Blanca
4502Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla María Madre
450201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Balleto
450202Zone Code listGeographic ReportEspolón del Diablo
450203Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Alto
4503Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla María Magdalena
450301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Baja
450302Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Oeste
450303Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Piedra
4504Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla María Cleofas
450401Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Blanca
450402Zone Code listGeographic ReportRisco Amarillo
450403Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Cumbre
46Zone Code listGeographic ReportBarra Mexcaltitlan-Punta Montago
4601Zone Code listGeographic ReportBarra Mexcaltitlán
4602Zone Code listGeographic ReportBarra Asadero
4603Zone Code listGeographic ReportPiedra Blanca de Tierra
4604Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Camarón
4605Zone Code listGeographic ReportEnsenada Matenchén
4606Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Santa Cruz
4607Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Los Custodios
4608Zone Code listGeographic ReportBoca de Chila
4609Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Tecusitán
4610Zone Code listGeographic ReportEnsenada Jaltemba
4611Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Raza
4612Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Isabela
46120001Geographic ReportPlaya del OcasoYes
46120002Geographic ReportLas MonasYes
46120003Geographic ReportSW Point Isla IsabelaYes
46120004Geographic ReportPunta BobosYes
46120005Geographic ReportLas PocitasYes
461201Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Blanca
46120101Geographic ReportCerro PelonYes
4613Zone Code listGeographic ReportPiedra Blanca del Mar
4614Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Monterrey
4615Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Sayulita
4616Zone Code listGeographic ReportEnsenada Litigu
46160001Geographic ReportCarrillerosYes
4617Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Mita
4618Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Montoga
47Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahia de Banderas-Las Tres Marietas
4701Zone Code listGeographic ReportBahía de Banderas
47010001Geographic ReportEl Morro (Puerta Villarta)Yes
47010002Geographic ReportBanderas Bay, Marietas IslandNo
47010003Geographic ReportLa Canilla (Rock Outcropping 50m from El Morro)No
4702Zone Code listGeographic ReportLos Arcos
47020001Geographic ReportEl Caño del Diablo, Los ArcosYes
4703Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Tabo
47030001Geographic ReportPunta Mismaloya OesteYes
4704Zone Code listGeographic ReportCabo Corrientes
4705Zone Code listGeographic ReportRocas Cucharitas
4706Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Ipala
4707Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Corbeteña
4708Zone Code listGeographic ReportLas Tres Marietas
47080001Geographic ReportLa MontanaYes
47080002Geographic ReportLas Marietas - La ParedYes
47080003Geographic ReportLas CaletasYes
47080004Geographic ReportLos AnegadosYes
4709Zone Code listGeographic ReportChimo
47090001Geographic ReportChimo EsteNo
47090002Geographic ReportChimo OesteNo
5Zone Code listGeographic ReportPACIFICO CENTRO-SUR
51Zone Code listGeographic ReportMainland Mexico
5101Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Pta Ipala - Pta Boca Negra
5102Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Boca Negra - Pta El Carrizal
5103Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta El Carrizal - Pta Tejupan
510301Zone Code listGeographic ReportManzanillo area
51030101Geographic ReportElephant RockYes
51030102Geographic ReportThe WreckYes
51030103Geographic ReportClub de YatesYes
51030104Geographic ReportPlaya AudienciaYes
51030105Geographic ReportLa Posada JettyYes
51030106Geographic ReportAquariumYes
51030107Geographic ReportThe BayYes
51030108Geographic ReportBlow HoleNo
51030109Geographic ReportLos FrailesYes
51030110Geographic ReportLa AhogadaYes
51030111Geographic ReportThe PyramidsYes
