REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP
Zone: Mainland Mexico

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
5101Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Pta Ipala - Pta Boca Negra
5102Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Boca Negra - Pta El Carrizal
5103Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta El Carrizal - Pta Tejupan
510301Zone Code listGeographic ReportManzanillo area
51030101Geographic ReportElephant RockYes
51030102Geographic ReportThe WreckYes
51030103Geographic ReportClub de YatesYes
51030104Geographic ReportPlaya AudienciaYes
51030105Geographic ReportLa Posada JettyYes
51030106Geographic ReportAquariumYes
51030107Geographic ReportThe BayYes
51030108Geographic ReportBlow HoleNo
51030109Geographic ReportLos FrailesYes
51030110Geographic ReportLa AhogadaYes
51030111Geographic ReportThe PyramidsYes
51030112Geographic ReportCarrizalesNo
51030113Geographic ReportSunset RockYes
51030114Geographic ReportCopper RocksNo
51030115Geographic ReportLas Brisas JettyNo
51030116Geographic ReportTenacatita Campground - JaliscoYes
51030117Geographic ReportBeach Tenacatita (Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030118Geographic ReportElevator (Manzanillo Colima, Mexico)No
51030119Geographic ReportColomitos (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030120Geographic ReportBoca Cove (Jalisco, Mexico)Yes
51030121Geographic ReportTurtle Rock (Manzanillo Colima)No
51030122Geographic ReportPlaya del Oro (La central Colima)No
51030123Geographic ReportEl Bajo del Christo Los Arcos (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030124Geographic ReportPunta Mismaloya - Marietas (PV)Yes
51030126Geographic ReportIsla Mariettas East Side (PV)Yes
51030127Geographic ReportIsla Mariettas Far East Side (PV)Yes
51030128Geographic ReportEl Morro (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030129Geographic ReportIsla Maladon - Marietas (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030130Geographic ReportMajahuitas (Puerto Vallarta)Yes
51030131Geographic ReportChimo Puerto VallartaYes
5104Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Tejupan - Bahia Bufadero
5105Zone Code listGeographic Reports Bahia Bufadero - Pta Descenso
51050001Geographic ReportPlaya Coral (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050002Geographic ReportPlaya Varadero (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050003Geographic ReportPlaya Cuachalalate (Isla Ixtapa)Yes
51050004Geographic ReportFoot Island - Punta IxtapaYes
51050005Geographic ReportSacramentoYes
51050006Geographic ReportPacifica Hotel beach / Playa el PalmarNo
51050007Geographic ReportTorresillaNo
51050008Geographic ReportEl ChatoNo
51050009Geographic ReportZacatosoNo
51050010Geographic ReportMorro TieraNo
5106Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pta Descenso - Playa San Luis
51060001Geographic ReportManzanillo Beach, ZihautenejoNo
51060002Geographic ReportPlaya Las GatasYes
51060003Geographic ReportFinger of GodYes
5107Zone Code listGeographic Reports Playa San Luis - Playa El Dorado
5108Zone Code listGeographic Reports Playa El Dorado - Lag. Chautengo
510801Zone Code listGeographic ReportAcapulco area
51080101Geographic ReportRio De La Plata WreckNo
51080102Geographic ReportBufadero at Rocketa Marine PreserveNo
51080103Geographic ReportPalmitasYes
51080104Geographic ReportLa Casa del ArabeYes
51080105Geographic ReportLa CagadaYes
51080106Geographic ReportEl CorsarioYes
51080107Geographic ReportEl JardinNo
51080108Geographic ReportEl CanalNo
5109Zone Code listGeographic Reports Lag. Chautengo - Lag. Corralero
5110Zone Code listGeographic Reports Laguna Corralero - Puerto Escondido
51100001Geographic ReportRoca BlancaYes
5111Zone Code listGeographic Reports Puerto Escondido - Bahias de Huatulco
51110002Geographic ReportCaleta de ViolinaNo
51110003Geographic ReportMazunte esteNo
51110004Geographic ReportDreams Resort (Tangolunda Bay)Yes
51110005Geographic ReportCamino Real Zaashila HuatulcoYes
51110006Geographic ReportIsla CacalutaYes
51110007Geographic ReportBahia de Santa CruzYes
51110008Geographic ReportPlaya / Inlet el ViolinYes
51110009Geographic ReportWhite Rock / Isla BlancoYes
51110010Geographic ReportLa Entrega ReefYes
51110011Geographic ReportThe CavesNo
51110012Geographic ReportEl Maguey Yes
51110013Geographic ReportQuinta Real Hotel BeachYes
5112Zone Code listGeographic Reports. Bahia Huatulco - Salina Cruz
51120001Geographic ReportHuatulco - Cacaluta BayYes
51120002Geographic ReportHuatulco - OrphanYes
5113Zone Code listGeographic Reports Salina Cruz - Pto Arista
511301Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto Superior
511302Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto Inferior
511303Zone Code listGeographic ReportMar Muerto
5114Zone Code listGeographic Reports Pto Arista - Las Cuatas
5115Zone Code listGeographic Reports Las Cuatas - Barra del Suchiate