REEF uses a hierarchical 8-digit code system for survey site locations. Each geographic area has its own set of codes. When completing a survey, you need to know the complete 8-digit code for the site you surveyed.

If the site that you surveyed is not currently on our list, then please email to request a new code to be assigned. Please provide the site name, general location, and ideally the latitude and longitude.

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Region: TEP
Zone: Galapagos Islands

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ZoneZone Code listGeographic ReportNameHave Coordinates?
71Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthern Islands
7101Zone Code listGeographic ReportDarwin
71010001Geographic ReportArch / Darwin's ArchYes
71010002Geographic ReportNorth sideYes
71010003Geographic ReportPlatformYes
71010004Geographic ReportIn BetweenYes
71010005Geographic ReportGADA-04 Yes
71010006Geographic ReportGADA-05Yes
71010007Geographic ReportGADA-08Yes
71010008Geographic ReportGADA-09Yes
71010009Geographic ReportDarwin's CoveYes
71010010Geographic ReportGADA-11Yes
71010011Geographic ReportIsla Darwin Drift NE sideYes
7102Zone Code listGeographic ReportWolfe / Isla Wolf
71020001Geographic ReportShark BayYes
71020002Geographic ReportSE SideYes
71020003Geographic ReportEast Central WallYes
71020004Geographic ReportNE CornerYes
71020005Geographic ReportNorth side of North IsletYes
71020006Geographic ReportWest sideYes
71020007Geographic ReportLandslideYes
71020008Geographic ReportThe Point (Wolfe Island)Yes
71020009Geographic ReportThe Caves (Wolfe Island)Yes
71020010Geographic ReportGAWO-02 Yes
71020011Geographic ReportGAWO-03 Yes
71020012Geographic ReportGAWO-06 Yes
71020013Geographic ReportWolfe Island SW Anchorage (Galapagos Sky Night Dive)Yes
71020014Geographic ReportElephant RockYes
72Zone Code listGeographic ReportNorthwest Islands
7201Zone Code listGeographic ReportPinta
7202Zone Code listGeographic ReportMarchena
72020001Geographic ReportGAMA-01 Yes
7203Zone Code listGeographic ReportGenovesa
720301Zone Code listGeographic ReportDarwin's Bay
73Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Fernandina
7301Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Espinoza
73010001Geographic ReportPunta EspinosaYes
7302Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Douglas
73020001Geographic ReportMarine Iguana Dive (Cape Douglas)Yes
73020002Geographic ReportRed-lipped Batfish Dive (Cape Douglas)Yes
74Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Isabela
7401Zone Code listGeographic ReportRoca Redonda
74010001Geographic ReportRoca Redonda (steam vents)Yes
74010002Geographic ReportSombrero Chino (Chinese Hat)No
7402Zone Code listGeographic ReportPt Abermarle - Cabo Marshall
74020001Geographic ReportCape MarshallYes
74020002Geographic ReportPunta Albermarle (Isabela Isle)Yes
74020003Geographic ReportTagus Cove (Isabela)No
74020004Geographic ReportThe Rick (Isabela Isle)Yes
74020005Geographic ReportHidden Lagoon (Cape Marshall)Yes
74020006Geographic ReportHidden / Secret Lagoon (south of 74020005)Yes
74020007Geographic ReportTrash PointYes
7403Zone Code listGeographic ReportCape Berkeley - w Pt Abermarle
7404Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Vicente Roca
74040001Geographic ReportPunta Vicente RocaYes
7405Zone Code listGeographic ReportBanks Bay
7406Zone Code listGeographic ReportUrbina Bay
74060001Geographic ReportUrbina Bay (Isabela Island)Yes
74060002Geographic ReportUrvina Bay (NW of)Yes
7407Zone Code listGeographic ReportElizabeth Bay
74070001Geographic ReportTagus Cove SouthYes
7408Zone Code listGeographic ReportPunta Cristobal (Isla Isabela)
74080001Geographic ReportPlease use 77060002 (was Islote Lobos / Galapagos Sky Checkout Site)No
7409Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Tortuga
74090001Geographic ReportTortuga 1 EastYes
74090002Geographic ReportTortuga 2 NorthYes
7410Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Villamil and south coast