51030112Geographic ReportCarrizalesNo
51030113Geographic ReportSunset RockYes
51030114Geographic ReportCopper RocksNo
51030115Geographic ReportLas Brisas JettyNo
51030116Geographic ReportTenacatita Campground - JaliscoYes
51030117Geographic ReportBeach Tenacatita (Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030118Geographic ReportElevator (Manzanillo Colima, Mexico)No
51030119Geographic ReportColomitos (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030120Geographic ReportBoca Cove (Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030121Geographic ReportTurtle Rock (Manzanillo Colima)No
51030122Geographic ReportPlaya del Oro (La central Colima)No
51030123Geographic ReportEl Bajo del Christo Los Arcos (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030124Geographic ReportPunta Mismaloya - Marietas (PV)Yes
51030126Geographic ReportIsla Mariettas East Side (PV)Yes
51030127Geographic ReportIsla Mariettas Far East Side (PV)Yes
51030128Geographic ReportEl Morro (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030129Geographic ReportIsla Maladon - Marietas (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030130Geographic ReportMajahuitas (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030131Geographic ReportChimo Puerto VallartaYes
5104Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Tejupan - Bahia Bufadero
5105Zone Code listGeographic Reports Bahia Bufadero - Pta Descenso
51050001Geographic ReportPlaya Coral (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050002Geographic ReportPlaya Varadero (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050003Geographic ReportPlaya Cuachalalate (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050004Geographic ReportFoot Island - Punta IxtapaYes
51050005Geographic ReportSacramentoYes
51050006Geographic ReportPacifica Hotel beach / Playa el PalmarNo
51050007Geographic ReportTorresillaNo
51050008Geographic ReportEl ChatoNo
51050009Geographic ReportZacatosoNo
51050010Geographic ReportMorro TieraNo
5106Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Descenso - Playa San Luis
51060001Geographic ReportManzanillo Beach, ZihautenejoNo
51060002Geographic ReportPlaya Las GatasYes
51060003Geographic ReportFinger of GodYes
5107Zone Code listGeographic Reports Playa San Luis - Playa El Dorado
5108Zone Code listGeographic Reports Playa El Dorado - Lag. Chautengo
510801Zone Code listGeographic ReportAcapulco area
51080101Geographic ReportRio De La Plata WreckNo
51080102Geographic ReportBufadero at Rocketa Marine PreserveNo
51080103Geographic ReportPalmitasYes
51080104Geographic ReportLa Casa del ArabeYes
51080105Geographic ReportLa CagadaYes
51080106Geographic ReportEl CorsarioYes
51080107Geographic ReportEl JardinNo
51080108Geographic ReportEl CanalNo
5109Zone Code listGeographic Reports Lag. Chautengo - Lag. Corralero
5110Zone Code listGeographic Reports Laguna Corralero - Puerto Escondido
51100001Geographic ReportRoca BlancaYes
5111Zone Code listGeographic Reports Puerto Escondido - Bahias de Huatulco
51110002Geographic ReportCaleta de ViolinaNo
51110003Geographic ReportMazunte esteNo
51110004Geographic ReportDreams Resort (Tangolunda Bay)Yes
51110005Geographic ReportCamino Real Zaashila HuatulcoYes
51110006Geographic ReportIsla CacalutaYes
51110007Geographic ReportBahia de Santa CruzYes
51110008Geographic ReportPlaya / Inlet el ViolinYes
51110009Geographic ReportWhite Rock / Isla BlancoYes
51110010Geographic ReportLa Entrega ReefYes
51110011Geographic ReportThe CavesNo
51110012Geographic ReportEl Maguey Yes
51110013Geographic ReportQuinta Real Hotel BeachYes
5112Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Bahia Huatulco - Salina Cruz
51120001Geographic ReportHuatulco - Cacaluta BayYes
51120002Geographic ReportHuatulco - OrphanYes
5113Zone Code listGeographic Reports Salina Cruz - Pto Arista
511301Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto Superior
511302Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto Inferior
511303Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto
5114Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pto Arista - Las Cuatas
5115Zone Code listGeographic Reports Las Cuatas - Barra del Suchiate
52Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarias Islands
53Zone Code listGeographic ReportRevillagigedo Islands
5301Zone Code listGeographic ReportSocorro Island
53010001Geographic ReportThe AquariumYes
53010002Geographic ReportCabo PearceYes
53010003Geographic ReportNavy BayYes
53010004Geographic ReportPunta ToscaYes
53010005Geographic ReportDD'sNo
53010006Geographic ReportRoca PartidaYes
53010007Geographic ReportCape HenslowYes
53010008Geographic ReportOld Man of the Rocks / SeaYes
53010009Geographic ReportEl BajoNo
5302Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Benedicto Island
53020001Geographic ReportEl Canyon / San BenedictoYes
53020002Geographic ReportThe BoilerYes
53020003Geographic ReportLava Flow (San Benedicto)Yes
53020004Geographic ReportFondeadero Yes
53020005Geographic ReportPunta NorteYes
53020006Geographic ReportLas CuevitasYes
5303Zone Code listGeographic ReportClipperton Island
53030001Geographic ReportClipperton Island SW sideYes
5304Zone Code listGeographic ReportClarion Island
53040001Geographic ReportEast PointYes
53040002Geographic ReportMonumento / Roca PyramidYes
53040003Geographic ReportThree FathomsYes
53040004Geographic ReportNavy BaseYes
6Zone Code listGeographic ReportCentral America
61Zone Code listGeographic ReportGuatemala
62Zone Code listGeographic ReportEl Salvador
63Zone Code listGeographic ReportHonduras
64Zone Code listGeographic ReportNicaragua
65Zone Code listGeographic ReportCosta Rica
6501Zone Code listGeographic ReportConventillos - Playa del Coco
650101Zone Code listGeographic ReportConventillos - Cabo Sta. Elena
65010101Geographic ReportBahia CuajiniquilYes
65010109Geographic ReportRaleigh ReefNo
650102Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Santa Rosa
650103Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Parque Nacional Santa Rosa - Playa del Coco
65010301Geographic ReportPlease use 65010308 (was Virador Island) No
65010302Geographic ReportSorpresa / Bajo Sorpresa (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010303Geographic ReportPlaya Hermosa (snorkel near Bosque del Mar)Yes
65010304Geographic ReportBahia CulebraNo
65010305Geographic ReportCabeza de MonoNo
65010306Geographic ReportArrecife Guiri GuiriNo
65010307Geographic ReportMonkeyhead / Cabeza de MonoYes
65010308Geographic ReportVirador / Turning PointYes
65010309Geographic ReportPunta Argentina / Argentina Point (Islas Pelonas) Yes
65010310Geographic ReportTortuga ShipwreckYes
65010311Geographic ReportPlaya Buena West PointYes
65010312Geographic ReportPlaya Jicaro / Four Seasons (Bahia Culebra)Yes
65010313Geographic ReportPlaya Penca (Punta Cacique - Playa Hermosa side)Yes
65010314Geographic ReportPlaya Calzon de PobreYes
65010315Geographic ReportPlaya ArenillasYes
65010316Geographic ReportPlaya Monte BarcoYes
65010317Geographic ReportPlaypen (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010318Geographic ReportPlaya Calzon de Pobre WestYes
65010319Geographic ReportPlaya Pochote (Papagayo Peninsula)Yes
65010320Geographic ReportPlaya NacascoloYes
65010321Geographic ReportLos Huevos/Punta HuevosYes
65010322Geographic ReportPalmares Parred / Palmares WallYes
65010323Geographic ReportPalmares La Punta / Palmares PointYes
65010324Geographic ReportMerosYes
65010325Geographic ReportPunta Ballena / Whale PointYes
65010326Geographic ReportLa Cruz (Islas Pelonas)Yes
65010327Geographic ReportPunta CaciqueYes
650104Zone Code listGeographic ReportBat Islands / Islas Murcielago (Santa Rosa Marine Park)
65010401Geographic ReportBig Scare (Isla San Pedrito)No
65010402Geographic ReportBlack Rock (off Isla Colorado)No
65010403Geographic ReportBajo Pachote (Isla Catalina)No
65010404Geographic ReportLos Arcos (Isla Las Golondrinas)No
6502Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Playa del Coco - San Juanillo
650201Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Marino las Baulas de Guanacaste
650202Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Playa del Coco - Playa Conchal
65020201Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina NW sideYes
65020202Geographic ReportPunta GordaYes
65020203Geographic ReportOcotal Resort BeachYes
65020204Geographic ReportPlease use 65010309 (was Argentina Island)No
65020205Geographic ReportShark Sands / Shark Shallows / SharkYes
65020206Geographic ReportPlease use 65010323 (was Palmares)No