74100001Geographic ReportLos TunelesYes
74100002Geographic ReportConcha de PerlaYes
74100003Geographic ReportLa CaleraYes
7411Zone Code listGeographic ReportLos Hermanos Islets
75Zone Code listGeographic ReportSantiago and Surrounding Islands
7501Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Garcia
7502Zone Code listGeographic ReportRabidda
75020001Geographic ReportRabidda IslandNo
7503Zone Code listGeographic ReportBeagle
75030001Geographic ReportBeagle Island / Isla BeagleYes
7504Zone Code listGeographic ReportCousins
75040001Geographic ReportCousin's RockYes
75040002Geographic ReportCousinsNo
7505Zone Code listGeographic ReportSantiago Island
75050001Geographic ReportSullivan Bay (Santiago Island)No
75050002Geographic ReportPoint Egas (Santiago Island)No
75050003Geographic ReportJames BayNo
75050004Geographic ReportBuccaneer Cove (near Bishop Rock)No
76Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Santa Cruz
76000001Geographic ReportLas Bachas Beach Yes
76000002Geographic ReportGABA-14Yes
76000003Geographic ReportPunta CarrionYes
7601Zone Code listGeographic ReportPinzon
76010001Geographic ReportDumb Rock / Islote Dumb (Isla Pinzon)Yes
7602Zone Code listGeographic ReportDaphne Islets
76020001Geographic ReportDaphne Minor / Isla Daphne MenorYes
7603Zone Code listGeographic ReportSeymour
76030001Geographic ReportMosquera NE sideYes
76030002Geographic ReportMosqueraYes
76030003Geographic ReportMosquera Canal NorthNo
76030004Geographic ReportNorth Seymour IslandNo
76030005Geographic ReportSeymore Point (North Seymore)No
7604Zone Code listGeographic ReportBaltra
76040001Geographic ReportGABA-13Yes
76040002Geographic ReportEl Basurero / TrashmanYes
7605Zone Code listGeographic ReportGordon Rock and Bartolomeo Island
76050001Geographic ReportGordon Rocks / Gordon's RockYes
76050003Geographic ReportBartolomeo Island (Unknown Location)No
76050004Geographic ReportLa Punta (Bartolome)Yes
76050005Geographic ReportBartolome Island CanalYes
7606Zone Code listGeographic ReportPlaza Islets
76060001Geographic ReportPlazaYes
7607Zone Code listGeographic ReportAcademy Bay
7608Zone Code listGeographic ReportPuerto Ayora
76080001Geographic ReportPlaya de la Estacion (Station Beach)Yes
7609Zone Code listGeographic ReportSanta Fe
76090001Geographic ReportBahia del BarrancoYes
76090002Geographic ReportEl ArcoYes
77Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla San Cristobal
7700Zone Code listGeographic ReportSan Cristobal and nearby islands
77000001Geographic ReportGASC-15 (Punta Pitt)Yes
77000002Geographic ReportWreck Bay Checkout Dive (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno)Yes
77000003Geographic ReportKicker RockYes
77000004Geographic ReportLos Lobos / Isla Lobos / Galapagos Sky Checkout Site (Isla San Cristobal)Yes
78Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Floreana / Santa Maria
78000001Geographic ReportGAFL-18Yes
78000002Geographic ReportGAFL-19Yes
78000003Geographic ReportPost Office BayYes
78000004Geographic ReportLa LoberiaYes
7801Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Cormorant
78010001Geographic ReportCormorant Point / Punta CormorantYes
7802Zone Code listGeographic ReportDevil's Crown
78020001Geographic ReportDevil's CrownYes
7803Zone Code listGeographic ReportChampion Island
78030001Geographic ReportChampionYes
7804Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Enderby
78040001Geographic ReportEnderbyYes
7805Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Caldwell
7806Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Gardner
78060001Geographic ReportGardner BayYes
7807Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Watson
79Zone Code listGeographic ReportIsla Espanola
7901Zone Code listGeographic ReportPta Suarez
7902Zone Code listGeographic ReportGardner
79020001Geographic ReportGardner BayYes
79020002Geographic ReportGardner RockYes
79020003Geographic ReportDos Chicas-S. of JulioYes
79020004Geographic ReportDos Deeos-cove btwn cocinas and julioYes