65020207Geographic ReportPlease use 65010308 (was Virador)No
65020208Geographic ReportCorridasYes
65020209Geographic ReportPlease use 65010323 (was Punta Malares)No
65020210Geographic ReportPlease use 65010324 (was Meros)No
65020211Geographic ReportAnchor/AnclaYes
65020212Geographic ReportPhantom/FantasYes
65020213Geographic ReportLa Pared / The WallNo
65020214Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina South PointYes
65020215Geographic ReportPunta Cacique El Coco / Coco Bay (Guanacoste)Yes
65020216Geographic ReportTortuga (invalid site use 65010310)No
65020217Geographic ReportTiburones / Shark PointYes
65020218Geographic ReportTranquiloYes
65020219Geographic ReportPlease use 65010317 (was Playpen)No
65020220Geographic ReportPlease use 65010325 (was Punta Ballena)No
65020221Geographic ReportEscorpiones / Escorpion Punta / Scorpion PointYes
65020222Geographic ReportBahia Pez VelaYes
65020223Geographic ReportGuacamayaYes
65020224Geographic ReportRainbowYes
65020225Geographic ReportScuba Point (between Punta Gorda and Tiburones)No
650204Zone Code listGeographic ReportPlaya Langosta - n. San Juanillo (incl. Playa Flam
65020401Geographic ReportFlat RockNo
65020402Geographic ReportIsla Santa Catalina GrandeNo
65020403Geographic ReportElephant Rock / ElefanteYes
65020404Geographic ReportCup Cakes / Las TetesYes
65020405Geographic ReportSombrero West / Two Hats WestYes
65020406Geographic ReportRoca Sucia / Dirty Rock / The WindowYes
65020407Geographic ReportAcuario (Aquarium), OcotalYes
65020408Geographic ReportBajo de MiguelYes
65020409Geographic ReportIslas Santa Catalina Grande EastYes
65020410Geographic ReportIslas BrumelYes
6503Zone Code listGeographic Reports. San Juanillo - Caletas
65030001Geographic ReportPlaya San JuanilloYes
6504Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Caletas - Pta. Corralillo
650401Zone Code listGeographic ReportCuru Bay
65040101Geographic ReportTyre ReefYes
65040102Geographic ReportNancital (Isla Negritos)No
65040103Geographic ReportWest side Alcatrez IslandNo
65040104Geographic ReportBarco Nundido (Punta Georgia)No
65040105Geographic ReportSoutheast Tolinga IslandNo
65040106Geographic ReportSouth Tortuga IslandNo
65040107Geographic ReportPVC ModulesNo
65040108Geographic ReportSouth Tolinga IslandNo
6505Zone Code listGeographic ReportGolfo de Nicoya (Pta. Corralillo - Caldera)
65050001Geographic ReportTortuga Isl.Yes
6506Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Caldera - Quepos
65060001Geographic ReportPlaya LimoncitoYes
65060002Geographic ReportConejo RocksYes
65060003Geographic ReportBass RockYes
6507Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Quepos - Pta. Mala
650701Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Manuel Antonio
65070101Geographic ReportPunta QueposYes
65070102Geographic ReportIsla LagoNo
65070103Geographic ReportEl Acuario, Parque Nacional Manuel AntonioYes
65070104Geographic ReportBiesanzYes
65070105Geographic ReportEl ToroYes
65070106Geographic ReportCaptains RockYes
65070107Geographic ReportStarfish GardenYes
65070108Geographic ReportCanyonsYes
65070109Geographic ReportGemelasYes
65070110Geographic ReportSnapperrockYes
65070111Geographic ReportSouthPointYes
65070112Geographic ReportGeoRidgeYes
650702Zone Code listGeographic ReportParque Nacional Marino Ballena
65070201Geographic ReportBajo NegroYes
65070202Geographic ReportPunta UvitaYes
65070203Geographic ReportIsla BallenaYes
65070204Geographic ReportLa ViudaYes
6508Zone Code listGeographic ReportPeninsula de Osa (s. Pta. Mala - Bajo Sucio)
65080001Geographic ReportCana Blanca Golfo Dulce Costa RicaYes
65080002Geographic Report20 MinutosYes
650801Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla del Cano
65080101Geographic ReportEl Ancla / AnchorYes
65080102Geographic ReportBarco / El Barco Hundido / ShipwreckYes
65080103Geographic ReportCueva de los Tiburones / Cave of the SharksYes
65080104Geographic ReportBajo el Diablo / Under the DevilYes
65080105Geographic ReportIsla EsteYes
65080106Geographic ReportCatarataYes
65080107Geographic ReportParaisoYes
65080108Geographic ReportPiedra JurelesYes
65080109Geographic ReportParaiso Barco / Paradise BoatYes
65080110Geographic ReportEl Faro / LighthouseYes
65080111Geographic ReportIsla SurYes
65080112Geographic ReportArcos / ArchesYes
65080113Geographic ReportCirujanos 1 and 2 / Surgeonfish ReefYes
65080114Geographic ReportCoquitosYes
65080115Geographic ReportParaiso Somero / Shallow ParadiseYes
6509Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Baja Sucio - Pta. Gorda
6510Zone Code listGeographic ReportCocos Island
65100001Geographic ReportIsla PajaraYes
65100002Geographic ReportRoca Sucia / Dirty RockYes
65100003Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - NW sideYes
65100004Geographic ReportSubmerged RockYes
65100005Geographic ReportBajo Alcyone / AlcyoneYes
65100006Geographic ReportIsla Cascara / Viking RockYes
65100007Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - SW sideYes
65100008Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - shallowYes
65100009Geographic ReportLobster RockYes
65100010Geographic ReportSilverado (near Ulloa)Yes
65100011Geographic ReportCabo Dampier / Manta CornerYes
65100012Geographic ReportShark Fin Rock/Lone Stone/Piedra SolitariaYes
65100013Geographic ReportDos Amigos PequenoYes
65100014Geographic ReportDos Amigos GrandeYes
65100015Geographic ReportPunta MariaYes
65100016Geographic ReportChatham Bay Waterfall / Bahia ChathamYes
65100017Geographic ReportUlloa / Isla UlloaYes
65100018Geographic ReportIsla Manuelita - ChannelNo
65100019Geographic ReportPan de Azucar / Sweet BreadNo
66Zone Code listGeographic ReportPanama
6601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta. Burica - Pta. Cativo
660101Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de Coiba
66010101Geographic ReportFrijolesYes
66010102Geographic ReportRancheria RockYes
66010103Geographic ReportKevin's RockYes
66010104Geographic ReportWahoo RockYes
66010105Geographic ReportCorriente RockYes
66010106Geographic ReportIglesias BayYes
66010107Geographic ReportCenter RockYes
66010108Geographic ReportEntrance RockYes
66010109Geographic ReportSplit RockYes
66010110Geographic ReportEast FaceYes
66010111Geographic ReportClub PacificoYes
66010112Geographic ReportWhaletail RockYes
66010113Geographic ReportLighthouseNo
66010114Geographic ReportSeahorse RockYes
66010115Geographic ReportDamselfish PointYes
660102Zone Code listGeographic ReportLadrones Islands
66010201Geographic ReportLadronitosYes
66010202Geographic ReportBajo OchoYes
66010203Geographic ReportPuntas BlancasYes
66010204Geographic ReportMayan TemplesYes
66010205Geographic ReportHeadbanger's BallYes
66010206Geographic ReportLA FreewayYes
66010207Geographic ReportBarritaYes
66010208Geographic ReportZoroYes
66010209Geographic ReportHancock's CoveYes
660103Zone Code listGeographic ReportMontuosa Island
66010301Geographic ReportTrident PinnaclesYes
66010302Geographic ReportPuntitas BonitasYes
66010303Geographic ReportMontuosa AnchorageYes
660104Zone Code listGeographic ReportContreras Islands
66010401Geographic ReportProspect RockYes
66010402Geographic ReportSmithsonian RockYes
66010403Geographic ReportMoray PointYes
66010404Geographic ReportFisherman's DreamYes
66010405Geographic ReportContreras CutYes
66010406Geographic ReportRobinson's AquariumYes
66010407Geographic ReportRockpileYes
66010408Geographic ReportSeafan RidgeYes
66010409Geographic ReportBug GulchYes
66010410Geographic ReportCoral CoveYes
660105Zone Code listGeographic ReportSecas Island and nearby islands
66010501Geographic ReportIsla Cavada NE BayYes
6602Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Cativo - Pta. Mariato
6603Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Mariato - Pta. Mala
6604Zone Code listGeographic Reportn. of Pta. Mala - Pta. Chame
66040001Geographic ReportIguana Island / Las MorenasYes
66040002Geographic ReportIsla FarallonYes
66040003Geographic ReportFarallon Beach / Playa FarallonYes
6605Zone Code listGeographic Reporte. of Pta. Chame - Pta. del Credo
66050001Geographic ReportMorro Point - Taboga IslandYes
6606Zone Code listGeographic ReportArchipielago de las Perlas
66060001Geographic ReportPachita IslandNo
66060002Geographic ReportCatalina IslandNo
660601Zone Code listGeographic ReportContadora Island
66060101Geographic ReportPlaya EjecutivaYes
66060102Geographic ReportPlaya de Las SuecasYes
6607Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Pta. del Credo - Sta. Barbara
6608Zone Code listGeographic Reports. of Sta. Barbara - Colombia border
7Zone Code listGeographic ReportGalapagos Islands
71Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Islands
7101Zone Code listGeographic ReportDarwin
71010001Geographic ReportArch / Darwin's ArchYes
71010002Geographic ReportNorth sideYes
71010003Geographic ReportPlatformYes
71010004Geographic ReportIn BetweenYes
71010005Geographic ReportGADA-04 Yes
71010006Geographic ReportGADA-05Yes
71010007Geographic ReportGADA-08Yes
71010008Geographic ReportGADA-09Yes
71010009Geographic ReportDarwin's CoveYes
71010010Geographic ReportGADA-11Yes
71010011Geographic ReportIsla Darwin Drift NE sideYes
7102Zone Code listGeographic ReportWolfe / Isla Wolf
71020001Geographic ReportShark BayYes
71020002Geographic ReportSE SideYes
71020003Geographic ReportEast Central WallYes
71020004Geographic ReportNE CornerYes
71020005Geographic ReportNorth side of North IsletYes
71020006Geographic ReportWest sideYes
71020007Geographic ReportLandslideYes
71020008Geographic ReportThe Point (Wolfe Island)Yes
71020009Geographic ReportThe Caves (Wolfe Island)Yes
71020010Geographic ReportGAWO-02 Yes
71020011Geographic ReportGAWO-03 Yes
71020012Geographic ReportGAWO-06 Yes
71020013Geographic ReportWolfe Island SW Anchorage (Galapagos Sky Night Dive)Yes
71020014Geographic ReportElephant RockYes
72Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthwest Islands
7201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPinta
7202Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarchena
72020001Geographic ReportGAMA-01 Yes
7203Zone Code listGeographic ReportGenovesa
720301Zone Code listGeographic ReportDarwin's Bay
73Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Fernandina
7301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Espinoza
73010001Geographic ReportPunta EspinosaYes
7302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Douglas
73020001Geographic ReportMarine Iguana Dive (Cape Douglas)Yes
73020002Geographic ReportRed-lipped Batfish Dive (Cape Douglas)Yes
74Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Isabela
7401Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Redonda
74010001Geographic ReportRoca Redonda (steam vents)Yes
74010002Geographic ReportSombrero Chino (Chinese Hat)No
7402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Abermarle - Cabo Marshall
74020001Geographic ReportCape MarshallYes
74020002Geographic ReportPunta Albermarle (Isabela Isle)Yes
74020003Geographic ReportTagus Cove (Isabela)No
74020004Geographic ReportThe Rick (Isabela Isle)Yes
74020005Geographic ReportHidden Lagoon (Cape Marshall)Yes
74020006Geographic ReportHidden / Secret Lagoon (south of 74020005)Yes
74020007Geographic ReportTrash PointYes
7403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Berkeley - w Pt Abermarle
7404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Vicente Roca
74040001Geographic ReportPunta Vicente RocaYes
7405Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanks Bay
7406Zone Code listGeographic ReportUrbina Bay
74060001Geographic ReportUrbina Bay (Isabela Island)Yes
74060002Geographic ReportUrvina Bay (NW of)Yes
7407Zone Code listGeographic ReportElizabeth Bay
74070001Geographic ReportTagus Cove SouthYes
7408Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cristobal (Isla Isabela)
74080001Geographic ReportPlease use 77060002 (was Islote Lobos / Galapagos Sky Checkout Site)No
7409Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Tortuga
74090001Geographic ReportTortuga 1 EastYes
74090002Geographic ReportTortuga 2 NorthYes
7410Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Villamil and south coast
74100001Geographic ReportLos TunelesYes
74100002Geographic ReportConcha de PerlaYes
74100003Geographic ReportLa CaleraYes
7411Zone Code listGeographic ReportLos Hermanos Islets
75Zone Code listGeographic ReportSantiago and Surrounding Islands
7501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Garcia
7502Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabidda
75020001Geographic ReportRabidda IslandNo
7503Zone Code listGeographic ReportBeagle
75030001Geographic ReportBeagle Island / Isla BeagleYes
7504Zone Code listGeographic ReportCousins
75040001Geographic ReportCousin's RockYes
75040002Geographic ReportCousinsNo
7505Zone Code listGeographic ReportSantiago Island
75050001Geographic ReportSullivan Bay (Santiago Island)No
75050002Geographic ReportPoint Egas (Santiago Island)No
75050003Geographic ReportJames BayNo
75050004Geographic ReportBuccaneer Cove (near Bishop Rock)No
76Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Cruz
76000001Geographic ReportLas Bachas Beach Yes
76000002Geographic ReportGABA-14Yes
76000003Geographic ReportPunta CarrionYes
7601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPinzon
76010001Geographic ReportDumb Rock / Islote Dumb (Isla Pinzon)Yes
7602Zone Code listGeographic ReportDaphne Islets
76020001Geographic ReportDaphne Minor / Isla Daphne MenorYes
7603Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeymour
76030001Geographic ReportMosquera NE sideYes
76030002Geographic ReportMosqueraYes
76030003Geographic ReportMosquera Canal NorthNo
76030004Geographic ReportNorth Seymour IslandNo
76030005Geographic ReportSeymore Point (North Seymore)No
7604Zone Code listGeographic ReportBaltra
76040001Geographic ReportGABA-13Yes
76040002Geographic ReportEl Basurero / TrashmanYes
7605Zone Code listGeographic ReportGordon Rock and Bartolomeo Island
76050001Geographic ReportGordon Rocks / Gordon's RockYes
76050003Geographic ReportBartolomeo Island (Unknown Location)No
76050004Geographic ReportLa Punta (Bartolome)Yes
76050005Geographic ReportBartolome Island CanalYes
7606Zone Code listGeographic ReportPlaza Islets
76060001Geographic ReportPlazaYes
7607Zone Code listGeographic ReportAcademy Bay
7608Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Ayora
76080001Geographic ReportPlaya de la Estacion (Station Beach)Yes
7609Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Fe
76090001Geographic ReportBahia del BarrancoYes
76090002Geographic ReportEl ArcoYes
77Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Cristobal
7700Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Cristobal and nearby islands
77000001Geographic ReportGASC-15 (Punta Pitt)Yes
77000002Geographic ReportWreck Bay Checkout Dive (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno)Yes
77000003Geographic ReportKicker RockYes
77000004Geographic ReportLos Lobos / Isla Lobos / Galapagos Sky Checkout Site (Isla San Cristobal)Yes
78Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Floreana / Santa Maria
78000001Geographic ReportGAFL-18Yes
78000002Geographic ReportGAFL-19Yes
78000003Geographic ReportPost Office BayYes
78000004Geographic ReportLa LoberiaYes
7801Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Cormorant
78010001Geographic ReportCormorant Point / Punta CormorantYes
7802Zone Code listGeographic ReportDevil's Crown
78020001Geographic ReportDevil's CrownYes
7803Zone Code listGeographic ReportChampion Island
78030001Geographic ReportChampionYes
7804Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Enderby
78040001Geographic ReportEnderbyYes
7805Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Caldwell
7806Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Gardner
78060001Geographic ReportGardner BayYes
7807Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Watson
79Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Espanola
7901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Suarez
7902Zone Code listGeographic ReportGardner
79020001Geographic ReportGardner BayYes
79020002Geographic ReportGardner RockYes
79020003Geographic ReportDos Chicas-S. of JulioYes
79020004Geographic ReportDos Deeos-cove btwn cocinas and julioYes
8Zone Code listGeographic ReportSouth America
81Zone Code listGeographic ReportColombia
8101Zone Code listGeographic ReportMalpelo Island
81010001Geographic ReportVirginia's AlterNo
81010002Geographic ReportFridge InNo
81010003Geographic ReportFridge OutNo
81010004Geographic ReportMonster FaceNo
81010005Geographic ReportCastawayNo
82Zone Code listGeographic ReportEcuador
8201Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla de la Plata
82010001Geographic ReportPunta El Faro Yes
82010002Geographic ReportRoca HondaYes
82010003Geographic ReportLa ParedYes
8202Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Salango
82020001Geographic ReportParcela Marina (La Playita)Yes
82020002Geographic ReportSalango SurYes
82020003Geographic ReportRocas Ballena NorteYes
82020004Geographic ReportRocas Ballena SurYes
99990000Geographic ReportPlace Holder Zone Code (DO NOT SUBMIT)No